Thursday, October 29, 2009

In the works

Hah - I even have pictures this time!! I'm on my way to the big city (Which Dad informed me had been moved) to look after Dad for the weekend. In between house cleaning and organizing I hope to start some more socks - don't have a pattern - but maybe something with a cable up the sides? We'll see what develops! This yarn was a gift from my Stitch and B*tch group - they are such great ladies!The other photo is the sweater I've been working on. After figuring out the stitch pattern errors it's going pretty well. Hopefully I'll finish it this winter sometime so I can use it! Socks and little things keep getting in the way!!

Will also get to visit with The Nurse this weekend - I'm bringing her dog with me - I'm not liking this puppyhood. She's really sweet - but is taking a long time to learn to behave! Her latest adventure destroyed every hose in my yard...and I had a bunch! Luckily I'm not watering anymore this year. Wish I could leave her in Portland for a week! Maybe a change of scenery will calm her down - doubtful!
Happy Halloween!!

Friday, October 16, 2009

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month

I thought it was time to update you on my health. I AM CANCER FREE! Yahoo! Although I still have some residual aches, for the most part I’m as good as new. I’m healthy, happy and wiser.

The wiser part is the other reason for my post today. Please tell every woman in your life to get their mammograms. Caught early (as in my case) cancer is curable. Because I had my mammogram they found the cancer early, I had a full mastectomy (both breasts – good choice – they found cancer in the other breast), and I did not have to have chemotherapy or radiation. It was a scary ordeal, but manageable and I am now dancing with NED (No Evidence of Disease) as they say!

You honored me by your generous support – for which I will be forever grateful - now please honor the other women in your lives and encourage them to get their mammograms.

Once again, thank you for your good wishes. It made all the difference in the world and I appreciate what you all did for me.

And yes - I have been knitting - Man Socks - hope he likes them!! I can't find the ball band - but I think it's Cascade Heritage.....I know I saved that band!

Hope everyone is enjoying these last few nice days!!

Thursday, October 01, 2009

First Snow

First Snow - carry tire chains recommended over the pass - last Sunday it was 80!! Only in Central Oregon!

I apologize for not updating sooner. Life has been so delicious and busy that I've barely had the energy to function - much less knit and blog! The girls are doing great - REI Girl is enjoying again the busy life of a college student and The College Girl (Now known as The Nurse) is in Portland in the Nursing school - loving it!!! I am so proud of both of them. It was kinda bitter sweet when The Nurse returned to school - the girls have really enjoyed each others company this summer and really kept me entertained! The Geek is having some work challenges - he's the only employee left - but I think this is a long term relationship.

My life has been interesting to say the least. Work is embattled at times - we are definitley affected by the housing markets and other things beyond our control. I really don't know who long I'll have a job - another month maybe? I actually believe it will all work out!

Naturally I have been knitting a bit - had some real problems with my latest sweater - an Amy McElwain design from Ravelry. Turns out the chart legend and the written stitch instructions were wrong. It took me awhile to figure it out - and Amy has corrected the pattern. I'm now back on track. Pictures soon!

I have to find the perfect "guy" sock - as I think I have a new BF! Actually it's a 30 year friendship that has new dimensions. Totally unexpected (isn't that the way?). I'm giddy with that first blush. A whole new knitting opportunity - I know - don't knit him a sweater! This is all so new to me - this relationship deal - new but delicious. I am enjoying every bit!

Hopefully I'll keep my blog more up to date...glad to be back!