Sunday, December 28, 2008

Who says Breast Cancer can't be fun....

Since Christmas knitting was completed on time - with some custom modifications for fit...

Convertible Mitts for Marianne - left over sock yarn. Lots of fun to do. Finally figured out how to do the loop for the button - NOT I-cord - it's too thick - so we braided a piece and it works great. College Girl loved them. (I've got to brag a minute - she got an "A" in Anatomy - hard class but she really loved it - she speaks a whole new language now!)

Mittens for Kris (which hasn't been delivered yet) Again - left over yarn from something...

Worked on the scarf for the boss - but knew I wouldn't finish it in time...didn't really like it will rip and use the Smooshy for something else.

Christmas was wonderful...Treasures from Africa - this is a beaded collar that the Masai women wear - One of the Housemothers at the Orphanage made this. Molly brought beautiful treasures for everyone.
I received wonderful snuggly recovery outfits - I've got the softest PJ's - I'll be the best dressed patient at the hospital. Plus I'll have lots of comfy soft things to wear at home. I won't be able to lift my arms for a few weeks - so soft and easy dressing will be essential. My toes will be the shinniest too - thanks to an afternoon at the Spa. I plan to do this the day before - a little de-stress time for mom.

The Holiday time with my family was the greatest. We've been laughing a lot and really enjoying each others company. I wish that The Geek were closer and he could hang with us more. As everywhere - the weather made travel challenging - but we did definitely have a white Christmas - melting rapidly today.

Since the Christmas knitting was completed I've been working on these...

They are stuffed only now for picture purposes - check these Tit Bits out. This is so funny, but such a great idea I had to try it out. I think these are a little big...I know but I'm looking forward to downsizing a little. I can't wear regular prosthesis for a month or two until I heal - what's it going to be like to have no shape? My belly will be the only thing sticking out now! Nothing to balance the look. So something like this just might work. Since I've always hated wearing a bra this might be liberating!!

Only a little more than two weeks to the surgery - I'll be a new woman for the New Year. I'll be so busy at work and getting the Christmas stuff put away that the time will fly. I'm looking forward to having this behind me. The girls will be here to look after me and my sister will be coming over to keep an eye on me too.

All your comments have been wonderful. I really appreciate everyones support. It is amazing how everyone knows someone who has had Breast Cancer - notice I said "had"...we will get through this. I plan to be dancing with NED (No Evidence of Disease) soon!!

Here's to a great New Year - new beginnings - closing out the old stuff and bringing in new grand adventures. May we all prosper!!

Knit Peace

Sunday, December 14, 2008

One more thing!

REI Girl is home – Oh my gosh she had a wonderful time…I’ll only share a few of her pictures – it was fantastic, everything and more than she expected. Is making plans to go back for an extended stay later this spring or summer. I should have known!! She really loved working with the children.

I have been knitting – but can’t show yet – think the new Sundance Catalog….

Winter has FINALLY arrived in Central Oregon – all of Oregon actually. I got out of Portland just before the storm – lucky me – as the city becomes and is paralyzed by snow. It is to be bitter cold all week – hope College Girl doesn’t have problems over the pass.

I do have news to report – I have Breast Cancer – I’ve known for a few months, but couldn’t reveal because I knew that REI girl wouldn’t have gone to Africa and that I wouldn’t be able to deal with. The journey has been logistically challenging, trying to figure out what to do, when, how to pay for it….on and on. But I think I am one of the lucky ones – what was found was smaller than a grain of rice, although the biopsy did confirm it was cancer. So in January I’m remodeling and will have lots of extra space – bilateral-mastectomy. Big picture says that because of family history (Don’t know if I carry the gene) it’s best to be aggressive. So off they come – and then I won’t have to worry about it anymore, I probably won’t need Chemo (thank goodness) and won’t need Radiation either. Even though I do have insurance, it’s a huge deductible, so have opted out on reconstruction – much to the dismay of my sister who had the whole procedure about 18 months ago and is very happy with the results – she does look great. I will only be in hospital overnight and then home for a week or so – very manageable I think. Cool – a whole week of knitting!!

So it seems that one more item has been added to this family’s luck these past few months – it’s just incredible to me what challenges there have been. But I am so thankful for my family – we are one tough bunch.

Hope everyone is enjoying the Holiday season - maybe not as much as years past - but at least we're all in it together!! Cheers

Monday, December 01, 2008

life is good...Thanksgiving was great. Sister and Brother were here at my house. A little quieter than usual because three girls were missing - my sisters daughters are away at school and REI girl is still adventuring...she comments:
Life here is good. The past few days have been sad though. I can't believe that I am leaving in a week and a half. The time has gone by too quickly. I feel that if I could have stayed longer, I would make a bigger impact on these children's lives. The kids that I lived with are amazing. Each one is such a wonderful gift to this world. Their spirit, imagination and sense of adventure are indescribable. They come from such horrible beginnings, but they have started to overcome their hardships and are such beautiful children. I will miss them more then I can describe."
She will be home in 10 days! It seems like she just left yesterday!
College girl was home for Thanksgiving week - what a delight to have her around! We had lots of fun and now all is quiet on the home front for a few days anyway.
I have been knitting on those last minute Christmas gifts - really not last minute - just those things that I put off for too long. So am now scrambling to get them finished (oh yeah - and started!)
Work will be quiet this week also as the boss is traveling - some business some pleasure - whatever - it means I can get caught up on lots of things.
Hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving and is enjoying the Holiday season!!