Monday, March 31, 2008

Another Finished!

Another project leaves the basket for good! Clapotis - Interlacements Ric Rac. When did I start this - I can't remember but I've had the yarn for almost 2 it's been on the needles way to long. I don't know if I'll keep this or put it in the gift stash. I am liking it - but not sure it's really me. Time will tell.

I am really enjoying my new knitting group - I am so impressed with the projects that are flying off everyones needles. It's fun seeing new projects and techniques being learned. (Tamra thanks for sharing your goodies tonight - yum!) We are such a diverse group - and lots of beautiful creations!

This is theoretically my last week at my temp fill in job - but I am almost positive the status will be changing by the end of the week - stay tuned - but I'm about to be a happy full time employed superstar!! I've waited years for this to work out and it's about to - hurray. (Less knitting time - but maybe more yarn cash!)

I am definitely anxiously awaiting spring....In Oregon you have to have your studded tires off by April 1st - it always snows on March 31st. So like a good girl I got the tires changed on College Girls tires while she was 'vacationing' in California.....then it snowed, froze, etc. Then the state extended the deadline till next week. Luckily I didn't get my own tires changed. But College Girl had to over the pass yesterday on her old tires - in the slush and ice. I never time it right it seems. She made it back to campus fine of course. Last week was Oregon Spring break so there was lot's of 'going home' traffic. Now I've just got to find time to get my tires changed. Why is the mom always last?

They say spring is coming by the end of the week - Pumpkin will be glad - he won't have to sleep under the lamp on my desk anymore!!

Monday, March 24, 2008

A Happy Happy Easter

Whew - I'm exhausted but had a great weekend. (guess what...?) My Sister and her family were here for the holiday festivities and we had a lot of fun. We had a girls (us moms and REI Girl and my niece Hillary) day out on Saturday - a little shopping in Bend and a road trip. We went to visit an Alpaca Farm - her daughter is taking a photography class and needed some 'landscape' photo ops - then out to where I work - it was a picture perfect day. (REI Girl is going to...) I was really good - they have a beautiful Boutique on site but I didn't buy any yarn - but picked some out for next time. The baby Alpaca's are so cute!We had a great dinner on Sunday where The Geek joined us -gosh it was good to see him! We lamented the absence of the two College Girls but still had a lot of fun.

I want to mention an incredible event - REI Girl has been planning to go to Africa - but it was iffy whether she could save enough by July-August when all had to be paid for before she goes in November - but a wonderful friend from work surprised her - and BOUGHT HER TICKET!!! OMG what an incredible thing for this young man to do (just a good friend). She spent the day Friday in tears so overcome by his generosity. She couldn't even personally thank him - he's off back country skiing for 9 days! She will be paying him back of course, but still. This is a poor college student who works his butt off! Another friend has volunteered to loan her anything else she needs too! I am so honored by what these people are doing to help my daughter! A lot of people at REI are going to help with donations for the Orphanage where she will be working. And my knitting group is going to be sending socks and hats for all the kids. Needless to say all weekend we kept saying - "guess what - you're going to Africa!" This has been a dream of hers for years so she can hardly sit still now - she'll (me too!) will be a wreck by the time November rolls around!

I didn't get much knitting done - but hopefully this week will be quiet so might accomplish quite a bit. I'm not going to be traveling far - the water pump went out on my car this afternoon- good thing College Girl left her car here when she went to California for Spring Break with the Boyfriends (She still claims he's not The Boyfriend) Family!
So here's to a week when it should get warmer and more spring like - hurray!!

Saturday, March 15, 2008

I need a mom-nurse and another project complete

No I'm not sick - but College Girl is...this is a bit involved and maybe not related but - a week ago at the college dining hall she bit down and found a piece of glass in her desert. Glass shattered and she thought she got it all out. (College is accepting responsibility - no problem there) later that evening she felt a very sore spot in throat and since clinics where all closed I suggested she go to ER. I figured if it was a piece of glass stuck - she better get it out before it got infected. While there they used a fiber-optic device which they first inserted in her mouth and down her throat, then up her nostril and then the other nostril. NEVER ONCE CLEANING THE DEVICE! Not after they brought it into the exam room or between mouth and nostril - not once! Is this OK?

