Sunday, December 28, 2008

Who says Breast Cancer can't be fun....

Since Christmas knitting was completed on time - with some custom modifications for fit...

Convertible Mitts for Marianne - left over sock yarn. Lots of fun to do. Finally figured out how to do the loop for the button - NOT I-cord - it's too thick - so we braided a piece and it works great. College Girl loved them. (I've got to brag a minute - she got an "A" in Anatomy - hard class but she really loved it - she speaks a whole new language now!)

Mittens for Kris (which hasn't been delivered yet) Again - left over yarn from something...

Worked on the scarf for the boss - but knew I wouldn't finish it in time...didn't really like it will rip and use the Smooshy for something else.

Christmas was wonderful...Treasures from Africa - this is a beaded collar that the Masai women wear - One of the Housemothers at the Orphanage made this. Molly brought beautiful treasures for everyone.
I received wonderful snuggly recovery outfits - I've got the softest PJ's - I'll be the best dressed patient at the hospital. Plus I'll have lots of comfy soft things to wear at home. I won't be able to lift my arms for a few weeks - so soft and easy dressing will be essential. My toes will be the shinniest too - thanks to an afternoon at the Spa. I plan to do this the day before - a little de-stress time for mom.

The Holiday time with my family was the greatest. We've been laughing a lot and really enjoying each others company. I wish that The Geek were closer and he could hang with us more. As everywhere - the weather made travel challenging - but we did definitely have a white Christmas - melting rapidly today.

Since the Christmas knitting was completed I've been working on these...

They are stuffed only now for picture purposes - check these Tit Bits out. This is so funny, but such a great idea I had to try it out. I think these are a little big...I know but I'm looking forward to downsizing a little. I can't wear regular prosthesis for a month or two until I heal - what's it going to be like to have no shape? My belly will be the only thing sticking out now! Nothing to balance the look. So something like this just might work. Since I've always hated wearing a bra this might be liberating!!

Only a little more than two weeks to the surgery - I'll be a new woman for the New Year. I'll be so busy at work and getting the Christmas stuff put away that the time will fly. I'm looking forward to having this behind me. The girls will be here to look after me and my sister will be coming over to keep an eye on me too.

All your comments have been wonderful. I really appreciate everyones support. It is amazing how everyone knows someone who has had Breast Cancer - notice I said "had"...we will get through this. I plan to be dancing with NED (No Evidence of Disease) soon!!

Here's to a great New Year - new beginnings - closing out the old stuff and bringing in new grand adventures. May we all prosper!!

Knit Peace

Sunday, December 14, 2008

One more thing!

REI Girl is home – Oh my gosh she had a wonderful time…I’ll only share a few of her pictures – it was fantastic, everything and more than she expected. Is making plans to go back for an extended stay later this spring or summer. I should have known!! She really loved working with the children.

I have been knitting – but can’t show yet – think the new Sundance Catalog….

Winter has FINALLY arrived in Central Oregon – all of Oregon actually. I got out of Portland just before the storm – lucky me – as the city becomes and is paralyzed by snow. It is to be bitter cold all week – hope College Girl doesn’t have problems over the pass.

I do have news to report – I have Breast Cancer – I’ve known for a few months, but couldn’t reveal because I knew that REI girl wouldn’t have gone to Africa and that I wouldn’t be able to deal with. The journey has been logistically challenging, trying to figure out what to do, when, how to pay for it….on and on. But I think I am one of the lucky ones – what was found was smaller than a grain of rice, although the biopsy did confirm it was cancer. So in January I’m remodeling and will have lots of extra space – bilateral-mastectomy. Big picture says that because of family history (Don’t know if I carry the gene) it’s best to be aggressive. So off they come – and then I won’t have to worry about it anymore, I probably won’t need Chemo (thank goodness) and won’t need Radiation either. Even though I do have insurance, it’s a huge deductible, so have opted out on reconstruction – much to the dismay of my sister who had the whole procedure about 18 months ago and is very happy with the results – she does look great. I will only be in hospital overnight and then home for a week or so – very manageable I think. Cool – a whole week of knitting!!

So it seems that one more item has been added to this family’s luck these past few months – it’s just incredible to me what challenges there have been. But I am so thankful for my family – we are one tough bunch.

