Sunday, June 21, 2009


Kennedy is my new photo assistant - turns out she loves socks!! We seem to missing them from the laundry!! Thanks Roxie for the wonderful yarn - I really like the way they turned out - such a little bit of work and such great results!!!

For the record, summer is NOT here today.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Time to update

I know it's been way too long.

First welcome to the newest member of the family – meet Kennedy. We had to put our old lab down and the girls just had to have a dog. They just bugged me 24/7 and 6 days later Kennedy joined us. So far they’ve done a great job taking care of her. She’s lab/hound mix from the pound…hopefully won’t be too big. Sure is cute and happy.

College Girl is home for the summer – working at the caterer and hanging out with REI Girl and I. Having another person in the house has made me wonder – when all the kids were home where did we put everything. Where did all this stuff come from? Every nook and cranny is filled with stuff!!

We did the Heaven Can Wait walk for Breast Cancer a few weekends ago. Over 3600 walkers – it was pretty impressive to see all the supporters and survivors.

I finished College Girls sweater – check it out here. I have a request to do another one. Good thing I enjoyed knitting it. It’s been awhile since I knit an adult sweater and now I’m motivated to knit something for me. Almost finished with the Ocean Socks too.

Work has been extremely stressful. Everyday has been challenging, but it looks like things will work out and I will keep my job. Good thing since unemployment would have meant losing my house. I’ve still got a long road ahead of me to catch up, but I will.

Central Oregon has been plagued by violent late afternoon thunderstorms the last week or so…my gosh has it rained. My garden likes it – but all the veggies need some sunshine or all those seeds will rot. It is predicted that summer will be returning soon. For Mother’s Day the girls arranged for some landscaper friends to clean up my front yard. I have huge Spruce trees and they make a real mess – there was probably 2 feet deep of needles under them – they hauled it all away and trimmed the trees, laid new landscaping rock and generally cleaned up. We now call it the Park. I can’t believe I live here. I even have a new planting bed. Another gardener friend has been sharing her rearranging garden with me…so by next summer I’ll have a new garden spot. Swell – something else to weed!

Haven’t been to Stitch and B*tch recently. Sorry ladies. Monday is one of the nights when the girls are both home – and we’re having too much fun together. So might be taking a summer break I guess.

So here’s to summer, a great garden and having kids and new puppies around!