Sunday, January 30, 2011


I am doing a simple hat - only a small border at the bottom. Decided to do the body with a S1 K1 stitch to make a thicker fabric.

Now I'm getting ready to do the decreases for the crown....but since my stitch pattern is two stitches I will have to decrease twice in a row in order for the pattern to continue correctly. I have 165 stitches - Can I do a K2tog and a SSK right next to each other?

Any suggestions would be very appreciated. I'll post the hat when I'm finished!!

Edited: I figured it out - I did double decreases - S1 K2tog PSSO....worked perfect

Friday, January 28, 2011

Done - Finished!!

I can't believe I finally finished and love wearing the sweater. Isn't the button great!
The hat's for me - I get cold in my old age.
I've started another small project - but as its a gift you'll have to wait.
I want to make this sweater - but want to modify it. What I actually want to make is a raglan sleeve crew neck with that design in the middle....the patterns says it pulls in about 5 inches ...what does that mean? I'll have to figure this out!

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Back at it!

Back at it on two fronts. Back to the blocking board. Took me hours to do the seams - I was careful about each stitch - had to be perfect. Got it all finished and guess what - it didn't fit!! Whenever I make a size XL it's too big - so I did a large and the arm holes are tight and the front is snug (since I am missing essential parts that's amazing). So back to the blocking board. Hopefully this will solve my problem.

Yes my needles were empty for a few hours - but just a few. I know - how boring - another hat. But they are fun!

Spent a lot of time organizing The Nomad this weekend. She is moving into her own place!!! Empty Nest for me! Emptied boxes, cleaned storage room out, went to the dump, reorganized boxes, etc. Satisfying to say the least. My quest for more room will soon be realized. But it will be quiet around here - I won't know what to do with myself...oh I'll think of something!!

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Quick Update

I'm almost ready to have nothing - see that "NOTHING" on my needles. I've had a challenging time putting together the Girl Friday. Picked up stitches for the wide button band and the collar - never seemed to get the correct numbers each side. Finally decided I was close enough. Did the bands, button hole, collar etc. Looked totally wrong. Band didn't hang correctly, bunched up. Took it out and finally realized that the front pieces where different lengths - although I had ended on the same row in the pattern - turns out I did an extra pattern repeat. Why didn't this show up when I blocked it! Stupid.

Took out the shoulder seam, and ripped back to where it belonged. Redid the shoulder seam. Picked up stitches at a different rate than suggested in pattern - they had 2 to 3 and I went with 3 to 4.....all is now well. I'm actually on the home stretch and it looks so much better!
I vow to finish this before I start something else - which will be a hat for me!!! I haven't had empty needles for years. Before I started blogging I always finished a project before I started the next one and I never had a yarn stash. My how things have changed!!

Monday, January 17, 2011

I'm into Hats!!

I'm liking knitting hats!!

Primarily because I'm stuck on other projects. I finished blocking my Girl Friday - picked up stitches for the collar and wide front band as instructed - 2 for every 3 - but it just didn't work out - wished I'd taken a picture before I ripped it out. The first and last stitch at the bottom of the front bands were picked up at the last possible stitch - yet the bands are shorter than the front I'll try again. I must finish this as I found the best button ever! Pictures I promise.

Wednesday is book club and I'm making split pea soup with a honey ham bone - yum! Perfect for the wet and windy weather we're having. I get to pick the book for next time and I can't decide. I had planned to suggest "River House" - local author, local story, but I started it early and just finished it. Now I've have started "Loving Frank" - about Frank Lloyd Wright and his love affair with a married woman. Fascinating story...kinda sad. We'll have to vote. Both are good and interesting.

Speaking of weather - I heard on the news tonight that the Sandy River has changed it's course near where I vacationed in washed out a major road (which we drove on) and about 50 homes are stranded! Not exactly where I was - but pretty close. That would be scary to say the least!

Hope everyone is safe, warm and dry....

Wednesday, January 12, 2011


Oh my gosh - I just might finish this!!!

But then while it was drying I started this - The Nomad picked her colors - does this mean she's going to Sweden next?

Friday, January 07, 2011


These (and a bunch more) were a Christmas gift from my kids - aren't they great. We had a lot of fun doing them on a cold Sunday morning!

Since it is the season for resolutions - I've got a few...
1) Lose weight - doing Weight Watchers at home with the Nomad
2) Read more - since I'm not working I've got tons of time
3) Declutter and empty closets....what do I get rid of?
4) Knit, Knit and Knit some more. I've got so many projects in mind I hardly know where to start!!
5) Sort through the huge boxes of family photos from my parents house. Once they are sorted what do I do with them? Same goes for boxes of documents etc...What is important to keep?

I've got plenty to do that's for sure.

Sister is coming to visit for the weekend - so will be doing some kind of activity - plus eating too much I'm sure!!

Oh look who came to visit....