Friday, December 29, 2006

Let’s first establish that I do have my priorities straight! I arrived home, after a wonderful Christmas Holiday with my family, late afternoon on Wednesday. My neighbor who had taken care of the animals had kindly brought a big box into the house for me --- Yea the Traveling Stash had arrived!! I opened it as soon as the car was empty – before laundry, food, thank you notes, almost before heat…..what a stash. So many interesting things…I loved looking at all the patterns and took two sock patterns for upcoming projects.

I put in enough Lopi for a child sweater, a couple of Happy Trails, two Knit Picks Essential, a Lorna’s Laces, some Hot Sox, two Kid n Ewe, some really old green something that’s been sitting around way to long and a beaded row counter – this is my ‘must have’ tool – it is wonderful for circular knitting.

I took out the red Wildfoote, two green Some Assembly Required, the STR and an Anne.

I’m ready for next Christmas knitting! The box is full – actually stuffed – with lots of interesting stuff – enjoy!

Christmas was grand – I really enjoyed being with all the family. My favorite cousins and their families joined us for Christmas Eve, so there were 21 of us for dinner. A big crowd to all sit down – but what fun. We ranted and cried about our Dads (brothers) who weren’t present, laughed over memories of childhood Christmases together and toasted our Moms who did way more than we do!!! Christmas Day was spent with my sibling’s families – we had a great time – enjoying the children, playing National Park Monopoly, telling stories, watching movies and eating all day. Good Times! Because there are three teenage girls – we had to go shopping the next day. Wasn’t as hectic as I remember.

We came home on Wednesday – a long snowy drive with lots of traffic over Mt. Hood – lots of blowing snow – it was not fun. I’m off this week so have lots of chores to do. Time for taxes, the FAFSA for both girls (Oh yea – M3 got accepted to Linfield – go Wildcats!!), all the year end chores – like organize my knitting stuff.

I’m going to inventory my completed projects and really work on those WIP that are sitting around. Of course I had to start a new pair of socks since I received my new Celtic Swan DP’s just before Christmas – had to take a project with me!! Duh!! I love them!! I did get a gift card for the LYS but am going to wait a while before I cash it in. The Traveling Stash has filled my need for more at the moment!

Hope everyone enjoys the New Year's Celebrations!

Saturday, December 16, 2006

Too Cool

This is Wrapping Paper - how cool is that!!

Socks with my label - cool too.

But the best cool is my Celtic Swan needles that came yesterday from The Loopy Ewe. They are amazing and the best knitting gift I've ever given myself - I deserve it!

Friday, December 15, 2006

It's coming.....

It's on it's way

The Loot

The Final Count -
11 Washcloths - 2 more to go
3 pairs of socks
2 scarves
1 hat - still on needles

Purchased gifts - finished
Wrapping - haven't even started!
Tree and decorations - up.
Packages in the mail - gone!
Weather - frightful (no wind damage at my house - but big tree down across the street)

7 days before departure and I'm on track. We are going to my sisters in Portland for the Holidays.

My good thoughts are with the Mt. Hood climbers - what a storm they got last night - maybe there will be a Christmas Miracle.

I'll probably be off the face of blog world for a while (as though I've really been here much recently) - but want to wish all my friends and Knit Sisters the very best holiday - I hope you all enjoy the company of your families. May your favorite gift be their warm embrace!

Sunday, December 03, 2006

My assistant....

Pumpkin and Manos -
Since I really finished my Christmas Knitting today - I tried some felting to use up some left overs - tried doing some felted bowls for little gifts. My felting just doesn't work well - the washer just doesn't get hot enough.

The red bowl is two strands of Manos, the black is one strand of Brown Sheep and the box is one of Manos - they just didn't get stiff enough. I ran them through the washer in hot water twice with a pair of old jeans and a towel or two.

Also the bottom of the bowls is kinda pointy - although I'm drying them with a heavy class inside. It was fun experimenting!! Any hints would be appreciated. I like the small bowl idea - maybe if I made the sides shorter I'd have better luck. Will keep trying till I run out of left overs!!

Busy week coming up I guess so hope all is well with everyone. Knit on!

Friday, December 01, 2006

I Promised

OK - Here they are...Christmas and Birthday socks - off in the mail today. Stayed up to late last night finishing the Birthday pair. The blue pair is the Austermann sock yarn with the Aleo Vera and Jojoba Oil - for pampered feet! I'd like to try a pair of these for me - my feet need pampering - heck I need pampering!

Only have a few knitting projects now to finish. But haven't even started the real Christmas shopping yet - but that will be started on-line today. I think I've got everyone figured out - it's just doing it!!The tree might even magically appear tomorrow - we'll see!

