Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Clematis Socks

Abigail asked about the socks in my last post. The pattern is from the Sole Solution 2003/2004 Design Collection - which I can't find on the net anymore for the life of me....but the pattern is "Clematis" - I really enjoyed it - simple 4 row repeat. Easy to memorize.

The yarn is from Pat Fly at Angora Valley Fibers - I LOVE her yarn!!! It is a dream to knit with and wears really well. I did a scarf in her Hott colorway - and love it. This link goes to her page with a picture of my scarf.

I'm hoping that Pat will be at The Blacksheep Gathering next month. I'm hoping I can still get away to go - I need a break!!

The garden is trying to grow - but my lemon cucs and the squash that wasn't in the 'walls of water' look a little stressed - hopefully they will come back. I got the tomatoes today - so they will go in over the weekend.

Molly and I are doing the Breast Cancer walk on Sunday - went out for a practice stroll last night - wish I'd started earlier!! Oh well - there will be lots of other old ladies. I'm going to try to take my "Trekking socks" so I can post a picture - but will be embarassing my daughter in the process! Oh well! An interesting note - ALL the female employees of REI are participating in the walk - only men are working on Sunday - will they survive? Walk on!

Monday, May 29, 2006

Good Worker

I did good - I mowed, I wacked the weeds, I sprayed the weeds, I planted the garden, I watched while my neighbors but up a fence between our yards and then I planted beans to climb the fence and I finished my socks!! Quite a bit considering that for two days the weather was cold, windy and raining!!

This picture is a planted garden - later - weeks from now I post a growing garden.

I tried to post a picture of the socks - but blogger is doing it's bad thing and not cooperating!!
Hope everyone had a good weekend! Fixed!!

Friday, May 26, 2006

Bad blogger

I have not been a very good blogger this week - just a ton going on outside of the knitting world.
On the knitting front - I've ripped out my socks for the last time. For some reason on the second sock I did the heel different then the first. Luckily I hadn't finished the first because I wanted to make sure I had enough yardage to complete the length on the second - I do. But I ended up ripping out both heels and starting over.

Did a little on the brown sweater while waiting for new brakes last weekend - always a good knitting time - sitting in the tire store while you'd rather be outside doing something constructive.

Which is what I have to do this weekend - and of course it's wet and raining with thunder storms predicted! Swell - so fun to mow the lawn, til the garden, plant the veggies, spray the Roundup and weedwack in the rain - but it has got to be done or I won't have veggies!!!

Marianne had her 17th Birthday yesterday. I ordered her a digital camera from an online retailer that I've ordered from before. The day it was to be delivered I got an e-mail saying the manufacturer is no longer stocking them (But when I called them on the phone to place the order - "no problem, it's in stock and we'll get it to you in 5 days" . The E-mail came 6 days later - so had to find something else when I had no time left - and pay for another camera while I waited for the refund for the first - I thought they couldn't charge you until it was shipped! All worked out but the stress level was high. She had a great birthday of course.

Yesterday I had oral surgery - fun - but got to knit while I was recooping at home. Luckily it wasn't very painful and I don't look like a chipmunk and I could go to work today.

Work is working out great. I think I've even found a place to stay during the week so I wouldn't always have to drive back and forth. This time of year it's fine - I enjoy the drive - but come winter in the dark and on the snow it might not be so much fun. So this will let me stay a night or two a week. The girls are so busy they can take care of themselves - they'll think it's cool to have a night or two on their own. I'm really liking the job - it's getting more and more interesting and I hope I'm making a difference. I've already promised Kevin I'd make him a pair of custom socks - he wants them over the knee so his riding boots don't rub - any suggestions from anyone?

Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend - enjoy the extra day. I'm going to catch up on my blog reading too and I know I'll be knitting to get out of the rain!

Tuesday, May 16, 2006

No, I have the Best Kids

So you all know I love to go camping right? So now I can sit on my patio and enjoy the camp fire and still sleep in my own bed....and it's been so hot during the day - 90's - that all the windows are open so it's like sleeping outside - the frogs are sooooo loud!!
So those wonderful kids gave me the fire pit and new lights for the patio - aren't they great - all I wanted was some hand lotion! (They told me that the big box was hand lotion from Costco!) I am one lucky mom. Actually the very best part was just sitting around reminiscing. They really are funny and entertaining - I cherish these moments.
On the knitting front - finished one sock and started the next - thought I'd get the foot finished during Grey's Anatomy last night - but it was too intense. Am working longer days this week so doubt I'll have a lot accomplished. But did join the Trek with Me KAL, which will be fun and good for us! Need motivation to walk more so this is perfect!

Sunday, May 14, 2006

Happy Mothers Day

Since I'm 3 hours away from the cemetary - add these to Lisa's bouquet - from all of us!
I love ya!!

