Sunday, June 25, 2006

I had a great time!!

I really had fun on my Trek over the meadows and through the woods. First stop was The Black Sheep Gathering.......where all these just hopped in my knitting bag. It was really fun and wish I'd had more time. But I got what I went for - STR and Sock Candy. Hand Jive was there also and I got some Plum Merino - but might use this for trade stash as I figured out when I got home that it isn't superwash - but the color is great. The Sock Candy is on the needles for flip flop socks - they had a free pattern so I thought what the heck - they'll be cool this summer.

Plus I found this wonderful Interlacements - a pretty shawl or two scarves or something. And I found some very small but pretty stitch markers. All in all it was worth the extra 70 miles to go out of my way to Eugene. The drive down the McKenzie River is one of my favorites and I had Phantom of the Opera blarring so it was a good adventure!

I think next year I may take a class or two - just a way to visit with other knitters. There where a lot of them wandering about. There is another fiber show this fall that may be fun also - but don't know how many participants there are - but another good excuse to go on a road trip!

When I got to Portland everyone was ready for dinner - so we picked up my Dad and Bev and went out for Chinese - it was wonderful. Dads first outing. I spent most of Saturday visiting with Dad - he's looking better everyday - just the usual post surgery complaints - the incision itches, he has no appetite etc....but he actually got up and rode his stationery bike for 1.2 miles he reminds me!! Saturday night my sister had friends for dinner and we sat out on the patio til late and enjoyed the evening and the wine. Left Portland this morning to avoid the heat - it is expected to be 100 there - it's about 95 here so not much difference. Am glad to be home and now I can admire my new stash....speaking of which I get to do some trading - I'm in the Sisterhood of the Traveling Stash - Oh I can't wait. I promise to add something great. What fun it has been to watch where it's gone!

I was talking to my family about this knitting blogging thing and they just don't get it!! They think I am a total weirdo (true). I just want all of you to know I have really enjoyed being part of this community! Am looking forward to sharing more adventures!!

Sunday, June 18, 2006

My only knitting accomplishment this week - something little for my little Nano - but I did teach myself how to knit small circumference with one long circular needle - a little cumbersome at first - but I figured it out.... now how to do sock gussets - more challenging I'm sure.

I've downloaded "American Pastoral" by Philip Roth and have been listening while knitting this. I'm not sure this is the best book to start with - it requires thinking! It is hard to concentrate on two things at once.

Summer seems like it has finally arrived - last week we had rain rain and more rain - with golf ball size hail thrown in - it flattened my peonies - they smelled so wonderful! Yesterday I managed to get the lawn mowed and one tomatoe planted - will get the rest today. My veggie garden is pretty sad - more weeds than veggies. With all the rain and lack of sun a lot of things didn't come up so will have to replant somethings. Luckily I never use an entire seed packet.

I have a full day to myself today - M1 daughter is at work and M2 daughter drove to Portland yesterday to stay with her cousins and see a long time favorite boy pal - just pal but an awesome kid - they met at summer camp maybe 6 years ago and have connected many times over the years. This was her first long drive alone - freeway and all - spent three hours worrying about her but she made it fine. First steps are scary for moms!

My Dad seems to being fine - sounds much better everyday - more like himself, not so confused. What a relief. I'm going to Portland next weekend to be the designated visitor. Looking forward to spending time with him.

Happy Father's Day to all the great dads out there - I'm lucky - I've got the greatest!!

My buddies from Wyoming (who I made the mittens for) were here overnight on Friday - a too short visit but I sure love seeing them. They are planning to move back to Oregon sometime next year - it will be nice to have them around.

There is an article in this months Sunset magazine about Wyoming & Montana - reading it made me cry - we're not going on that adventure this year - no vacations planned. The kids and I both are just working too much - we need to unfortunately. But I hope to go in October for a wedding - but it won't be the same without the kids. See my previous post about the impact these trips have had on my family. There just aren't words to express what a huge event these trips were for us.

Well I'm off the figure out how to attach an I-Cord strap to my Nano cover - I think I've got directions for something like that somewhere. Hope everyone has a great week.

Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Happy Birthday!