Hope everyone is getting into the spirit - I Love Christmas - I've got the carols blarring right now!

Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Book Club

Oh My Gosh - I just realized that Book Club is coming for dinner tomorrow - So any ideas for a great book.......something light for the Holidays? Light doesn't mean cheap romances either. I need a good book to suggest.
Almost finished with the second gift socks - yeh - as they must be UPS'd by Monday - preferably on Friday but doubt I'll get that far. Bosses pair are complete and I love them - lucky me has another skein just like it. But it will have to wait till later. Will post pictures later I promise.
Off to get organized for a great dinner with the book ladies!!

Saturday, November 25, 2006

Turkied Out

I am still stuffed - but we had a great time! Certain items might have been a little tastier if the cook had stayed in the kitchen and watched the pots - but I was having too much fun visiting with my siblings and family. Lucky for me it all made it to the table and the gravey survived!! No one even fell asleep in the mashed potatoes. We toasted mom and dad - saying we were right were they'd want us to be - together and having a good time. Dad wasn't here - in California for the winter and Molly had to work - but she made it home on Friday for the turkey sandwiches and left over pie! So we were all together part of the time. And as tradition rules - we watched The Grinch last night....the kids never grow up!
Now the house is quiet again - everyone went home today to avoid the tangled mess that will be the pass tomorrow - it's been snowing for days up there. I'm doing the mounds of laundry generated by 7 extra bodies in the house - plus of the course someone brought thier laundry home for mom to do - duh!
We drew names for Christmas and lucky me drew the new knitter in the family - oh this is going to be fun! Books and tools. I taught her how to knit in the round - I'm sure I've created a monster because she took right to it - socks are probably next!!
I have been working on my gift knits and of course thought of a few more things with everyone here - but don't know if I'll get to it all - luckily we only draw one name!
I'm going to do a little work today here at home to make up for not going in on Wednesday and then sit down and power knit for awhile - can't wait.
Hope everyone enjoyed Turkey Day as much as we did!

Thursday, November 16, 2006

Home today – no work on Thur and Fri anymore – bummer. So I’m waiting for the tile installer, the electrician, firewood delivery etc. So it all works out I guess. But without work it’s hard to pay for all these new projects! Funny how that works.

I do plan to do some maintenance repair projects with my time. Paint a few rooms, clean out closets, get rid of junk and oh yes Knit! I’ve taken a pair of socks that I started last week out so many times the yarn is frayed…but am going well now. Pictures when I get one finished. It’s just production knitting now as gift time is approaching way to fast. Am of course now the girls are saying – I want a new pair of socks, I need a warm scarf. I’m going to need some good movies to watch in the next few weeks to get this all done! It’s comforting to know all my fellow knitters are doing the same thing each evening!

I hope to get all the kitchen remodel – new floors and appliances – completed before the holiday – don’t know what the rush is since we won’t be here anyway, but it will be nice to get it completed. I was going to put off the appliance part – way more expense than I anticipated – but I found the perfect, used but in perfect condition, stove and micro – at about 10% of the cost of new – belonged to my boss who is getting a new gas stove for Christmas. What a deal. Now to find the right refrigerator to match. The stove and micro are black, I switched the panels on the dishwasher to black – so can I do a stainless refrigerator or do I do black. I think that black is too stark – since it’s the first thing you see when you walk in my front door – it’s a very open house. So am thinking a cabinet depth stainless refrig – what do you think. I’m standing at the front door in this picture – looks pretty cluttered doesn’t it? Just imagine new tile floor – carmel colored – to complete the “NEW” look.

We had the big wind and rain event last night – wasn’t nearly as bad as predicted. Luckily! I was bracing for the big one – had the candles and camping lantern ready, wood split, etc. Lots of rain and now my burn pile is just too wet – today would have been perfect to get that chore out of the way.

I think I’m going to get a surprise in the mail next week – finally – since I’m the only person who hasn’t received the Traveling Stash yet. I’ve got things to put in that I’ve had set aside for months. I love surprises. I need good surprises these days.

Hope all is well with everyone and your Turkey day prep is underway – my family is all coming here and I haven’t even started the list yet!!

Knit on!

Thursday, November 09, 2006

OK – I’ve been a really bad blogger

– no posts for a long long time. Sorry life has got in the way.

Kids are great – although M2 daughter has had a blip and spent an afternoon in the hospital. Not a good day but she bounces back with incredible speed and resolve. BiPolar is so unpredictable. She had been home to visit for a few days and seemed fine – then back at school all fell apart and she reacted poorly. But I guess each experience teachers her more. I’d do anything for her good health.

