Saturday, January 16, 2010

Opps I did it again

I strayed from the pledge not to start anything new...instead I took a break from the sweater and clipped these out....Another pair of Serpentine Mitts.
These are such a fast knit. Might have to do a pair for me.

Went to the Bookstore last night - had no intention of buying anything - went with REI Girl. But this just jumped into my arms....Alice Starmore's Book of Fair Isle Knitting....Oh it's beautiful. AFTER the sweater and AFTER the shawl - then a Fair Isle Project.

Maybe something like this....
This is from this site Beautiful things - but in Swedish. I just like the colorway of may use the new book to design my own!

I also started a quick hat for REI girl out of the left over Noro from my bag - it matches her jacket perfectly so I just had to do it...duh.

I have an empty house today so will knit and stay warm by the fire!!

Thursday, January 07, 2010

inquiring minds

Anonymous wants to know what the bag shrunk to....

It started out at 35 inches across and now is a third? Just right.

Haven't even had a chance to call the leather strap guy yet...eventually. Have been working on the Shawl Collar Lacy Rib sweater - finding errors in the pattern but figuring them out. Almost finished with the first sleeve. I might actually get to wear this this year!

College Girl (AKA The Nurse) has brought home the new BF - I think I'm going to have to find a blogging name for him as he fits right in the family!! A Hugger to boot! Oh gosh the kids are growing up on me...

REI Girl is having a thriving is looking pretty good for her these days. Moving out was a good thing. Her new house is just perfect and she is totally enjoying her independence.

Don't ask about the Geek - he has his own life - boys - what are you going to do!

I'm thinking of my frigid friends in the east - sorry it's so cold. But now you really get to put all your efforts to good use!! We've had freezing fog/rain - which I really hate because it's dangerous and dreary - especially for sunny Central Oregon. The sun will return!!