How cool is this - today is my Birthday - and it's The Yarn Harlots, and it's Sheryl's and it was my mom's and her mom's and it is Flag Day!!! Sheryl - my mom and I thought it was great that they designated Flag Day as our birthday too! The streets of Redmond are lined with Flags today - wish I'd had my camera because it is quite a site. They are about every 15 feet - hundreds of them and they are big ones - not the little guys but full size!

Happy Birthday to all of us!!!

Tonight after book club - at my house - I will be downloading an Audible book to go with the Nano two of my wonderful kids gave me and starting my socks that my other wonderful kid gave me - reading and knitting - The Best Birthday Ever!!!

And my Dad is coming home from the Hospital today!!! Wow - you go Dad!!

Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Book Club

I need an idea for a Book Club Book - it needs to be available on Audible also - since I just got a new Nano for my Birthday!!!! Book Club is tomorrow night so I need ideas fast. We just read The Mermaid Chair - which I loved.
Send me ideas!!
Also what Knitting Podcast should I try out - any ideas would be appreciated!!
I've got all the yarn in balls for my next sock project - will keep you posted - but have to finish Trekking first. Can't have too many things going at once!
ttfn - knit on!

Sunday, June 11, 2006

This turned out so well I had to share it - Rose from my sisters garden!!
We are home now - back in Redmond. Dad seemed better this morning but I hated to leave him-he seemed so vulnerable....not quite my big tough Dad anymore. But I'm hopeful that in a few months he will be better. I am so glad that the whole family could be there together - I'm really glad all my kids were there with us!
We did manage to make it to a few yarn shops and my daughter got me an early birthday present - more sock stuff - what else. Have always wanted this book and wanted to do socks with stranded color - so this is perfect.
Will be busy here for the next few days - catching up at work - heard my computer crashed and new hard drive is on the way - hope the backup worked!! Plus Wednesday is book club and it's at my house. We just read The Mermaid Chair - Luckily my brother had been fishing and brought home fresh Halibut!! Yum.
Hope everyone has a great week.
Knit on!

Saturday, June 10, 2006

My Dad had his surgery on Thursday - Five bypasses!! He is still in the Cardiac Recovery Unit but seems to be doing well - a little disoriented but am sure that will pass. Am very glad I am here!
Today is the Portland Rose Festival but as the weather is typical Portland we are not going to the parade - too bad because it is so much fun - next year! There might be a little yarn shopping today?
Back home tomorrow. Thank you all for your wonderful messages - they really do make a difference!

Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Going on a Trek

My socks are going to Portland with me in the morning. My Dad is having triple bypass tomorrow will have lots of waiting and knitting time. Hope I can get there before he goes to surgery - but can't leave tonight - too many other obligations. He won't miss me - but I'll miss him - no it isn't as it sounds - it's just one more person in the mix of family and friends won't matter that much. But will be there when he wakes up for sure!
If I'd planned this trip in advance it would have included Yarn Store hoping - but can't go without budgeted cash - so next time I guess.

Tuesday, June 06, 2006

My Dad (Who wears hand knitted socks by guess who) is in the hospital today - he evidently had a small Heart Attack (what's small). He is having an angiogram as this keep him in your thoughts. I am NOT ready for this!!

Sunday, June 04, 2006

Heaven Can Wait - the walk was great - both Molly and I got tears thinking that Breast Cancer has touched everyone at the race and there were over 2000 participants!! It was very moving walking with all these people dedicated to make a difference. Grannie Annie would have been proud of us!
I didn't bring my "Trek with Me" Project - I should have because I could have knit while waiting for the REI pictures to be taken. Aren't they great! All the female employees at REI participated.

It was a little blustery and rain was threatening - but we lucked out!! I made it in good spirits and enjoyed the walk - came in in the middle of the pack - not too bad for an old lady who is really out of shape!

After the Race we did the Costco run - I was so good - Mason Dixon Knitting was there and I didn't get it!! Wish I had!! Now it's relax time - have had my nap! Girls have gone to dinner with thier Dad so it's quite time for Mom - hurray!
Went out and checked the garden - I think we've had so much rain this week that everything has rotted!! No Lie - it looks pretty bad - but I'll give it a while before I start over. Luckily I still have things I haven't planted - Tomatoes, Peppers - gosh I just realized I forgot the onions too - oh well they'll still have time! We have a very short growing season here - it could freeze any day of the year and often does!
Busy week but hope to get some picture worthy progress on the Trekking socks.
Knit on!