Hope everyone is enjoying the Holiday season - maybe not as much as years past - but at least we're all in it together!! Cheers

Monday, December 01, 2008

life is good...Thanksgiving was great. Sister and Brother were here at my house. A little quieter than usual because three girls were missing - my sisters daughters are away at school and REI girl is still adventuring...she comments:
Life here is good. The past few days have been sad though. I can't believe that I am leaving in a week and a half. The time has gone by too quickly. I feel that if I could have stayed longer, I would make a bigger impact on these children's lives. The kids that I lived with are amazing. Each one is such a wonderful gift to this world. Their spirit, imagination and sense of adventure are indescribable. They come from such horrible beginnings, but they have started to overcome their hardships and are such beautiful children. I will miss them more then I can describe."
She will be home in 10 days! It seems like she just left yesterday!
College girl was home for Thanksgiving week - what a delight to have her around! We had lots of fun and now all is quiet on the home front for a few days anyway.
I have been knitting on those last minute Christmas gifts - really not last minute - just those things that I put off for too long. So am now scrambling to get them finished (oh yeah - and started!)
Work will be quiet this week also as the boss is traveling - some business some pleasure - whatever - it means I can get caught up on lots of things.
Hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving and is enjoying the Holiday season!!

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Where in the World is REI Girl - while I've been shopping!

I have been doing a wee bit of yarn stashing....
This is "Rockscape" for my boss - Dream in Color Classy - Color Coco Kiss! Looks just like Rocks to me and my boss will love it. (Since I've put in a few 50 hour weeks lately - he better love it!) The pattern is Here and There Cables from Scarf Style - easy to remember!The top skien is my new fav...Araucania Ranco - superwash. I really wanted to find this in Worsted to do the above scarf - but too expensive - so settled for socks..I can definitely live with that!!
Next is some Heather Green (the color of our sagebrush) I got because I wasn't sure about the Dream in Color...I had actually started the scarf with the Dream in Color - but decided it was too wide and not drapey enough - so I got the Cascade Heather just in case. I did rip out the scarf and started again with larger needles and one less pattern repeat - I think it will be just fine. The heather was a little boring anyway. The red Debbie Bliss is for a pair of convertible cabled mittens - if I can get them finished by Christmas - along with this other stuff.
Ed. to add: I did a little book shopping too....Kristen Knits....lots of good ideas

College Girl was home for the weekend (the first time since school started!) - we had a great time shopping. We were on a mission..along with three little African Animals that we photographed in various familiar places. These little guys are on an adventure - to find REI Girl

They visited a LYS -

REI Girls work place....

And then got lost in a scandalous location! Can you see me now?

College Girl is posting these in an album on her FaceBook - along with appropriate captions - to entertain REI surely is entertaining us!!

REI Girl is living her dream - tomorrow she does a day safari into the Ngorongoro Crater! She is learning Swahili and loving being with the children! It has been all she has hoped for!

I have been so busy at work and exhausted at night I haven't made it to Knitting Group in weeks - ladies I miss you and am going to really try to come next week. This week is Book Club and it's my book choice - so I've got to go.

I am expecting all my family here for Thanksgiving - since my sister is still NOT back in her house yet and isn't expecting to be til Mid December - hotel living is not fun anymore! I'm looking forward to having them here - although her two girls and REI Girl will not be with us.

Well I think I'm finally somewhat updated!!!
Happy fall to all!

Monday, November 03, 2008

And the Adventure begins - sort of

REI Girl's big adventure was to begin today - and it did - Sort of..
We had a great evening with the family in Portland - running around getting last minute things and helping my sister pick paint colors (they have to repaint the entire interior of their house due to the smoke damage - and they are still staying in a hotel and will be for a few more weeks!) Had a great dinner - Uncle Paul's Prime Rib - yum! My sis got me set up on Facebook so I could visit with all the girls...

This morning (after a little big sis-little sis bonding)....

(Embassy Suites does a great free breakfast)...We made a few visits to the paint store, wasted time painting test samples (not really wasted ) - but just trying to pass the time before we could leave for the airport.... Molly was pretty anxious by this point, but off she went with a skip in her step - headed for Tanzania via Amsterdam and Nairobi. I started home over the mountains - trying to beat the daylight and the predicted snow storm. I made it - but alas REI Girl did not - her flight was canceled!! After she spent two hours on the runway. But all is well - flight is rescheduled for tomorrow - two plane changes instead of three. Molly solved most of it herself (would have been a lot easier if she had kept her cell phone instead of giving it to me to bring home!) I had to make changes to the ground transportation arrange as well...hurray for the internet, e-mail and an 11 hour time difference. Molly gets to stay at my sis's home-away-from-home again! So tomorrow - the adventure begins - again - and I'll get some sleep and de-stress!

