Thursday, January 26, 2006

Socks and Molly

Mountain Colors socks finished! Hurray! I love this yarn - it is great to knit with and comfortable to wear - I've got them on!

Yesterday was not a good day. My beautiful daughter Molly is bipolar and this is a very difficult time of the year. She has had two suicide attempts - last January and the previous Feburary. Just like clock work she has been in anxiety mode the last few weeks and yesterday was the most difficult. Luckily she called both me and her therapist and we spent the afternoon together coming up with a strategy to get her through the next few days until she gets her meds adjusted.

This is such a journey - she is such a beautiful young woman - so full of promise and so full of constant battles. She feels particularly isolated right now because her friends are all away at college and she is here at home. School and work although overwhelming to her at times, does keep her busy and occupied and distracted. But when she does get in this place she can't concentrate or stick to any task for very long - hence she has trouble keeping up with what she needs to do - it's a viscious cycle.

Every year I think it is getting better - but the risks also get bigger because she is more adept at fooling us into believing she is feeling fine. Crisis mode often takes us by surprise. Fortunately she does have a good therapist and hopefully will committ to getting long term help - instead of just when she is in this mode. We've been down this road enough now that I think she understands that therapy isn't just for when its bad - but also when she is feeling fine so she can learn to control the bad times.

While we were waiting for our appointment yesterday I went for a little therapy at the LYS - and got washable wool to replace the Happy Trails and got Molly some yarn to start a hat - that's our plan for the evening - she has knitted a scarf before - so a hat will be a good next project. Also instant gratification because it's bulky yarn - I'll post a picture when she's finished.

Thank you all for listening - it feels good just to write it down sometimes.

Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Happy Trails

One of my favorite sayings...... but as you can see - Not Machine Washable - what to do? I need a machine washable sock yarn that isn't sock weight - more sport weight - want heavier socks and my EX will always put them in the machine to wash - so this probably won't work.

Has anyone machine washed Wooly West Happy Trails? What were the results?
Does anyone have any other suggestions for a heavier weight sock yarn that is machine washable?

I need help!! Luckily I have other projects to keep me busy (as if I'm not busy enough) - finish the scarf for the Birthday in February, finish MY Mountain Colors socks - tonight I think and prepare for the all the normal stuff - work full time, clean the house, do the laundry, support the kids etc., etc., etc., etc.
Night all!!
Knit on

Morgans Birthday

Aren't they GREAT! M1 Son's Birthday dinner - They grow up sooo fast - it seems just yesterday - I know we all say that, but isn't it amazing. Had a nice evening with lively dinner discussions - especially about the reports about Fox News - interesting to hear what the kids had to say about the media.

On the knitting front - I made it to Sockapalooza - I'm going to have to edit this later with the correct links - my computer isn't doing the right later...
OK - it's later and I got the link to work correctly - I'm so new at this, I'm not sure if it is really going to the Sockapalooza site or just the BlueBlog - I'll adjust later if necessary.

I was reading Yarn Harlots blog yesterday - what a joy - I find this knitting community to be so amazing. Thousands of knitters all over the world read her blog, read others, have thier own and are part of this. The Olympics, the Knitters without Borders, all the various KAL's the get us to know each other and share our lives - more than just our passion for knitting and creating. I really believe we are a force of wonder! Are there other blog communities that have such a huge participation? I am honored to be part of this group.

It is a beautiful day here - finally we have sunshine. Usually we have way more sun than clouds - but the last few months have been cloudy, rainy or snowy - don't mind the snow - but hate the rain. Today is glorious - the mountains in thier full splendor - I'll have to get a good picture some morning - Central Oregon is really beautiful - they are right out my work window! Lucky me!!

Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Knit Picks Yarn

Would you recommend Knit Picks Yarn? It seems soooo inexpensive. I'd appreciate some feedback - thanks all


Kal's I've Joined....

Monday, January 16, 2006

On the Needles Update

Pink Scarf with matching fingerless gloves.......I promised Pictures so here they are.....

Gloves are my pattern inspired by the stitch pattern in the Scarf.....hence I ripped out a few times to get it right.

