Monday, February 26, 2007

AA Knitting

I've got to get more of this yarn - I think it's STR Fairgrounds - but it is so so cute - it would make the best baby sweater! It's from the Traveling Stash. I'm making short socks for M2 now and am sure there will be enough left over for me too. Watching the Academy Awards was fun - I've got to see The Queen!

Thanks for all the painting ideas. Ann - I've used that technique before and it works. In this case the green doesn't work - so am looking at carmel or muted gold or I don't know. It'll take me weeks to figure it out - and lots of test spots. The other main room in the house is a Golden Ecru - which I love - but want to be a little brighter in here. Then of course there is the hall - and it's 6 doors - Oh I dread the doors! When I moved in here 12 years ago we painted almost everything - but not the doors in the hallway - so there's no escaping it this time. I have two more bedrooms to paint too - The joys of homeownership!!

Sunday, February 25, 2007


These are the remix of my folk socks - added another pattern before the toe - to make them longer and then redid the first sock to match - so now I have new socks for me - hurray!! I think I have enough yarn left from these and some other left overs to do a fun pair of stripped socks - wild but fun.

Other remixes were completed today also - M3 daughter rearranged her room and we moved some furniture around - also made a big pile for the thrift store. Washed her canopy and curtians in my office - oh my gosh they look crisp and wonderful. Also slapped a test paint color on the window trim while the curtains were down - I was trying for a sage green - but don't like it. It's too washed out and dreary looking. I'm having trouble coming up with the correct color - will keep trying things out. The room needs a repaint - want something colorful that will still be light - there are big windows in here - I love the natural light. Maybe a carmel color? I hate picking colors!!!
Tonight is new sock night - just a pair of short socks for M2 - a good project while watching the Academy Awards.

Hope everyone has a great week - they keep saying it's going to snow here - and although we've had flashes of rain and hail for really short moments - I doubt we'll get much. Have tomorrow off so it doesn't matter!

Dream Knit Peace

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Had to share

I had to share this story - although I'm sure most of you will be in tears.
Middle daughter is part of a Sparrow Club - where they adopt a local child in need. This young man was the schools Sparrow last year. In the past few days his family was told he only will live another few weeks. His wish has always been to graduate from High School - so tonight they are holding a special graduation ceremony for him - community leaders, family, classmates - the works.
I can't imagine the agony that he and his family are going through. But what a wonderful thing the High School is doing. Knowing this community, the auditorium will be packed. My heart goes out to them all.

Monday, February 19, 2007

These pictures are a little washed out - sorry. I spent the afternoon repairing. The top sock - Cherry Tree Hill yarn now has new toes. I was just going to darn it (pun intended) but decided to re-knit both toes. Notice how crisp the new stitches are and how fuzzy the rest of the foot is? The bottom sock my newest -STR - only washed a few times and it is fuzzy too. (No repair on this one) They both lost their stitch definition - the dryer I think is the culprit....any ideas? The color seems to lose it's brilliance too. I think we're going to skip the dryer from now on.

Also fixed heel blow out on two other pairs - so now I have a drawer full of socks again. So far my Trekking XXL has held up the best - no fuz, no holes. Also my very first wearable socks - Opal - are in great shape and they are at least 4 years old. No fuzz there either.

I'd be interested to hear from all of you what your experience has been with durability...let me know.

Beautiful evening here - the last for awhile I'm afraid - we're going to get the big snow this week I hear - we'll see.

Friday, February 16, 2007

Life has been pretty boring and ordinary around here the last two weeks. Last weekend I planned all this cleaning - but then put it off because I expected to work - but didn't - so knit on this instead. From Folk Socks. Molly gave me this last summer and finally I had some concentrated time. I wanted to do some stranded color work before tackling a big sweater. The knitting was fine - although I did add the cuff - they would have been way too short otherwise....wish I had added another series of something to the foot - they are a little short for me. When I am finished with the second sock we'll see what colors I have left and maybe I'll take out the first one. I'm not thrilled with the heel - afterthought - I think it's a little messy. Had to cinch up the corner holes when I wove in all those ends. I practiced hiding the jog - need more practice (I didn't show you that side) but it will work for socks. I find Nanette's blog so helpful and inspiring.
This has been an interesting week - eldest daughter decided to withdraw from college - just feels it is too stressful and she panics and in turn doesn't get her work done. I feel bad because I doubt she'll go back. A lost investment. She plans to work hard this spring and possibly move to Colorado this summer. She has a friend there and there is plenty of employment opportunities. It is time for mom to let her be herself I guess - I tend to enable her I think - I'm always sending her a few dollars more. That's the deal - in school I'll help all I can -otherwise don't expect it - she is doing really well and definitely has been very happy the last 4 months or so - I have been so excited for her. It has been like having a new daughter. So hopefully this will be a good path for her.
Spent all day yesterday shampooing the carpets - it was back breaking and gross work - I had no idea they were so bad. I'm going to do it again in a few months - I was still pulling out dirty water. But it sure looks better - I was amazed. Exhausted afterwards - afraid I wouldn't stay awake for Gray's Anatomy - I can't believe Meredith would really die - can't eliminate the main character can you?
The weather is predicted to be nice tomorrow - so maybe a walk is in the day - but am having a new hair day in the morning so we'll see. There will be plenty of time for knitting - oh have been working a lot on the Celtic Sweater again - really need to get it off my plate.
Hope everyone is surviving the cold east coast - we've been there done that and I'm sure we all will again.
Knit Peace

Sunday, February 04, 2007

65 and a Warm Breeze!

Alpaca - wanting to go for a walk with us Can you guess what the above is?

Sunday Sky along the Deschutes
Yes, it was 65 degrees out - a warm breeze and just beautiful - in February no less! In Central Oregon. Molly and I went for a good walk - the dog is now totally exhausted - I was a little concerned because she kept trying to go for a good swim - luckily she is pretty smart and realized the current was really swift so didn't venture very far out. I doubt she'll move much more this afternoon.
A good time was had by all - (Marianne was too exhausted from Dancing the night away!) Now that dinner dessert brownies are baking and the Super Bowl is on - its time to put in a movie and knit!
Knit Peace
(So how do I get SOME of this text to be centered and the rest to be not - I tried highlighting just the bottom part and left justifying it - but then the whole thing is that way....gurrr)

Saturday, February 03, 2007

STR and Beautiful Young Women

Oh my gosh - how fast they grow up!!

I like em!