Sunday, October 26, 2008

I'm getting them finished!

I would have finished earlier - but with about 6 inches left to cast off - I ran out of yarn...what a drag that was. I had to rip out the border and one entire repeat of the pattern. But my third Forest Canopy Shawl is finished! Now to finished one pair of socks (only a toe to go!) and my felted bag. Then my WIP's are down to the same old Celtic Cardigan - which I think I'll rip, it's just going to be too big (Wha hoo!)
REI girl is busy packing (8 more days) and I'll be doing the fall leaves thing in the yard today - it's one of those brilliant fall days - perfect for enjoying the outside!

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Tanzania Sweater

Two more weeks and REI Girl is on her way! Asante!! (thank you in Swahili) She moved home this weekend...I only had to haul one load - now that was cool.
Sweater is finished (need to wash and block still) so now I can get on with other things - have to start the Christmas rush!!

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Shout out for Good Books

My book club meets at my house this week and I get to choose the book....I've read so many that I love this year I need help figuring out my choice - any suggestions would be appreciated. My list so far this year is on my side duplicates allowed.

Thursday, October 09, 2008

First Snow

This was Monday - first snow on the Cascades. Usually it is a wonderful sight - but this is a little early....way to a month early!!! They say it could snow here tonight!

Am headed over these mountains tomorrow for the last of the family funerals. We had to wait until Ruthie was home and tomorrow is the day. It seems like everyone was moving forward and now tomorrow will bring it all back again. It's just so incredibly sad.

To top off all the slams the world has thrown at this family (Did I mention that my Dad has Alzheimer's? and was in the hospital for a few days because he couldn't walk) - my sister had a fire in her house last night - not too bad, but everything is full of soot and we can't stay there....the entire family will be in town and we all get to stay in a nice motel courtesy of the Insurance company. But OMG this just isn't right (Although Lisa's family had to go buy new clothes since all of theirs is full of smoke).

I made a new knitting friend tonight - Hi Beverley! Can't have too many knitting friends.

My postings will be even more sporadic than usual...REI Girl is moving home and getting ready for the big must finish her sweater, only 24 more days she informed me tonight!! Mother's anxiety is beginning to set in!

Hope all is well

Saturday, September 27, 2008

Cool - I found it!!
No time to knit today - we are hosting a Pancho Sanchez concert in the Canyon tonight - it will be spectacular - so lots of work to do today.

Friday, September 26, 2008

Sweater Measurements

I've been working on my Tanzanian Sweater for REI Girl to take as a gift for the Orphanage - but am stuck....since I invented this pattern I don't have measurements to follow. I'm making the sweater for a 30 inch chest (just a random choice). So what's the length of the body tol the arm hole bind off (raglan sleeve), how long are the sleeves to the raglan attach to body section and where does the elbow start? I think I've forgotten how to do this....I need some standard measurement chart or something.
Any suggestions would be helpful. Picture next post I promise.

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Fall Fetching

Yes, I still remember how to knit - but obviously not how to count rows (there is a missing row between cable rows on one of these) - Oh well they will still keep Ruthie's hands warm while she gets out walking! Now rushing through a hat to match (where I again missed counting rows - at least they will match)! Sunday knitting, making the last of zucchini bread to send to College Girl, watching old TV movies, fall day outside - all sounds good to me!

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Christmas in September

Great news....weeks ago I mentioned that the cousins would not be home from the Hospital until close to Christmas (this is what we were told by the doctors at the time) but guess what - Ruth will be going home for good on Thursday!!! She's had a few visits home recently (even tried to mop the kitchen floor I'm told), but Thursday is the big day. Sarah is back at school part time, and Christopher is full time. Wow wow wow!
I'd better get knitting those mittens for walks!

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Fun but Disappointing

The Knitting Guild of American Show was this weekend. Due to the gas expense I almost didn't go...but had already decided that this was my present to myself instead of the Blacksheep Gathering and the Oregon Flock and off I went. I took a great class from Nancie Wiseman the guru of finishing. What I nice lady. I learned a lot of good helpful hints and am really glad I took the class.
Of course - the other part I was really looking forward to was the Market - I was sadly disappointed. Most of the vendors were local Portland Yarn stores. Blue Moon wasn't even there! I cruised through a few times and did not buy a single thing. I This was the best booth - RedFishDyeworks- incredible colors. It was fun to meet other knitters and take the class. But I heard a lot of comments that there weren't many vendors for the market.