Saturday, May 13, 2006


What a way to start a great weekend - halfway through mowing the lawn - the mower tire came off the wheel - how does that happen and how does a mechanically challenged woman fix it? Call the neighbor.....but still - as though I don't have enough to worry about.
Plus all the light bulbs in the kitchen burned out - all at once?
Plus I ripped the lace - I just don't like it and can't make it look like the pattern - even stretched - it's just too lacy and doesn't show the pattern. So it's gone to rest for awhile. Which is a good thing because I was overwhelmed by UFO's - I think I'm a one project at a time person - too many choices overwhelm me.
Luckily this weekend's weather is making all my choices for me - yard work. It is suppossed to be 90 degrees tomorrow - OMG it's still May!! My budget didn't include flowers this week so all my pots will have to wait til next week, but naturally there is still tons of weeding and prep work to deal with.
Marianne just called - the train from San Francisco is 3 1/2 hours late - so she won't be home til late this afternoon, then she'll have to be at work this evening - one tired puppy. Molly is working both today and tomorrow, but everyone will be here for dinner tomorrow. Mom's bliss!!

Happy Mothers Day to everyone!!! This is the best job I've ever had - I wouldn't trade for anything!! I am so fortunate to participate in the lives of these three incredible children. Sometimes I have to pinch myself - how did I do this?

Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Wow Sockapalooooza Wow

They came - they came and I am so lucky!!!
The socks where hand knit for me - how do I know? The colors have my name all over them!! They are so perfect. I also smell like Plumeria (My all time fav) and am now munching on Chocolate - oh my gosh, I am a spoiled spoiled lady - and I deserve it!!
Thank you Abigail!!! (I even found her here) - I figured it out after the package arrived.

I have been dilegently working on my lace project - pictures will be a long time off. I'm doing better with the Crystal Palace needles - thanks for everyones suggestions. (BTW - I have a ton of stitch markers - but no cool beaded ones - hint hint daughters!) Both girls are gone for a few days - Marianne off the San Francisco on a school trip (totally paid for-how cool is that!) and Molly is in Eugene visiting the Magnificent 7!! So I get to eat salad and knit - now that is cool.

Monday, May 08, 2006

Lace Help Help Help

OK - I'm a pretty good knitter - but I'm stumped now - The yarn and pattern I ordered from Allegro Yarn came today (I ordered it on Friday!) The yarn is a beautiful copper and very soft - but after a few tries I'm having problems - anyone have suggestions about what kind of needle to use knitting lace - this pattern calls for lace weight yarn, knit on 7 needles. I don't have anything pointy enough! And I've got to use markers - missing those YO!!!
I can do this, I can do this, I can do this......

Friday, May 05, 2006


OK - here is my Celtic Cardigan from Oak Couture - I wish the color of the Wool of the Andes came out better!! I'm following the pattern for a change - didn't convert to 'in the round' or anything...amazing. This is my long term project for now.

I do need some advice - since shawls are all the thing and I have a special someone to knit for (my mom's best friend and my second mother!) I thought that since she is such a classy lady that a hand-knit shawl in bright red would be just the thing. I've never done lace so am looking for a beginners pattern that will look wonderful! Any ideas would be appreciated!!

Oh I wish I'd joined the "Sisterhood of the Traveling Stash" KAL - what fun to see where it's been!!

This will definitely be a spring weekend - time to change all the bedding to cotton sheets and duvet cover - I love this process....first off comes the extra blanket - a few weeks ago. (But kept nearby just in case) Now off comes the flannel sheets and flannel duvet, to be exchanged for the cotton. I Love my cotton duvet cover - it has embroidered feathers in pastels - why didn't I buy the whole set?? The Down comforter stays for awhile longer - when it's warmer it too gets exchanged for a Nikken Kenko comforter - this really is my favorite. Don't know what it is about this "Ionic Comfort Technology" but it works and is wonderful!!! I just love the process - in reverse too!!
Also it is more gardening time - looks like I'm not working this weekend so will have plenty of time and no more excuses - get those weeds pulled!! I actually like pulling weeds - it's very theraputic!! So tonight I'll be get the sprinklers going so the flower beds are soft for pulling! The girls will be busy so guess I'll have to do it myself. Poor Marianne - she is a walking zombie - today was the AP History Exams (Might qualify as college credit if she passes - more than 1/2 the kids who take it don't pass and she doesn't think she will - it's History! She's a straight A student but AP History has been a challenge for her) and then tomorrow is the SAT's. Plus she works tonight and tomorrow night, plus she has been up late for ages studying. She be one tired girl and will be found in bed all day Sunday!
Molly is working too - so mom will be gathering blisters alone - oh well!
Hope you all have a glorious weekend and enjoy the spring!!

Thursday, May 04, 2006


Oh My Gosh - my pal recieved her socks already - I sent them on Fri to Germany and they arrived on Tuesday!! How fast is that - faster than if I'd sent them to the east coast I bet - even sent from the tiny community Post Office here in Camp Sherman.
She loved them and I loved making them - all is well!!!
I will take pics of my Celtic Cardigan soon - am progressing up the back. Slow going because I don't have much time. Socks I started are in limbo for awhile. Am not liking the toe up concept - don't like the gusset as well this way....but will continue!!
Beautiful sunny warm day here - enjoy!!!