Am going to spend some time tonight figuring out how to post other bloggers buttons on my site....Where do I store the graphic????

Knit on!

Blog Questions etc

As a relatively new blogger – I need to know how to join a KAL….seems such a good way to meet other knitters and it sounds fun. I am especially interested in a socks KAL. Next question is when I join – how do I put the button on my blog?

Comments – when I get comments how do I reply to a particular comment – in my own blog or do I go to that bloggers page and leave a comment – need to know the protocol.

I will post some pictures soon of the stuff I’m working on – more of the pink scarf and I have completed one fingerless glove to match it – worked out great.

I just got my order from Wooley West – Happy Trails sock yarn. Looking forward to starting those – just need to figure out some pattern to do – have one ball each of three different colors. Wanted a little heavier weight socks so thought I’d try this out. Great colors.

Still haven’t figured out yarn for my Celtic sweater – waiting for a color card from Black Abby. Then of course there is the Fair Isle – haven’t even looked at any patterns yet – just don’t know where to start….suggestions would be great.

We have snow again this morning – beautiful as always.

Sunday, January 08, 2006


Well I went to my LYS yesterday with the intention of purchasing yarn for three projects - two scarves and a sweater - found the yarn for both scarves. This one is for a Feburary Birthday and the other I got is for me. Both from Scarf Style.
I also picked out a pattern that I've always wanted to do - the Celtic sweater from Oat Couture. But could I find the right yarn - no.....this LYS never seems to have enough - they have tons of different yarns, but never enough of one kind. It's a beautiful store with hundreds of yarns, just not enough of one kind for an large or extra large sweater. Of course I feel uncomfortable going around writing down what I like so I can order it on-line, but what else do I do?
We do have another LYS - but I ran out of time to run by there.
So my plan to splurge my bonus on stash was not totally successful - but it was fun.
I did pick up the Denise needles - so far so good. I do wish the points were a little longer - k2tog is challenging - maybe it's just this mohair yarn - we'll see.

Woke up this morning to snow again - yea - except for daughter M2 is driving home over the pass today and there is lots of snow there. Does she have chains? Can't remember - oh well another day to spend worrying.


Thursday, January 05, 2006


Oh my gosh - I DID get a bonus from work - don't hate the job quite as much today, especially since I can spend a little of it on yarn - so much for the only stash project I've been reading about!! What to buy....
1) Denise Interchangeable needles - yes
2) Sock yarn - need suggestions for some heavier weight yarn for extra warm sturdy socks.
3) Something to do from the Scarf Style book
4) Faire Isle sweater - which one? Suggestions needed please. I did a Philosphers Wool one a few years ago and loved it.

Too many choices and not enough time to decide - I need instant gratification!!

I'll be watching for suggestions!!

Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Oh Cool – I just finished the redo of this vest for my sister and learned something new at the same time. I learned how to do the attached I-Cord edging – it looks sooo much better! It was so easy!!

The picture doesn’t do the colors of this Manos yarn justice. Plus it looks a little funny because it’s on my blocking wires – but you get the idea. I'm Knitting as fast as I can was talking about getting these wires for Christmas – they are great and make blocking much easier. Wish I knew better finishing techniques – my front pieces never seem to exactly match up and I have to struggle with blocking to make them work correctly! Unfortunately my sweaters always have that home made look.

I’d be better off sticking to socks – which always turn out great!

I got a great scarf book for Christmas ....If only my stash had something suitable – too many sock yarns – but I’ll figure something out I’m sure. There are a lot of great things in here that I can’t wait to start.

I was reading I'm Knitting as fast as I can - she has counted her FO for last year – oh my gosh – 70 something. So I went to my little journal book where I keep track of my knitting and I only came up with 13. How do you do it! There just aren’t enough hours in the day! And I’ve completely put my reading aside – The Book Club girls are getting frustrated with me for sure!

We did all get together this weekend and saw ‘Memoirs of a Geisha” – it was great – what a life and such a lost culture of such beauty. It was such an integral part of Japanese culture.

Hope everyone is having a great week. I did put my resume out there again and have had calls of support….hopefully a new job will be in the not to distant future!

My thoughts go out to The Miners Families...