Wednesday, October 18, 2006


I picked up the new Interweave Knits last night at the grocery store - fun, quick gifts! Also was an article about Charity Knitting. I have another suggestion for those who have received too many knitted gifts......Check out Heifer International. A wonderful alternative gift. Molly gave Chickens in honor of her Grandfather last year! This is a great organization that promotes economic independence and self reliance. They are offering a Knitting Basket gift - a gift of Llamas and Sheep - this is such a great idea.

Monday, October 16, 2006


OK – the word is out – those pictures from the last post are Roxie and me – taken 30 very plus years ago when we were seniors at THE SAME High School! We have reconnected through our blogs. I figured out who she was by the review of her latest book that was in the Sisters Nugget. My goodness but what a small world these blogs make! I am so impressed that she is a Master Knitter – I would never remotely have thought that knitting would be an interest of hers back in high school. Oh how we change. Am hoping we can connect in person one of these days. This whole process is so astounding to me – the blogs and the community it has created. I am so honored to be a part of it.

On the knitterly front – have been working on gift socks – frogged them when I got to the toe, all the way back before the heel – just didn’t like the shape…so started again. I’ll post a picture soon – the yarn is yummy.

I joined the Lonesome Skein KAL – hope to get some good ideas for gifts from the stash. Speaking of – I never got The Traveling Stash – wonder where it died. The Soxy Lady had it last according to the blog – but she has just opened a new shop – hope it didn’t get buried in all the new stock for the store!! But once she finds it - that could potentially be really fun for the next recipient! (Me? Me? Me?)

Winter has definitely arrived on the High Desert. There was snow on Black Butte this morning and traffic snarls on Santiam Pass due to snow. Had big plans to get all the leaves picked up on Saturday – but had major equipment failure – so knit instead. Great trade – but now I have wet leaves all over! Spring will be here soon enough.

Hope everyone has a great week – am off on Friday to take M3 for the college visit then on to Portland for the rest of the weekend. But no yarn shopping for me!!! Will be helping my sister clean up the mess dad left in his house when he departed for sunny California this morning…..aren’t families fun!

Thursday, October 12, 2006

Just guess

These two lovely ladies met again after 38 years - can you guess how and who they are and what happened 38 years ago? It is indeed a very small world.

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Today is for books

I heard a really interesting story on NPR the other day – I Wish I’d Been There is a new book out. It poised the question to historians - if you could be a ‘fly on the wall’ at any event in American history – what would it be. They were asked to write a short (150 word) essay about their choice.
I also poised the question to 4 people – 2 bosses (one is an historian) and my two daughters. The men had things like Lincoln’s Gettysburg address, his second inaugural address, Pearl Harbor, the battle for Trenton, Signing of the Declaration of Independence, D-day, Lewis and Clark. Molly choose The March on Washington and Martin Luther Kings speech. Marianne choose the first flight of the space shuttle but wondered why no one choose some ‘social’ issue. I choose Lewis and Clark – either the journey across the prairies, the meeting with the Shoshone or the trip down the Columbia. The girls and I also wondered why the men choose battles. One boss said because they involved moments of great leadership – “follow me and die for me”
The book editor tried to anticipate the event with the most votes. They were totally wrong. The event with the most votes was Lewis and Clark! And by far! I find that fascinating – not only because it was my choice but they said this survey was done before the current 200 year anniversary celebration of the journey and before the book Undaunted Courage. I do think it was a pivotal event in more ways than one – but am just surprised that so many historians would have liked to have been there. I’m going to have to read the essays now to learn more.

I also just finished reading Water for Elephants by Sara Greun. What a great story! A real peek into life with a traveling circus during The Depression. Beautifully written, funny, poignant, entertaining. The ending is so wonderful and just perfect. A great read.

Back to knitting next time!

Monday, October 02, 2006

It's over

Fall is here - after a glorious weekend. Pleasant days and cool nights. Yard work during the day and knit at night. What more could I ask for (lots).
This little friend joined me for the lawn clean up..... I think it's a female Ruby Crowned Kinglet. Was definitly not feeling well - not inclined to fly so swooshed her into a flowerbed where she could hide from Pumpkin the Terrible!

I picked the last of the Cosmos just to bring the last bit of summer inside. Plus I've got tomatos stashed all over the house rippening. Today is much cooler and cloudy...see ya next year!

On the knitting front - I did knit- but not much. I got two more Garterlac dishcloths finished - what fun they are - instant gratification as Joan says. My Christmas stash is growing. I also worked a little on my Chocolate sweater - gosh it's taking forever...but am almost done with the back. I have to concentrate on every row on the yoke - it is not mindless knitting. I think I'll do both fronts on the same needles at the same time - should go faster and for sure will match! Same with the sleeves.

Didn't join Socktoberfest - not sure I have any socks... (Yea right - I probably can't help myself) - hum I think I better go check it out.

Did you see the Grey's Anatomy KAL? What fun! I'm a huge fan so will be watching what they are up to.

Family is thriving - I am so blessed!