M3 daughter is so ‘senior stressed’ Lots going on with school work and activities and trying to get her early admission application completed. Has to be in the mail before next Wednesday – only little pieces missing now, but still work to accomplish. Will be so glad when this is finished. Then the wait begins. I’m relatively sure she will get in – it’s just a matter of how much money will they give her. I know that small schools give more so I’m hopeful.

Had dinner with all three kids – gosh that is nice having them all together. They have become fine young adults – I couldn’t be prouder.

I am struggling with the thought of having an empty nest – just what am I going to do with myself! Yea I know – KNIT – but unfortunately that isn’t enough. I need to find a knitting group or something!

Since I will have this big empty house – I am considering the big move. Sell my house and find a new community, start a new life. Have no clue where. Camp Sherman would be perfect – but it’s out of my price range. So one of the projects I am working on is fixing up my house. I figure I have a year to 18 months before I’d put it up for sale. There are a lot of little things I can do to improve the value. Today the tile guy is coming to give me an estimate for a new kitchen and entry floor. I’d love to replace all the flooring – but the logistics of that are just too overwhelming – so kitchen and entry it is. I’ve also hired a contractor to do a few things and will be doing some interior painting over the next few months.

I have lots of time since my work has been cut back to maybe three days a week – the pits but I don’t expect it to last long. I have been working at home some, which is nice too – don’t have the long drive everyday.

Yes I’ve been knitting – but since the projects are gift items I can’t go into it here. Suffice to say – I’ve begun a project with wonderful Alpaca – oh my gosh is it soft. My fingers are loving it. My completed gifts basket is getting fuller – good thing as I still have much to do – and I thought I started early. That never works does it. I went to a yarn store in Eugene when I was over there on Tuesday – overload! I found this Prism Yarn – it is truly Cool Stuff – but not in my price bracket so it stayed on the shelf for a dream later project. There were way too many temptations. Soft Horizons is the shop – beautiful stuff, Did finally picked up Knitting Rules – read it in one night – what fun. Stephanie nails it every time. I did a little stash enhancement for a future baby sweater project – just a pretty blue acrylic – I know but the future recipient doesn’t have time to hand wash anything. Luckily it’s an after Christmas project, but now it’s ready to get started then.

The weather has been very knitterly – record rain over on the west side, but surprisingly warm – the Pineapple Express they call it. In the sixties and over 2 inches of rain in a day! Weird – but that’s Oregon for you. The drive over to Eugene was interesting – rivers full to almost flood stage. The rain stopped long enough the next day to get home safe – the fall colors where gorgeous – sorry I didn’t take my camera.

Hope everyone is pleased with the elections – It will mean changes and adjustments for which I am thankful. Interesting times ahead for sure.

Thanksgiving is just around the corner and my family will all be coming here – so have to get hustling getting organized. So much to do! I haven’t even thought about it until now – better get started.

Hope all is well with all of you and that you are all getting those Christmas projects started – ho ho ho!

Wednesday, October 18, 2006


I picked up the new Interweave Knits last night at the grocery store - fun, quick gifts! Also was an article about Charity Knitting. I have another suggestion for those who have received too many knitted gifts......Check out Heifer International. A wonderful alternative gift. Molly gave Chickens in honor of her Grandfather last year! This is a great organization that promotes economic independence and self reliance. They are offering a Knitting Basket gift - a gift of Llamas and Sheep - this is such a great idea.

Monday, October 16, 2006


OK – the word is out – those pictures from the last post are Roxie and me – taken 30 very plus years ago when we were seniors at THE SAME High School! We have reconnected through our blogs. I figured out who she was by the review of her latest book that was in the Sisters Nugget. My goodness but what a small world these blogs make! I am so impressed that she is a Master Knitter – I would never remotely have thought that knitting would be an interest of hers back in high school. Oh how we change. Am hoping we can connect in person one of these days. This whole process is so astounding to me – the blogs and the community it has created. I am so honored to be a part of it.

On the knitterly front – have been working on gift socks – frogged them when I got to the toe, all the way back before the heel – just didn’t like the shape…so started again. I’ll post a picture soon – the yarn is yummy.

I joined the Lonesome Skein KAL – hope to get some good ideas for gifts from the stash. Speaking of – I never got The Traveling Stash – wonder where it died. The Soxy Lady had it last according to the blog – but she has just opened a new shop – hope it didn’t get buried in all the new stock for the store!! But once she finds it - that could potentially be really fun for the next recipient! (Me? Me? Me?)

Winter has definitely arrived on the High Desert. There was snow on Black Butte this morning and traffic snarls on Santiam Pass due to snow. Had big plans to get all the leaves picked up on Saturday – but had major equipment failure – so knit instead. Great trade – but now I have wet leaves all over! Spring will be here soon enough.