They never found anything. Next day she discovers ONE white spot on the side of her throat. Throat still had a sore spot that she could feel, but not where spot was. Next day she is home and I take her to our Doc - he says white spot can be normal, no fever, probably just fine.

Last night (at school) she had high fever, sweaty, goosebumps, delirious, headache, lost her dinner (Plain rice because she wasn't feeling well) etc. This morning she feels fine. But last night really scared her - she said she couldn't wake up and talk I'm a little concerned. I told her if her fever spikes again to get herself to Hospital or clinic ASAP (of course campus clinic not open on weekends) I being paranoid? I'm just a little concerned about procedure with scope at Hospital - seems a little sloppy to me. I'm sure she'll be fine but I could use a mom-nurse(my mom was a nurse which was real handy)!

I have been knitting on two color socks - trying to learn to carry both colors in one hand - since I knit continental - this is working well. The brown pair are Laila's Socks from Folk Knitting in Estonia - I'll do these again - maybe more colorful next time. But remember I'm just using stash these days so my options are currently limited!

The red and white socks are Hearty-Stripy from a Ravelry contributor. I like these too. I'm really trying to stock up the gift stash with socks....I don't want to leave anyone out when Christmas rolls around next year!

Winter is back in Central Oregon again - happens every year - just when we have to take the studded tires off our cars! Lots of snow in the mountains, but hopefully roads will be clear by next week when College girl comes home for spring break.

Have been very productive today - GOT TAXES FILED - WaaHooooo! Refund is on it's way and not a moment to soon - my water heater is on it's last legs - one short shower is all it will produce! I think I'm tired of being a homeowner! Seriously - if it weren't for the market I'd sell and downsize. Wishful thinking I'm afraid.

Hope everyone has a wonderful week - looking forward to seeing all my new friends at Knitting Meet-up!

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Saturday, March 08, 2008


Just a quick post.....College Girl is home for the weekend. We are having a nice visit - it's fun having a kid around.
Have been working on these the yarn....the pattern has YO's and I keep forgetting them, so this is definitely a think about pattern. It's in Raverly under Synesthesia Socks. These will go in the gift stash.
The yarn is Some Assembly Required - Not so Light in the Kiwi colorway.

This is the Belle Starr hat I did awhile back and forgot to post about...wish I'd done one more pattern repeat, it's a little short. To the Gift Stash it goes.

Need to find a mindless project for Knit night - but need to finish something first. Can't have too many WIP!!!
Happy Weekend!

Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Knitting Group

I went to a new Knitting Group tonight and had a blast....not only because of the knitting but I also met up with an old friend - all because of Raverly - where I checked out other knitters from my area and then stumbled on the knitting group that had just formed. Then I commented on a sweater I liked that was in a Raverly users project list - she replied and it turns out I used to work with her years ago....and she was at the group tonight. Knitting does stitch us together!!
The group is a great mix of young and old, experienced and learning knitters. We enjoyed a glass of wine and shared our projects. Wow I was very impressed. Beautiful and creative - very inspiring. I wore my Forest Canopy Shawl and got lots of compliments. I got to see the latest sock and yarn from the STR sock club - oh my gosh it is beautiful. Don't know the color name - but it's a must have if they every make it available. There were lots of really cute baby sweaters, a spectacular shawl, cute hats, wonderful scarves and really nice ladies!
All in all I had a great time and can't wait to go next week.

Sunday, March 02, 2008

Join - be careful not to twist....

OK - what has 90,000 registered users, of which 49,000 have been logged on in the last 7 days and over 6000 on a waiting list........Ravelry....duh. OK I joined. Oh my gosh I had no idea it was so addictive. I spent the better part of yesterday just fooling around. I found tons of stuff I want to knit, met some new friends, found a local Knitting Group, admired lots of creative projects....on and on. Kudos to the creators - it's amazing!

In the process of trying to update this blog (add the Ravelry button) I discovered the new template stuff - which I didn't do because I didn't want to lose what I have - has anyone updated Blogger to the latest version - what will I lose? What about all my photos in my posts and all my buttons etc....

Also how come my Flickr badge doesn't have my latest photos.....only has the ones I uploaded when I added the badge to my blog sidebar.

I need a geek (I have one who is too tech to help his poor tech challenged mom!)

I hope to actually do some knitting today - but it's beautiful outside and hopefully I can tear myself away from the computer to get out there! But I've got a few things to look up first!