Friday, July 27, 2007

I HAVE been busy - not really productive but have been enjoying life. Molly and I decided to read all the Harry Potter books - neither of us had before and now we are into a marathon. I've finished the first three and am now into Goblet of I get it - they really are a delight to read. Sunday we're going to have a movie marathon and get caught up!

I also have been knitting occassionally - Notice the color on this side...

And now the color on this side....

Please ignore the Sock holder - it's only a prop - it's too hot out for wine - now Mojotos are a different matter! Back to the sock - I'm doubting I'll have enough yarn to do this - so am going to contact the manufacturer and see if I can get another skein - but as it's hand dyed I doubt it. As you remember I've tried many different combos trying to figure out how to use this. I actually even tried to start a toe up - but didn't have the concentration to be successful at something new. Another option would be to do only three repeats around of the pattern - but at 16 stitches that's quite a lot! OMG I'm doomed with this yarn! I could do different cuff and toe maybe - I'm sure I've got something that will match in the stash or left overs. The trials and tribulations we go through.

The next few weeks will be too busy to knit or read much - am working full plus time (Yea - an income!) and getting Marianne ready for school. She got her roommate assignment and so now is finally excited. Today we started - you may know the drill - bathrobe, sheets, blankets, bookcase, storage, micro, etc., etc., etc! I think we may have put it off to too late - trying to find a duvet cover that she likes is a challenge. But I've been browsing e-bay tonight and there are more choices there than in our area. It was fun and we'll go out again tomorrow and tackle more of the list.. slippers, shower caddy, school supplies, first aid kit, laundry soap....good thing I'm working.

Hope everyone is staying cool - been hot here. My garden is producing. Picked tomatoes, lettuce, cucs and zucchini last night. Yum. The raspberries are being eaten on the vine - we have to share with the birds!

Knit Peace

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

See previous post comments first...

Good ideas - but you can't felt superwash! I was thinking of a baby hat, but I'm selfish - I like this yarn too much to use in on someone else - It's for me!! But thanks for the great ideas!!
Knit Peace

Well Shucks!

When I was at Black Sheep Gathering last month I got this great yarn - (Duh isn't almost all yarn Great?) from Capistrano Fiber Arts Studio and I had this great pattern - Diamond Patch Socks from Heartland Knits.

This is the result - pretty - but it's not going to work! I thought my gauge was right on - but put them all together and it's way too big. Now I've cut up the yarn into all these short lengths and hate the thought of weaving them all in on another project....but the yarn is too pretty!

It's raining today - Yea I don't have to water and can sit inside and contemplate a new project!

Sunday, July 15, 2007

The View from the Patio

The new bird bath - how long before they see it? I suppose it doesn't help that someone is occassionally lurking near by!

The best part - picked while listening to the Quail family - (Dan and Marilyn as they're known in the neighborhood). Now ready for a little vanilla ice cream and chocolate sauce. This is heaven.
Yea it's cooler tonight and guess what - my bike actually still works. A half hour ride this evening - more tomorrow!!

Saturday, July 14, 2007

Too Hot to Knit

Really – up in the high 90’s during the day and still 75 at 11:00 pm – so too hot to sleep too. It’s also too hot to do anything outside but water the garden at least twice a day! (and dead heading the hanging baskets! Every year I say - No More Petunias!!! But see I've got them again!)

I have AC – but hate being inside all the time! With all this time off you’d think I’d be riding my bike or walking or something – but it’s too hot and I’m tired of it. We have spent a lot of time out in the shade on the patio – now the outdoor living room – where I’ve been reading but not knitting. I’ve read Two Cups of Tea that I mentioned in a previous post, Visible Bones – short interesting Natural History essays about the Columbia River country, Heart of the Beast – about a ranching family in eastern Oregon and now am now into Prairie – fictionalized story about the life of C.B. Irwin during the turn of the century in Wyoming.

I’ve tried knitting – did finish my sockapalooza socks – plain Jane with cable cuffs. I also tried the Montego Bay Scarf from this season’s issue of Interweave Knits. I was using the Blue Moon Seduction that I got awhile back – even ordered another skein to do the fringe. I’m not a yo person – I miss them and then of course the pattern sequence is messed up – so rip. After 5 tries – and I think I’d like to try lace? I don’t think so! Now what am I going to do with 880 yards of Footze foo! I will probably try again because I like this scarf!
Then while browsing around I found this great sweater pattern – Salt Peanuts – but they don’t make the yarn anymore and I think I’d like it in lighter weight yarn anyway – so may spend some time figuring that out. I like sweaters that have more drape – any suggestions for great draping yarn?

So life around here has been pretty boring. The girls are never home at the same time so we can’t plan any family activities either – I know I’m really complaining today – that’s what boredom does to you. I can’t wait to go back to work – August 1st for at least a full two weeks to fill in while the boss’s other assistant is on vacation and then hopefully the new project will have gotten approval and we will be on the way – yea!
Hope everyone is staying cool.

Thursday, July 05, 2007

Monkey See

Monkey Face - Smith Rocks State Park. Can you see him? Middle daughter has a friend who lives adjacent to the park and can't identify Monkey Face - so while at work today (my office is a stones throw across the Crooked River) so that he could find it next your eyes!

While at the library today doing some historical research - I checked out the knitting book selection - just in case there was something I needed to look at. I found AlterKNITS by Leigh Radford and Sally Melville's Book 3:Color. Since it is so so hot here (103 this afternoon) I decided that browsing for new ideas was a great idea. Fun books and lots of inspiration. I'm going to copy "Cardigans for Clark and Lily" for future knitting - it's just too cute!

I've been getting up very early these days (my bedroom faces west - so by the middle of the night the heat has seeped in the walls and it's just too hot and I don't sleep well) and have been working on two pairs of socks....I've got one of each finished and have half of the others complete. I'm getting tired of socks and it's just too hot to work on my cardigan (yes I will finish it). There is a great scarf pattern - Montego Bay Scarf in the new Interweave that came last week. I've got some Blue Moon Seduction in the Footzey Foo colorway that will be perfect. But I don't have enough - so ordered another skein to use for the fringe - I should have plenty to make it really long that way. When I buy yarn that I don't have a particular project for, I've got to remember to buy more quantity - my stash has so many singles, enough for socks but nothing much bigger. The log cabin afghan comes to mind....

Spent a very uneventful - but not quiet - 4th of July. The girls were all doing their own things (Oh yea - Molly is moved home and I've lost my parking space in the garage) - and I was home babysitting the there anti-anxiety meds for dogs - next year.

Hope everyone enjoyed the holiday!

Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Three Cups of Tea

There are not adequate words to describe the story I have just finished reading (hence no recent knitting to show). Please read Three Cups of Tea by Greg Mortenson and David Oliver Relin. It is the most remarkable story of one man's successful efforts to establish schools (particularly for girls) in Afganistan and Pakistan - "One man's mission to promote school at a time" This story takes place in the years leading up to and following 9/11. It will bring tears to your heart. It is an adventure, a romance and an inspiration - all a true story of the power of one. Visit the Central Asia Institute for more information about the mission.
Knit Peace