Hope everyone has a great week – am off on Friday to take M3 for the college visit then on to Portland for the rest of the weekend. But no yarn shopping for me!!! Will be helping my sister clean up the mess dad left in his house when he departed for sunny California this morning…..aren’t families fun!

Thursday, October 12, 2006

Just guess

These two lovely ladies met again after 38 years - can you guess how and who they are and what happened 38 years ago? It is indeed a very small world.

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Today is for books

I heard a really interesting story on NPR the other day – I Wish I’d Been There is a new book out. It poised the question to historians - if you could be a ‘fly on the wall’ at any event in American history – what would it be. They were asked to write a short (150 word) essay about their choice.
I also poised the question to 4 people – 2 bosses (one is an historian) and my two daughters. The men had things like Lincoln’s Gettysburg address, his second inaugural address, Pearl Harbor, the battle for Trenton, Signing of the Declaration of Independence, D-day, Lewis and Clark. Molly choose The March on Washington and Martin Luther Kings speech. Marianne choose the first flight of the space shuttle but wondered why no one choose some ‘social’ issue. I choose Lewis and Clark – either the journey across the prairies, the meeting with the Shoshone or the trip down the Columbia. The girls and I also wondered why the men choose battles. One boss said because they involved moments of great leadership – “follow me and die for me”
The book editor tried to anticipate the event with the most votes. They were totally wrong. The event with the most votes was Lewis and Clark! And by far! I find that fascinating – not only because it was my choice but they said this survey was done before the current 200 year anniversary celebration of the journey and before the book Undaunted Courage. I do think it was a pivotal event in more ways than one – but am just surprised that so many historians would have liked to have been there. I’m going to have to read the essays now to learn more.

I also just finished reading Water for Elephants by Sara Greun. What a great story! A real peek into life with a traveling circus during The Depression. Beautifully written, funny, poignant, entertaining. The ending is so wonderful and just perfect. A great read.

Back to knitting next time!

Monday, October 02, 2006

It's over

Fall is here - after a glorious weekend. Pleasant days and cool nights. Yard work during the day and knit at night. What more could I ask for (lots).
This little friend joined me for the lawn clean up..... I think it's a female Ruby Crowned Kinglet. Was definitly not feeling well - not inclined to fly so swooshed her into a flowerbed where she could hide from Pumpkin the Terrible!

I picked the last of the Cosmos just to bring the last bit of summer inside. Plus I've got tomatos stashed all over the house rippening. Today is much cooler and cloudy...see ya next year!

On the knitting front - I did knit- but not much. I got two more Garterlac dishcloths finished - what fun they are - instant gratification as Joan says. My Christmas stash is growing. I also worked a little on my Chocolate sweater - gosh it's taking forever...but am almost done with the back. I have to concentrate on every row on the yoke - it is not mindless knitting. I think I'll do both fronts on the same needles at the same time - should go faster and for sure will match! Same with the sleeves.

Didn't join Socktoberfest - not sure I have any socks... (Yea right - I probably can't help myself) - hum I think I better go check it out.

Did you see the Grey's Anatomy KAL? What fun! I'm a huge fan so will be watching what they are up to.

Family is thriving - I am so blessed!

Sunday, September 24, 2006

A Wonderful Weekend

I had a great weekend!

Friday morning got to work and discovered the power was out - had been out the day before so I had left early Thursday also. Camp Sherman is slightly remote and things like electricity are occasionally sacrificed! So instead of starting the drive to Eugene at 3:00 - I left at 9:00 am - cool

- more hours to enjoy my adventure. The drive over along the McKenzie is my favorite. I have a favorite stop - it's like a little fairly land. Had a great afternoon with Molly - her apartment is typical college student hip and of course not quite 'picked up'...but great. She like her Birthday presents - pillows and a throw for her new found couch. Went to lunch at a little Thai diner that was wonderful. Did a little shopping and hung out at her place and then we had a nice dinner out at a Greek-Indian resturarant - interesting combo - choices from both countries. Delicious both! Saturday morning went and walked the Farmer's Market/Craft fair - lot's of 'hippy' stuff and a few cool felted knit purses. Almost got some hemp yarn to do a 'market bag' for Molly - but didn't know how much I'd need.

Headed up the freeway towards Portland about noon. Beautiful warm fall day - the Willamette Valley was starting to turn fall colors - really pleasant.

I suddenly realized that this might be the weekend of the Oregon Flock and Fiber Show. Stopped at rest stop and called an 800 number I found for Clackamas County and what do you know - it was this weekend. Canby is just right off the freeway - an easy stop. I'd never actually been to Canby - what a cute little town - all the houses were so neat and tidy - big farming area - so lots of fresh produce stands, pumpkin patches etc. Charming.

