Sunday, September 04, 2011

A Bit of Frost - but a lot of heat!!

OK - I apologize for being so absent...but with The Man here at last, life is much more interesting and wonderful - what can I say! We've had a great time together - road trips up to some Cascade lakes, checking out pontoon boats and kayaks, and fishing-camping spots, cooking amazing meals together, enjoying the reconfigured patio (including TV for summer baseball games). The weather has been perfect (smokey from local wildfires - one at 100,000 acres!). We've been busy combining our households and finding room for everything. Already house improvement projects have begun - things I've not been able to do are now getting accomplished.  My life is much improved, I'm being spoiled every day and I'm loving every minute of it.

The Garden is growing - despite the frosty night early this week. Luckily it didn't touch the tomatoes - I even ate one standing in the garden the other night - yum. I've had lots of the little grape ones! We've been eating out of it nightly. Beans and corn or coming on next.

I have actually been knitting a little. Doing a lot of planning for Christmas knitting - it's just around the corner and I've got a long ways to go. Trying to find projects that don't require me to think much - it's hard to count when with the knitting ladies on Monday nights...too much conversation! 
We are planning a big 10 day adventure in Montana at the end of the month... fishing and camping and two nights of luxury at Big Sky. Oh I am liking this new life!