Thursday, April 28, 2011

Better than perfect

This is the cover for my nook. It just came today - I got it here...Ginny did an exceptional job. I LOVE LOVE LOVE IT!!

Once again, the more I play with this the more I'm loving it. I often chart out color work in Excel Spreadsheets..saved it as a PDF, loaded onto the Nook, zoomed and put it landscape mode. Now I just scroll up or down to the next cool is this. Also if I take a break and read a book (Novel idea) then come back to my chart - it's just where I left it. I'll keep you posted on more cool tricks as I find them...Oh yea - it's SpringPad not Springit I mentioned in last post. I'm going to put all my needles in there - I wrote it all out the other day, it's sad what a long list there was!

So are you staying up tonight?

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

If I'd only known

I LOVE LOVE LOVE my new NookColor!!! Not only for reading - but since it can view PDF files - think Patterns, scanned charts is a great knitting tool. PDF files can be viewed in Landscape and you can zoom in on them. This is really handy. So now I have a book shelf on the Nook just for Knitting.

The NookCOlor runs on the Android platform and a limited number of apps are available - one called Springit which organizes lists and saved web pages etc. I'm using it for recipes that I can download from the Web into this app....then when I'm at the store I've got my list. It really is a super charged organizer for any kind of lists you keep or stuff you want to remember. I can't wait for more apps to be available.

Of course the best part is reading books. Last night was book club and we choose to read, River Town. I got home and downloaded it right away. How convenient is that - plus it is less expensive than the paperback!

This is a win win tool for me.

On the knitting front - I've put the Dakota Dreams sweater aside for a few days to work on a Baby sweater for a friend. I'm using KnitPicks Stroll sock yarn - OMG I didn't know it was so soft. Pictures when I get further along. One of my Book Club pals had the Cheryl Oberle Folk Shawls book - I'm afraid I need this, there are some really beautiful patterns.

Spring is here today - but the weatherman insists it will be leaving tonight and may return this weekend. They were predicting a foot of new snow at the mountain - come on it's the end of April! I shouldn't complain - we don't have tornadoes!

Hope all is well!

Friday, April 15, 2011

Knitting Interrupted

No pictures today. My Dakota Dreams is still WIP - but was interrupted by the purchase of a I've got books in my stash! Just one more thing I really need.

Since the weather has definitely not been cooperating with any outdoor opportunities (in other words all it's done is rain and blow) I have been reading and knitting when I'd rather be weeding and raking. What a life!

A friend posted this on her Facebook page and I just had to share with all!

Normal boobs ( . )( . ), Silicone boobs ( + )( + ), Perfect boobs. (o)(o). Some boobs are cold. (^)(^), and some boobs belong to grandmothers \./\./ And let’s not forget the very large boobs (o Y o), and very small boobs (.)(.), and lastly the asymmetrical boobs. (•)(.). We love them all!. Post this message on your wall and say ┌П┐(◉_◉)┌П┐ to breast cancer. Save the ta tas, find a cure!

Monday, April 04, 2011

New Fun!

There are over 30 Circular needles of various - but organized - sizes in this little 8x8 package. I love this! I got the one without the numbers printed on the tabs because I don't have any 11's or bigger - so wanted to do my own numbering. I have enough 2's and 3's to fill two pockets each. Once I've had it around for awhile I'll do the numbering. This is exactly what I was needing. See more options for Della Q here. I'd love to get another one just for DPN's - but my Mason Jar works just fine!