The Show was great - here's Blue Moon - of course the very first booth in the door and packed. I steered was just too tempting. I also found this - Cashmere in a zillion colors - steered clear of this also.

I was really good - did no stash enhancement - I was really proud of myself. But then - I remembered that Pat Fly from Angora Valley Fibers sometimes comes to these shows. So after consulting the map - I went looking and I found her. We had never met in person, but I've used her Monarch sock yarn many times and just love the colors. She has a picture on her Web page of a scarf I did a few years ago. Naturally I had to buy something and found the perfect yarn to do socks for my boss for Christmas - Woodland - this picture doesn't do it justice - it's just right! Thanks so much Pat!!

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

WIP and WW

I have been knitting - really!!
I've got a few Works In Progress to show.
First is THE sweater - I hope you can see the detail on the back yoke - it really is pretty. I'm only working on this when I can really concentrate - I've ripped out a few times and that is a pain! I doubt this will be finished anytime soon - Christmas is approaching (OMG - there's decorations in all the stores - what are they thinking!)

Then there are the scarves. Pat's Littlelace is languishing - I just don't see progress very fast and I get tired of the repetition. No instant gratification - but gratification non the less.
Using up the Manos is also languishing - I'm afraid I'll run out - so it's not a priority.
But this.....I'm liking this a lot. I have tons of the plain purple - so will do a ribbed neck or something to make sure I have enough of the pink and blue to finish. I love this. But it's probably a gift.

I've been doing the "Cloth" thing too - face out of Cotton chenille and dish out of Peaches and Cream - it is so cheap!! I did the Garterlac (no Pic - it's wet!)- will do another hopefully neater this time. Once I got the hang of the pattern it sure went fast. I can crank these out for 'little gifts'.

I'm not going to get much knitting in for a few days. Am headed over the mountains on Friday to have a belated birthday dinner with Molly (today's her day!) and then on the Portland the next day to see my Dad before he heads south for the winter. I am not really looking forward to being in his house. My sister says it is trashed - my mom would be horrified - and I can't believe that my Dad is letting this happen. I really like his girl friend - but she is not a housekeeper - and my Dad had my mom picking up after him for too long to change now. How do I politely say "Clean up this mess" without offending? As soon as he leaves I'll have to go back and put the house to bed for the winter and guess who will be cleaning sister and I probably - mostly my sister because she's there and I'm not. I think we will remove some of the special family things just to protect them - what a pickle!

Fall is really here - cold, cloudy and fresh snow on the Mountains! Time to nest and knit!

Thursday, September 14, 2006

I love Tomatoes

Fortunately so does my sister - who grew this lovely beauty - mine are still mostly green!

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Need I say more?

Quiet times in Central Oregon these days. M3 is back in school and busy with all that Senior stuff, SAT, ACT, applications and football games. Oh yes - lots of homework. M2 has a birthday coming up, so am going to visit the end of next week for a bday dinner. She is doing very well! A friend told her that her apartment looked like it belonged in "Friends"!Then on to Portland to visit with my Dad before he goes South for the winter. I can't believe the summer went so fast. I've only seen him twice. So much for the thought of spending some quality time with him!
The Summer did go to fast - I never went camping or any adventure with all the kids...I hardly ever see M1 (how do you get boys to call thier mothers!!) - I miss the days when they were all home and together (sort of).

Have been knitting washcloths - will photograph when I have a bunch more complete - have a colorful batch of 4 so far. Also started another scarf for the Christmas pile. Didn't I pledge not to start any new projects until some others were complete? Oh - Gifts don't count!

The Fight the Frump campaign is progressing. Love my new cut and color! Since I haven't weighed myself - can't report any progress yet on that front. But am confident that it's working. It has been challenging making the points each day - I always seem to be way under - which I know isn't good. Just have to find the right combo!

Where is The Traveling Stash - I've been patiently waiting - I need that excitement!
Knit on!

Sunday, September 03, 2006

One project finished!

Trekking finished - can't remember the color - but my Trek with Me project is complete. Didn't Trek much - but did knit!! I think these will be a gift - so again - one more down for Christmas.

The scarf is coming along also - but wonder if I'll have enough - It may end up being a table runner!! I may do another wash cloth today - then I will have completed two things - joy!

I'm tackeling some major cleaning this weekend - you know behind the bed, the bottom of the drawers - that kind of thing. It will be nice to have an extra day to get some of it finished. Wish I had bought some paint for my front door - this would have been the perfect time....but my local paint store isn't open on Sunday and I need a particular color - oh well - not as though I can't do it later.

I did get a nice picture for Sandy last night - forest fires create wonderful sunsets so I've been keeping my eyes open!! The tankers are flying again today and Marion Forks was under pre-evac orders yesterday - dry lightening predicted for this afternoon - oh fun in Central Oregon!

