Sunday, August 31, 2008

Where did it go?

It’s over – not only in the traditional - it’s Labor Day (must be the end of summer) but weatherwise too! We actually are under a freeze warning for tonight….I haven’t even seen a red tomato on my vines yet! This is some kind of a joke I’m sure.

I took College Girl over to school last Thursday – actually she took herself…I followed behind with a second full load of “dorm essentials.” You’d think she was never coming home again! Her room is much smaller than last year’s so much of it will return to storage. But she’s there and totally happy to be back.

Me? Well last year’s novelty of having an empty (read: clean, uncluttered, no shoes to trip over, no water dripping in the bathroom, quiet, no “There’s nothing to eat” etc) home has now faded dramatically! I’m sure I’ll get over it – but it’s pretty quiet and empty around here now!

I spent a few days at the Sisters – which was good for her because she too is now facing the empty house after getting her youngest daughter settled at college. She has a DH so it’s a little easier for her. I was spoiled by tomatoes out of her garden – tasted like sweetened summer. Her DH is a great cook and naturally spoiled us!

I did get to spend some time with the cousins. Some parts were great – others not so much. Ruthie and Sarah continue to make amazing progress. Both are out of the ICU and as of Thursday we think both have had their last surgeries. Sarah may go home in a few weeks – she had her last surgery on Thursday. Ruthie will probably be transferred to a rehab facility closer to home in a month or so. Hopefully home for Christmas. Christopher is back to being a pretty normal 12 year old boy. It was great to actually see and visit with them. Once again, we are all so grateful for the amazing amount of support. Wednesday before I got there, a fund raising run was held for their benefit – my Sister said there were over 300 people there! Everyone has commented about how many lives this accident has touched. It is so tragic, yet it has really renewed everyone’s faith in others.

I did figure out what to knit – both Ruth and Sarah will be wearing compression gloves for 12-18 months – and will have trouble regulating their temperatures – so fingerless mits seem perfect. Fun and practical! I’m not sure about socks - but will keep that in mind too. For now the mits will be great.

I also spent an afternoon with my Dad – trying to get his affairs in order and make some decisions about his future care. He is fading fast – the dementia worsens every day it seems. But he has a wonderful lady friend who is willing to stick by his side for the time being. She is physically limited in her abilities – but sharp as a tack. I am so thankful she is part of his life. Her companionship has made him so happy. We should all be as lucky.

I am going back over weekend after next for the Knit and Crochet show – and take the Fine Finishing Class from Nancy Wiseman – I can’t wait. This is my vacation for the year – well worth it!

Hope you all enjoy the end of summer, now that the cold is here, there will be more knitting appropriate blogging to come!!

Thursday, August 14, 2008

We are so grateful!

First - thank you all my knitting friends for your caring concern. My family is dealing with unimaginable tragedy - but we move forward each day because of the support from our friends.

Good news - little Christopher has gone home - He is a tough kid and our hero! His mom Ruthie and little sister Sarah are doing better - but still in critical condition. Baby steps are still steps forward.

I still haven't found any yarn that is just's got to be super soft and not to fibery - longer fibers? I haven't really had much time to do some heavy searching yet either - when I take College Girl back to school in two weeks there are about 6 yarn stores on my route to Portland. I think maybe I'll call ahead....

Once again, thank you all for your support. Families aren't just composed of blood relatives - luckily many families are knitted together!

Monday, August 11, 2008

The strength of family:

This past week my family experienced a horrific tragedy. Our lives will never be the same, these children will never be forgotten, the pain will never go away. But because of the incredible strength and support of our family – the survivors will survive; will have productive and worthwhile lives. While at a family service to celebrate the lives of the little ones lost, I realized that the strength that surrounded us comes from the cement of our families; our Parents, the Aunts and Uncles, the Grandparents, our Siblings(my sister is the family rock!), our Children. We have always been close, celebrating together the joys of our lives, supporting each other in our sorrows. Although children's lives have been taken from us in the past, nothing could have prepared us for the magnitude of this tragedy. But we were all there sharing in the grief, moving toward healing, hoping for recovery and health to come. I am so honored to be part of this family – to witness the strength and courage, and be wrapped in the blanket of familial support.

Now I need your help. The my dear cousin and her children will spend many months recovering in the Burn Center and will need super soft socks and hats. I think that wool is out – too fibery…but maybe bamboo? Does anyone have experience knitting for Burn patients? I need your help.

I know it’s a cliché – but hug your kids and live each day.

Saturday, August 02, 2008

My basket is full....

I obviously have a case of can't get anything finished....There are socks there I started last spring (one finished, one in my purse-but who has time to knit while working?); my Forest Canopy Shawl (it's so close); my bag (lots, lots more to do); and the childs sweater for REI Girl's Big Adventure.....Pumpkin does care that they aren't finished. I was doing the Saturday clean up thing this morning and chanced on my yarn stash - what was I thinking - that slowed my cleaning progress down considerably as I fondled and planned of what to do next. Come on - it's summer and I've got books to read and garden to tend.

But today the garden is tended (actually the entire endeavor is kind of a joke this year), I'm re-reading a book (still wonderful), College Girl is working (I'm not for a change) - so I really have no excuse but to knit. It's been a stressful busy week - so I know as soon as I sit down in my chair to knit - it will be lights out!!

College Girl finally found a car - after two weeks, driving probably 15 cars and choosing four cars to be inspected by my wonderful mechanic - we found a perfect classic. It's 12 years old, incredibly low miles (like 8000 a year!!!) and looks almost new. Someone really took care of this. Lucky us - we were at the right place (first in line) at the right time (it had JUST been traded in).
This weekend all of my father's side of the family is getting together in Portland....I assumed I would be working, and I knew that the kids couldn't go either (the big kids are camping - cousins only) and Marianne is working, plus it's just expensive for the drive - so I decided not to go....but lucky cousin come over to Central Oregon for a short visit and Marianne and I had dinner with them last night. What a very nice family. They live in Boston but come home to Oregon for an extended visit every summer - I always look forward to seeing them - they have three totally cute boys. I learned this time that Kate is a knitter too! (Kate: have you checked out Ravelry yet? I apologize in advance - it's totally addicting - I'm "JL2KNIT" )

OK - I'm off to knit - or should I get the oil changed in the car or shampoo the carpet first.....yea right!!
Knit Peace!