Saturday, April 18, 2015

OMG I'm going to be a Mother-in-law

The Nurse and her Captain are getting married! I am so very ecstatic for them! I've expected this for some time of course, but in all reality how I feel about it is a huge surprise. The Nurse lives far away and I haven't hugged her for over a year. I haven't met The Captain - only heard wonderful things. All I know is hearsay - I haven't seen the twinkle in her eyes or the loving body language. I totally approve because I believe explicitly in her best judgement - she has always done the right thing, just wish I could see them together and share the joy a little more. The Captain is being deployed (safe duty thank heavens) in June so this is the practical time. There will be no big wedding, fancy gown, bridal showers, rehearsal dinners or family around - but instead a special long weekend for just the two of them and the county Judge! So next year we will have a big party to celebrate The Captains safe homecoming and a happy wedding.

In the meantime - the family here will all gather on the Big Day and have our own celebration to honor the Bride and Groom! I'll be reflecting that my youngest child is beginning something new, something I totally wish for her, but makes me a little sad at the same time - an emotion I didn't expect! Of course you want your children to find a loving partner and have a family of their own if that is to be, but when it happens something changes in your own life as well. Wish I could talk to my own Mom right now. Did she feel this way?  Life is wonderful, but sometimes we are unprepared for what the joy of it brings you!

Thursday, April 02, 2015

What part of ONLY TWO don't you understand!

I made a resolution this year to only have two knitting projects going at once. This is how this works out so far.

I have socks for Tuesday night Twisted Stitchers.....

And Pendleton for home.....

Then I must have this completed ASAP....(Gracie thinks its for her)

And now a Anders for a new Grandchild for a dear friend .....

Obviously the socks and Pendleton are back in the basket. Bummer - this isn't working for me.