Hope everyone enjoys the long weekend. School start here on Tuesday - the last year - how did that happen so fast!

Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Tomorrow is the Day!!

I'll explain that later - but first what I've been up to....
M2 Daughter is moved and settled in Eugene. Occassionaly bored and lonley - but surviving on her own. Calls me at least twice a day just to say good morning and good night (at least I know where she is!). It will take some adjustment on her part - but she's doin good and I'm so glad for her and proud of her steps in the right direction.
M3 Daughter just got her senior pictures taken - what a deal we got. We spent about 2 hours one morning last week doing 'the shoot' and now I have a disk with over 200 shots. I can pick which ones I like (we've narrowed it down to 40 favorites) and print what we need. My Canon printer does a great job. I've paid less than half of what the other kids costs. Their pictures were great too, but limited choices. These are two of my favorites.

I've also been organizing - now that there is an empty room....really just rearranging things and spent some time looking at my small stash and wondering what am I going to knit. I never seem to have a problem there - there just isn't enough time to knit everything I want - as you all know. I bought a few new baskets to keep things sorted out - I actually just wanted to see my stash better - so now some of it is in a new basket behind my chair - very colorful and it keeps me motivated.
I got a smaller basket which is now beside my chair which holds my smaller WIP - I wish I could figure out how to have to color come out better in my photos. On the right is a scarf out of the left over Manos from my sisters sweater - I'm edging it with black - really is striking. On the left is my first wash cloth - Cotton Chenile - did while Marianne was having her pictures taken. I got 5 other colors. So the Christmas frenzy is on.
The trekking socks are laungishing (sp?) in my knitting bag - they're for waiting in line time - which I don't have much of. The Celtic cardigan is coming along - wish I could take a photo of the stitch pattern - it really is cool and I'm liking it. Doubt it will be wearable very soon.
Remember the Interlacements I bought at the
Black Sheep Gathering - well check out Wendy's Blog for the Fir Cone Wrap - delicious and I think I could do this. Of course Pat - I'm still working on your scarf - but it is slow going.
I really think the problem is I have too many things on the needles at once. So I'll not be starting anything new until I have two more finished pieces....right. But in my effort to get organized I'm sticking to it.
OK - tomorrow is the day - I'm starting Weight Watchers - can't go the meetings - I rather spend the time knitting and the money on yarn - but I do have the latest point book and am familar with the program - so am starting. I have no idea what my actual weight is - don't really care - but do care how I look. The above photographer took a few pictures of Marianne and I togther and I had to delete them I was so embarrassed. Not only over weight - but my gosh I looked like an old frump in need of a hair cut and make over. Where did those wrinkles come from? Anyone tried any of those anti wrinkle creams - Olay stuff? I've used regular Olay for always, but none of the more targeted applications. Marianne surprised me with a paid for appointment for a cut and color and I committed to work on the weight and frump clothes. You know who cares what you look like when you sit home and knit all the time!! LOL. I actually look much younger than I am - I'm told often - thanks for that Mom! - but this woke me right up - time to take care of myself for a change. So friends -wish me success. I'll keep you posted.

Friday, August 18, 2006

OK – I’ve been a bad blogger again – forgive me this once! Life has been very busy and stressful…what happened to having a fun summer? Oh it’s nothing terrible just a lot going on. M2Daughter is moving to go back to school (for the third time)….and there’s all the packing to do – where did she get so much stuff! Trying to figure out and plan for the change in finances – everything cost more than either of us anticipated, she will truly be a ‘starving college student’!! But it is time for her to go and I am so proud of her – this is a huge step – especially since she will be living alone! Of course I’m a bit nervous but also looking forward to having time to spend with my youngest daughter.

She is a senior this year and has tons going on. It seems I’ve hardly seen her this summer! Tonight the photographer is coming over to visit about her senior pictures – oh my gosh time has gone by so fast!! We had planned to have all the college apps completed and to begin the scholarship applications before school started – we haven’t even started. Luckily she knows exactly where she wants to go and what she wants to do….Linfield College nursing program. She has always wanted to be a Labor and Delivery nurse. Last week she job shadowed at our local hospital and got to be right there during a cesarean – that cinched the deal – she’s in!

I actually have been knitting a little every night…mostly the Celtic Cardigan. It takes a lot of concentration now that I’m on the yoke in the back. It’s definitely not mindless knitting – I’ve ripped my share of rows believe me. But am enjoying it and know that it will be beautiful when I am finished.

I’ve got to start on Christmas Presents – I think I’ll do a pair of washcloths for each of the girls – any suggestions about yarn? I’d like to do a couple pair of cotton socks too and of course I’ve stash for scarves since last year – unfortunately they aren’t quick and dirty ones either. The cardigan may be taking a back seat pretty soon!

