Saturday, October 26, 2013

Rotten Apples

Sometimes life just tries and tries to get you....

Decided to sell car to generate savings for house payments - working part-time just doesn’t get it. 

I sold my Ruby Suby - $500 less than what I expected.

Bought a new used car - advertised as having 115,000 miles, told by seller it had 115,000 miles - told to me, my daughter and a friend who called him about car initially. Unfortunately he took the Craigs list off as soon as I paid cash for it! (Shift indicator and odometer light was out). Purchased car after much assurances by seller that all was good, he had all records from day one, his mechanic checked it out recently - all was well. Took car to dealer to get display for shift indicator and odometer fixed - cost a fortune as they had to replace the entire components for the dashboard display - found out car actually had 215,000 miles!! Car also had numerous other expensive problems. Am taking seller to small claims court for lying about mileage (his receipts for work he had done, actually say mileage was 214,500 miles - so he knew the actual mileage. Plus he had a Kelly Blue Book print out on the car - noting 200,000 miles - which he printed about the time he bought it.  Need things repaired that are related to excessive mileage. 

Computer died - really died. 

Tried to fix drain in bathroom sink - pipe disintegrated in my hand. 

Purchased a cord of wood - split. Only split in half - huge pieces still too big for me to split - hate getting older.

One of my jobs is not working out - no job, good pay - but doesn’t matter if there is nothing to do!

But sometimes things eventually work out....

Love car. My mechanic has fixed a few things at much savings over dealer quote! Says that car has been taken care of - but high miles means it will nickel and dime me, but we can handle it!

Bought new computer - MacBook Air - love it although takes a little getting used to as I’ve always had a PC. Nice to have everything synced - phone, computer.

Drain not fixed...will call plumber next week.

Wood - maybe ex-husband and the Geek will come split for me - wishful thinking? 

My other job has more hours available - anything I can get helps!

The Nomad is house sitting - home alone for me - what a change! Am working on Christmas knitting and enjoying the quiet and lack of mess! I’m sure the novelty will wear off in a few days. 

Weather is fantastic - beautiful, warm days. Snow is in forecast for Monday so will get out today and finish the fall clean up. 

Both Beavers and Ducks play tonight - so knitting and football. Never was a football fan before - but great to see Oregon teams rock! Good excuse to knit (as if I ever needed one)!

Life is good!

Edited to add:
Bad thing - Printer scanner/copy function no longer works - something else to either fix or buy new.

Very Best Good Thing - Now I am completely cancer free and as important to me - drug free. No more Tomoxifen (yea it worked!!!) and no more Effexor (The MOST Evil Drug ever invented!!)

Gracie is happy no matter what happens!