Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Ask and you shall receive!

So The Nurse requested fingerless mitts...done. Then this afternoon she sent me a photo of some Coffee Cozies...done. Now I'm going back to my own projects.

I finally made it to a Knitting Group Night - Oh ladies it was soooo nice to see you all. Next time I'll bring a project I can actually see!

They say we're going to get another snow storm and a deep freeze - as always - bring it!! I'm prepared.

Saturday, February 19, 2011

It snowed ALL day

So I had a blazing fire, a hot adult beverage and plenty of yarn. Finished this...
I copied the pattern from Alice Starmore's book Fair Isle Knitting. I love this book. I think I'm finished with hats for a little while - we'll see.

It's still snowing so I'll work on some mitts for The Nurse - she thinks she doesn't get enough knit wear because she's not living at home anymore. Looking back, she actually has the biggest collection...deprived child...

As far as the snow goes - BRING IT!

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Be careful of what you wish for...

So this morning I commented "Bring it" on my Facebook page. And I got what I asked for. Much of it melted during the day but as you can see below I've got a broken tree - actually it's not my tree but my neighbors that broke in my yard. Hope they'll clean it up.
I had planned on getting a few chores done yesterday, but decided to knit instead. So today after work I had to slog around getting my hair cut (thanks Kimberly) then go to the store. I wasn't about to be snowed in without coffee - duh. Am home safe, it's snowing hard again and I still say bring it! Just hope I don't lose electricity as many have - the snow is very wet and heavy. Ruby Suby loves it!

Not working tomorrow so I can enjoy the wood stove (yes I brought in lots of wood) and knit away. I got another order of KnitPicks palette today, so will be working on a hat for a friend. More about that later when I actually have something to show. Do not let me purchase any more yarn - I know that KnitPicks is economical but still!

Wednesday, February 09, 2011

Hand Heaters

The Geek posted on Facebook....
"Does anyone make a hand heater for a desk or heated keyboard? Typing with cold hands is hard."

Monday, February 07, 2011

How stupid and I'm a genius!

I cast on for my Gathered Pullover sweater on Thursday...knit a bunch on Friday and wasn't to sure about it. My gauge was right on, but I didn't like how the rolled edge was going to work and it seemed really really big. Mind you I'm making the large - but this was..really large. Took it off the needles and counted stitches before I ripped it out. Funny - I'd cast on at least an extra hundred stitches. How did that happen - I used markers every 50 cast on stitches. Stupid. So I cast on again and decided to do a cable rib instead of a rolled edge. I like it much better.

During the Super Bowl I made The Nomad some new mitts. The was accomplished because on Saturday I cleaned out my yarn baskets. Took all the miscellaneous won't use again stuff to the Good Will. (Saved all the sock yarn ends for a blanket someday). In the process of course I found some usable remnants...Mitts seemed the perfect thing. So knitting was my friend again!

Sunday was not a computer day - for some unknown reason my router stopped. Computer would connect to router, but wireless wouldn't connect to internet. I could connect via cable to router and to modem, but not wirelessly. So today I spent an hour on the phone with a very nice girl who didn't speak English and knew less than I did. Eventually I updated the driver for my wireless adapter, reset the router, reinstalled it and what do you know - it assigned us the network name of BigMoose (very appropriate in my house) and now it works just fine!! Whew! I love computers.

Saturday, February 05, 2011

He Likes It!!

That's what I hear anyway! The Geek's hat spells part of his name in Binary numbers! Fun!

Have started the Gathered Pullover, but am not sure of the yarn choice. Plymouth Alpaca...looked on Ravelry and couldn't find many sweaters made from this. But it was in my stash from another sweater that didn't work out. So we'll see!

Will spend this weekend packing and organizing The Nomad - next weekend she'll be moving. Sad but good! I also plan on reorganizing my stash better. It's just all thrown into various baskets and draws. That will be fun to see what I really have.

I ordered a little more Palette for some more hats - they are quick and fun.

Hope all is well.