We are still living under smoke filled skies – makes for great sunsets! The Lake George Fire is just a few miles from the last one I wrote about. It’s actually closer to where I am every day. They lit a big back fire yesterday – the column of smoke was huge – it’s own weather. But they say it did the trick! I hope it clears out pretty soon – I miss seeing the Cascades!

Hope everyone is knitting well and enjoying these last days of summer! School starts here in three weeks - where did the summer go!!

Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Spots not Socks

Aren't they wonderful....Summer in Camp Sherman. I am so lucky!!
Evacuees are all home now - the smoke remains thick in the mornings on the way to work. Most of the cute structural fireman have gone home - at least the ones from surrounding communities...(why is it that fireman are usually so cute...)

Sunday, July 30, 2006

Summer in Central Oregon

This is what is going on here at home - the Air Tankers take off here in Redmond and make a quick run to Sisters - working on the 9,000 acre Black Crater fire. 1500 people have been evacuated and they say there is a 50% chance the little town of Sisters will be evacuated tonight - but the good news is the humidty is up and the temps down - it's downright cool this afternoon! The smoke is drifting and we are socked in here in Redmond.

This is life in Central Oregon during the summer and we have only started! It will be interesting going to work in the morning as I travel right through Sisters. The air tanker picture is courtesy of the Nugget News
and I took the other on Wednesday before they evacuated the first neighborhood. When I came through on Wednesday all the fire engines from surrounding communities where lined up to provide support for structures fires (which there haven't been any yet thank heavens) - wish I'd gotten a picture of that - looked pretty impressive!

Haven't been knitting much - but worked in the garden today - the weather was cooperating so thought I should get to it.

Yesterday did the garage sale trip looking for apartment furnishings for Molly. I scored at the Goodwill - got a wonderful table for $8!!!! Its perfect and in great shape. I spent a total of $20 and got silverware for 4 with a little chrome holder, 4 glasses, a great soup mug, two soup mugs that match my dishes and two other small glasses and the table. Still have a lot more to come up - particularly chairs - both dinning and living room, but think that will have to be when we are in Eugene - don't want to have to haul everything over there. Molly and I are going over on Thursday to take a load and sign the rental agreements on her apartment - orange shag carpet and pink refrigerator and all!! Remember those days!!
Hope everyone has a great week!

Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Moira Littlelace has a cousin

Pat - Moira has a cousin in far off Oregon!! Thanks so much for sharing with us!! This is laceweight - a wonderful copper color - a gift for Christmas - don't know who yet! I'm liking the pattern - easy to remember so easy to pick up. I plan to do a really long maybe beaded fringe. I do wish I had made it wider - but just didn't want to start over.

It has been so so hot here and tonight all the conditions are really bad for wildfire - low humidity, winds and high temp. We've got three good ones going within view. One at beautiful Elk Lake - they are evacuating the west side of the lake as we speak - it would be a real loss! So we are surrounded by copper colored skies and since Redmond is the home of the US Forest Service Air Center - the tankers are flying overhead. (We often go and watch them refill the retardent and then take off - cheap thrills!) Wildfire is a fact of life here - Bend has had quite a few devestating neighborhood fires that started as wildfires - Awbrey Hall which burned 22 homes and Skeleton come to mind. Also the huge B&B Complex fire three years ago burned 93,000 acres very near Camp Sherman where I now work. Needless to say - with the thunderstorms night before last - all these are now popping up - we can see the column from the Crater fire from the office and we've had the scanner on to be prepared if a fire is in the area - so far we've been lucky - but fire season is just getting started and with this super hot weather it could be scary this year. My boss and family had to evacuate during the B&B fire - they were weeks out of thier house!! But all was safe and Camp Sherman was OK - but that doesn't mean it will always be that way.
This is life during the summer in Central Oregon!!

Monday, July 17, 2006

They've got Socks

I wasn't allowed to take the socks with me (Oh mom!) to The Central Oregon Draft Horse Show - but found some there anyway.

It was hot and sunny and the horses were so impressive - not to mention the drivers!!

Knitting is progressing very slowly - but am turning the heel on my Trekking socks. It's just too hot in the evenings. It's not even cooling down at night which is making sleep difficult. I have A/C but can't stand to have it running at night!
My garden is almost bloomed out - I hate that - a big splash and then it's just green. Central Oregon for you!!
M2 daughter has decided at the last minute to go back to UofO in the fall - so she's busy looking for a place to live, getting transfered to the Eugene REI, figuring out all the details. I'm proud of her but will miss having her around. They gotta grow up sometime I guess!
M3 daughter has new second job - working 48 hours this week!!! Busy girl.
Busy Family - having fun most of the time!!
Good Summer to all! Enjoy the heat - it's coming!!
Edited to add: I've got tons of raspberries coming on - they are sooooo good!!!

