Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Where in the World is REI Girl - while I've been shopping!

I have been doing a wee bit of yarn stashing....
This is "Rockscape" for my boss - Dream in Color Classy - Color Coco Kiss! Looks just like Rocks to me and my boss will love it. (Since I've put in a few 50 hour weeks lately - he better love it!) The pattern is Here and There Cables from Scarf Style - easy to remember!The top skien is my new fav...Araucania Ranco - superwash. I really wanted to find this in Worsted to do the above scarf - but too expensive - so settled for socks..I can definitely live with that!!
Next is some Heather Green (the color of our sagebrush) I got because I wasn't sure about the Dream in Color...I had actually started the scarf with the Dream in Color - but decided it was too wide and not drapey enough - so I got the Cascade Heather just in case. I did rip out the scarf and started again with larger needles and one less pattern repeat - I think it will be just fine. The heather was a little boring anyway. The red Debbie Bliss is for a pair of convertible cabled mittens - if I can get them finished by Christmas - along with this other stuff.
Ed. to add: I did a little book shopping too....Kristen Knits....lots of good ideas

College Girl was home for the weekend (the first time since school started!) - we had a great time shopping. We were on a mission..along with three little African Animals that we photographed in various familiar places. These little guys are on an adventure - to find REI Girl

They visited a LYS -

REI Girls work place....

And then got lost in a scandalous location! Can you see me now?

College Girl is posting these in an album on her FaceBook - along with appropriate captions - to entertain REI Girl...it surely is entertaining us!!

REI Girl is living her dream - tomorrow she does a day safari into the Ngorongoro Crater! She is learning Swahili and loving being with the children! It has been all she has hoped for!

I have been so busy at work and exhausted at night I haven't made it to Knitting Group in weeks - ladies I miss you and am going to really try to come next week. This week is Book Club and it's my book choice - so I've got to go.

I am expecting all my family here for Thanksgiving - since my sister is still NOT back in her house yet and isn't expecting to be til Mid December - hotel living is not fun anymore! I'm looking forward to having them here - although her two girls and REI Girl will not be with us.

Well I think I'm finally somewhat updated!!!
Happy fall to all!

Monday, November 03, 2008

And the Adventure begins - sort of

REI Girl's big adventure was to begin today - and it did - Sort of..
We had a great evening with the family in Portland - running around getting last minute things and helping my sister pick paint colors (they have to repaint the entire interior of their house due to the smoke damage - and they are still staying in a hotel and will be for a few more weeks!) Had a great dinner - Uncle Paul's Prime Rib - yum! My sis got me set up on Facebook so I could visit with all the girls...

This morning (after a little big sis-little sis bonding)....

(Embassy Suites does a great free breakfast)...We made a few visits to the paint store, wasted time painting test samples (not really wasted ) - but just trying to pass the time before we could leave for the airport.... Molly was pretty anxious by this point, but off she went with a skip in her step - headed for Tanzania via Amsterdam and Nairobi. I started home over the mountains - trying to beat the daylight and the predicted snow storm. I made it - but alas REI Girl did not - her flight was canceled!! After she spent two hours on the runway. But all is well - flight is rescheduled for tomorrow - two plane changes instead of three. Molly solved most of it herself (would have been a lot easier if she had kept her cell phone instead of giving it to me to bring home!) I had to make changes to the ground transportation arrange as well...hurray for the internet, e-mail and an 11 hour time difference. Molly gets to stay at my sis's home-away-from-home again! So tomorrow - the adventure begins - again - and I'll get some sleep and de-stress!