Thursday, November 29, 2007


I haven't knit a stitch in days! But today is it - back to the routine. Have been working very long days - up to midnight the last few days! But am now finished...for a few days anyway. But I have had a wonderful assistant...

And the atmosphere is inviting....I've had Christmas music on the iPod - scared the dog when I started singing outloud! An enjoyable time!

In the midst of all that I've been car shopping for daughter....of course she is tied up at work and can't do it. She hit a deer last week and the insurance company totalled her car - but we found a better replacement which we pick up tomorrow. She is 'stoked' as she says! I'm totally jealous - it's a red 4-Runner - I used to have one before the kids got to big for the back seat and we had to up-size. Then when they started moving out I down sized again. But I love my car, but hers is awfully pretty!

I obviously haven't been knitting much - although I did start a fun dishcloth - will finish this afternoon. Then back to the same old wips - But I think once I finish Norgi I'm going to start a vest for me - I've always wanted one and this is a good time. It will be fast I hope. Oh I forgot - I started a hat for a Christmas gift - more on that later. We had snow last night - yea! But of course it's almost gone now, but they say more is on the way. I love it - it could snow all winter and I'd be happy!

So here's to snowflakes and knitting time!

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Happy Thanksgiving

Just a quick note to wish everyone Happy Turkey Day! I'm so thankful for all my knitting projects and my knitting friends - because of you I've kept my sanity! All is well!
Although I am looking forward to Thanksgiving with family - there will be no time for knitting - leaving home at zero dark thirty to head over the hills to sisters house and back again on Friday! Quick trip - am not looking forward to the drive - we have had freezing fog all day today and I understand tomorrow will be more of the same...but it shouldn't last over the pass - thank goodness! But I'll have two great companions for the drive - the big kids. College girl is already at my sisters and we will all be together for the day - hurray!
Hope you and yours have the best!

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Finally - Blogger let me upload my photos!! Hurray - this is the Autumn Forest Canopy Shawl. And this is my WW socks. STR medium weight Metamorphic - this is a super fast knit - I'm loving it. Did this in one evening, a definite record for me.

Had a wonderful day - at home working. Had a nice fire glowing in the fireplace, music on my computer and worked away. Got a ton done and then late this afternoon was ready to sit down and work on Norgi - then a call to come into the office, so off I went! Worked there for a few hours and now ready to sit, knit and watch the tube!

Sister and family are coming for the weekend so tomorrow will be prep day and maybe a little knitting - hope so!

Enjoy the weekend - the last one before the frenzy begins! Ho Ho Ho (or as my Mom used to say Oh Oh Oh!)

Monday, November 12, 2007

Another one down!

Yea! I finished the Autumn Forest Canopy Shawl – I love knitting this pattern. It is so satisfying to watch it grow. I’m not sure what I’ll do with this – depends on whose name I draw for the family Christmas! Maybe mine! (Sorry - Blogger will not let me post the photo.)
Since I finished this – it means I can start something else…which of course I did. STR socks for a traveling project – not going anywhere – just needed something to carry in my bag. Perfect for Weight Watchers – I finally passed the 10 pound mark – went up again and then back down. This is frustrating – but the best part was I bought a pair of pants yesterday that fit perfect and they are a size that I haven’t worn for 20 years or more!! How cool is that. I have to admit that this brand runs big – but still it was an accomplishment.
Spent the weekend with the kids….College girl home with a friend and we joined the others for a nice Saturday lunch before shopping! Spent yesterday afternoon helping son move and buy new items for his house. We have a great used furniture store here where I found a perfect hall table that he loved…yea Mom. Also got lots of good Christmas ideas! Middle daughter came home with me and we had a girls TV night. She is dealing with continued medical/emotional issues so not being alone was important.
Today we are in the middle of the big wind – it’s not so bad here other than an occasional gust – but I understand that other parts of Oregon have lost power – even short circuited the Tsunami warning over at the coast – how scary would that be!
I expect a busy week – so there won’t be much knitting – oh yes – I ripped the Norgi sweater yoke out again – just didn’t like it. This time I am NOT weaving in….it just pulled no matter what I did. The only thing I’m concerned about are the long floats - 10-12 stitches sometimes - getting caught in baby fingers. I’m not sure how much the Baby Ull will felt to itself since it is machine washable. We’ll just have to see. I definitely can’t rip it out again – there isn’t enough time.
Hope all is well with everyone – I’ve been watching all your Christmas knit progress – I am so glad I didn’t go there. Next year I’m starting in June – remind me!!

Sunday, November 04, 2007

Musical Beds – they’ve been moving around here a lot!

Last spring I bought a used queen bed for the guest room and put the two twin beds into one daughters old room. Then I painted the guest room and fell in love with the color. Since this room is at the front of the house – I decided to move into it to help consolidate the living area since I’d be the only one here most of the time. Daughter decided to move home again – with her own bed – so took my old full size bed and donated it to a deserving young man who needed it. Twins went into my old room, Molly’s bed into her old room and I tried out the used queen. Hated it – very uncomfortable. Sold used queen for same price I bought it for – no loss. So bought a new good bed for me – I deserved it! Pillow top – comfy to lie on – but way too soft for sleeping. Luckily it had a 100 night guarantee. In the mean time Molly moved out – taking her bed, leaving an empty room again. Got my bed exchanged – so far so good. Now again I’m having to find a good bargain on a used bed. I need some extra beds for family gatherings and since they will all be here for Christmas – I decided this was cheaper than two nights in a hotel – well almost! By the time I get all the extra stuff for another queen size bed – mattress cover, skirt, sheets, blanket….omg what did I get myself into! But at least everyone will have a bed – I’ll be on the futon – but it works!
Good thing as College Girl is bringing 3 friends home next weekend – two of them guys – good thing I kept the twin beds! Local High School football is headed for the State Championships and her boyfriend is playing – and her friends from college are interested in a home cooked meal – that I can do!! It will be fun to have some activity around here that not work related! I have been busy working and getting lots of compliments on the presentations I’ve created. Yea me! Went out to the site last week – they are starting the roads – it was a shock to see how big the property looked now that you can see where the lots will be going. It was a beautiful fall day and wonderful to be outside.
I have had a lot of knitting time too – I ripped out lots of the Baby Norgi – I didn’t like the tension carrying the yarn – looks much better now. I’ve decided that I am NOT NOT NOT going to start anything else until I have at least two of my projects (Celtic Cardigan, Forest Canopy Shawl, Baby Norgi, Clapotis) finished. I realized that I have not been very productive this year (even though I consider myself a process knitter). I think I get so distracted by all these projects sitting around that I don’t finish things and then I don’t have them to enjoy – so I’m done! I am also not knitting any Christmas gifts – I just started thinking about it too late this year. Naturally I found a few things I’d like to do in the latest Interweave Knits – a sweater for College Girl, a felted bag for me (I’ve got to do this!), a vest for Molly….plus I’ve got way too much sock yarn stash of course.
Please remind me of this when I write about my next project – My eyes are bigger than my needles it seems!