Tuesday, March 06, 2012


I’ve been remiss… I’m sorry but life is just so sweet that I haven’t made time to keep up this blog. I have been knitting of course, check out my Ravelry page – it’s full of finished projects. And one I’m still working on.

Family is great!! The Nerd still is and still enjoying his life and friends – maybe a little too much. The Nurse and boyfriend (also a Nurse) have relocated to Oklahoma!! I never imagined I ‘d say my daughter lives in Oklahoma. They both have good Nursing jobs – her in Labor and Delivery – oh is she happy. I am so very proud of both of them. 

The Wanderer is finally working again – at a “major bank.” Surprisingly she loves it and is happy. She is living here at home with us, trying to get back on her feet. The Man is just that – THE MAN – he is so incredibly good to me (and me to him of course). We’re having a great time together and are planning adventures as he just purchased an older motor home. It’s funky and retro – but will work for us just great. I even get my very own cabinet for my knitting stuff! 

The real purpose of this post is to ask a favor – a couple of years ago you all knitted preemie baby hats for our local hospital. The Nurse’s hospital is in real need of the same thing, but mostly for those little ones who don’t make it  – I’m told they used the last one this week! So if you’re so inclined, spend an evening with some leftover yarn and knit up a tiny hat. Let me know if you are doing this and I’ll send you The Nurse’s address.

This beautiful Great Horned Owl spent the day outside my office last week....wasn't even worried about the people coming and going or the dogs - how cool is that!

 I'll try to keep posting more often. Life is good!