Thursday, July 13, 2006

Trek to Book Club

Yes, we do have a life on occasion and Book Club is about it these days...but we did make it out. Of course didn't read the just wasn't working as an audio book for my Ipod test. But we picked a fun summer easy chick book this time - In Her Shoes - luckily I haven't seen the movie so will look forward to the book.
As said in my last post - knitting is lacking these days - just too lazy. But the sock is progressing slowly and I actually have been working on the Celtic sweater - one of these days I will finish. (I get really depressed reading everyone elses accomplishments - you have way more time than I do!)
My girls and I are really ships passing in the night - but this weekend I get one day with each - they'll probably be sleeping most of the time!! My Goal is comfortable shoes that aren't hot and don't make my feet hurt at the end of the day - yea right. Old age is the pits!! Oh yes the closet - in the middle of night I hear this big bang - I yell out to the girls "are you all right?" No answer so thought I must have been dreaming. I wake up to see MY closet rod had fallen down! Does Fred Meyer have the part to fix it after work? No - so the pile remains until I can get to a hardware store. I don't have that much stuff hanging - I only Iron to wear - never ahead anyway!
Oh yes - the Lavendar - I bought four new Lavendar plants last weekend. My sister the gardener was here and we completely rearranged my garden - on paper anyway - guess who gets to to all the digging up and replanting...but it will be worth it. I may get started if it's not too hot.
Getting late - news is on - later and best to all

Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Too Busy to Knit Much.....

M2 Daughter took these pictures - just thought I'd do a quick share. Have been busy and it's too hot to knit. Garden is even suffering - but growing. I'll update more this weekend I promise!! Hope all is well with everyone!!!

Sunday, July 02, 2006

A busy bee

I have accomplished a lot this weekend...not as much as I had hoped - but progress was made. The lawns got mowed and fertilized, flowers planted and deadheaded. My veggie garden is a bust at this point - it looks so sick I'm embarressed. It'll take a few weeks before it is ready for pictures.

I did manage to knit a little - did a new Ipod carrier - used the Sock Candy that I got at Black Sheep - if I'd gotten another skein I could have done socks - but this was fun a quick.

I also worked on my Trekking socks - although we didn't Trek any further than the hammock. Will finish one tonight and hopefully get a good start on the second.

In anticipation of The Traveling Stash visiting my house, I did look at my Private Reserve - I almost started something else - but decided that two things on the needles at a time is enough for me. So little time - so much I want to knit!!

But I did sort things out, found some new ideas and decided what I could sacrifice.
Is the Sisterhood really coming to visit me?

Sunday, June 25, 2006

I had a great time!!

I really had fun on my Trek over the meadows and through the woods. First stop was The Black Sheep Gathering.......where all these just hopped in my knitting bag. It was really fun and wish I'd had more time. But I got what I went for - STR and Sock Candy. Hand Jive was there also and I got some Plum Merino - but might use this for trade stash as I figured out when I got home that it isn't superwash - but the color is great. The Sock Candy is on the needles for flip flop socks - they had a free pattern so I thought what the heck - they'll be cool this summer.

Plus I found this wonderful Interlacements - a pretty shawl or two scarves or something. And I found some very small but pretty stitch markers. All in all it was worth the extra 70 miles to go out of my way to Eugene. The drive down the McKenzie River is one of my favorites and I had Phantom of the Opera blarring so it was a good adventure!

I think next year I may take a class or two - just a way to visit with other knitters. There where a lot of them wandering about. There is another fiber show this fall that may be fun also - but don't know how many participants there are - but another good excuse to go on a road trip!

When I got to Portland everyone was ready for dinner - so we picked up my Dad and Bev and went out for Chinese - it was wonderful. Dads first outing. I spent most of Saturday visiting with Dad - he's looking better everyday - just the usual post surgery complaints - the incision itches, he has no appetite etc....but he actually got up and rode his stationery bike for 1.2 miles he reminds me!! Saturday night my sister had friends for dinner and we sat out on the patio til late and enjoyed the evening and the wine. Left Portland this morning to avoid the heat - it is expected to be 100 there - it's about 95 here so not much difference. Am glad to be home and now I can admire my new stash....speaking of which I get to do some trading - I'm in the Sisterhood of the Traveling Stash - Oh I can't wait. I promise to add something great. What fun it has been to watch where it's gone!

I was talking to my family about this knitting blogging thing and they just don't get it!! They think I am a total weirdo (true). I just want all of you to know I have really enjoyed being part of this community! Am looking forward to sharing more adventures!!