Saturday, July 26, 2008

Laid Back

REI Girl and I went for a drive (I know but we needed therapy!) down to Camp Sherman and the Metolius - the water is just so spectacular at Wizard Falls. The Wildflowers were blooming, the day was cool and lovely.

Later in the week - this young lady and her sister came to visit my yard.....I live in a neighborhood for heavens sake - it's the middle of summer - you should be up in the mountains!!
At least you didn't find these little gems! Pumpkin was guarding them from our morning coffee spot (I don't know why blogger thinks this is a link - it's not.) I've started a sweater for the Tanzania project - pictures to follow soon when there is something worth showing....

Sunday, July 20, 2008

I've been reading....

What little time I seem to have (worked 13 days straight) I've spent reading - see my book bar on the right. Summer seems to be my reading time, and winter is for knitting. Although I have been knitting on my bag and occasionally going to my knitting group.
I also have been working on my third Forest Canopy Shawl...I was hoping I could finish it to wear at my High School reunion (Roxie, are you coming?) but don't know if I'll make it...I'm not trying that hard. I'm really looking forward to the reunion - my best friend from High School who now lives in Southern California is coming up with her husband to stay with me. I'm excited to have them here and have a great visit.
Family life has been hectic as usual. College girl is wanting to by a new car (Since she is making good money at new catering job) so have been cruising the used car lots - one has this HUGE HUGE flag - the picture doesn't do it justice I'm afraid. She hasn't found the right car yet - the reality of how much they cost is setting in! But I have no doubt she'll find what she needs.
REI girl is gearing up for Tanzania - if anyone wants to knit children's sweaters - she is taking donations ...she plans on three extra bags on the flight over!! The Geek and REI girl are doing a couple of fun adventures this summer - camping with the cousins and a backpack trip into the Sawthooths in Idaho (College girl can't get the time off ): ).
My garden is suffering this year - I swear it's a month behind schedule. And the three new roses I planted last summer died - started to bloom and then just died. I am so disappointed! The very hot weather we've had isn't helping - although I've been diligent about watering...oh well there is always next year. Oh I did have a few raspberries last night - they seem to have thrived in this heat!!
Work is going well - I am so glad to be there - but this time of year is really hectic - we are into our selling season which today presents additional challenges considering the economic situation. We keep thinking we're not affected, our product is so high end - but the market is affecting everyone.
Well back to reading and staying cool. Best to all!!