Had a nice visit with the family at my sisters. College girl and two friends came up to hang out, do homework, swim and shop. They had a great time! My brother had been fishing on Saturday and come home with fresh crab - yum!

Today was the first of numerous fall events at the Ranch. A Native American presentation in honor of the Board and major donors of the High Desert Museum. Knitting group buddy Melissa was there (she's just started her new job at the Museum and is loving it). It was a beautiful afternoon and entertaining and fun. The dancers were terrific - the beadwork is awesome!
The next few weeks are going to be busy here as REI girl is moving home to save money for the Africa adventure. Only 6 weeks left - OMG!! She is really getting excited and anxious at the same too!!

Hope everyone is enjoying the cool evenings of fall - almost sock weather!!!

Sunday, August 31, 2008

Where did it go?

It’s over – not only in the traditional - it’s Labor Day (must be the end of summer) but weatherwise too! We actually are under a freeze warning for tonight….I haven’t even seen a red tomato on my vines yet! This is some kind of a joke I’m sure.

I took College Girl over to school last Thursday – actually she took herself…I followed behind with a second full load of “dorm essentials.” You’d think she was never coming home again! Her room is much smaller than last year’s so much of it will return to storage. But she’s there and totally happy to be back.

Me? Well last year’s novelty of having an empty (read: clean, uncluttered, no shoes to trip over, no water dripping in the bathroom, quiet, no “There’s nothing to eat” etc) home has now faded dramatically! I’m sure I’ll get over it – but it’s pretty quiet and empty around here now!

I spent a few days at the Sisters – which was good for her because she too is now facing the empty house after getting her youngest daughter settled at college. She has a DH so it’s a little easier for her. I was spoiled by tomatoes out of her garden – tasted like sweetened summer. Her DH is a great cook and naturally spoiled us!

I did get to spend some time with the cousins. Some parts were great – others not so much. Ruthie and Sarah continue to make amazing progress. Both are out of the ICU and as of Thursday we think both have had their last surgeries. Sarah may go home in a few weeks – she had her last surgery on Thursday. Ruthie will probably be transferred to a rehab facility closer to home in a month or so. Hopefully home for Christmas. Christopher is back to being a pretty normal 12 year old boy. It was great to actually see and visit with them. Once again, we are all so grateful for the amazing amount of support. Wednesday before I got there, a fund raising run was held for their benefit – my Sister said there were over 300 people there! Everyone has commented about how many lives this accident has touched. It is so tragic, yet it has really renewed everyone’s faith in others.

I did figure out what to knit – both Ruth and Sarah will be wearing compression gloves for 12-18 months – and will have trouble regulating their temperatures – so fingerless mits seem perfect. Fun and practical! I’m not sure about socks - but will keep that in mind too. For now the mits will be great.

I also spent an afternoon with my Dad – trying to get his affairs in order and make some decisions about his future care. He is fading fast – the dementia worsens every day it seems. But he has a wonderful lady friend who is willing to stick by his side for the time being. She is physically limited in her abilities – but sharp as a tack. I am so thankful she is part of his life. Her companionship has made him so happy. We should all be as lucky.

I am going back over weekend after next for the Knit and Crochet show – and take the Fine Finishing Class from Nancy Wiseman – I can’t wait. This is my vacation for the year – well worth it!

Hope you all enjoy the end of summer, now that the cold is here, there will be more knitting appropriate blogging to come!!

Thursday, August 14, 2008

We are so grateful!

First - thank you all my knitting friends for your caring concern. My family is dealing with unimaginable tragedy - but we move forward each day because of the support from our friends.

Good news - little Christopher has gone home - He is a tough kid and our hero! His mom Ruthie and little sister Sarah are doing better - but still in critical condition. Baby steps are still steps forward.

I still haven't found any yarn that is just's got to be super soft and not to fibery - longer fibers? I haven't really had much time to do some heavy searching yet either - when I take College Girl back to school in two weeks there are about 6 yarn stores on my route to Portland. I think maybe I'll call ahead....

Once again, thank you all for your support. Families aren't just composed of blood relatives - luckily many families are knitted together!

Monday, August 11, 2008

The strength of family:

This past week my family experienced a horrific tragedy. Our lives will never be the same, these children will never be forgotten, the pain will never go away. But because of the incredible strength and support of our family – the survivors will survive; will have productive and worthwhile lives. While at a family service to celebrate the lives of the little ones lost, I realized that the strength that surrounded us comes from the cement of our families; our Parents, the Aunts and Uncles, the Grandparents, our Siblings(my sister is the family rock!), our Children. We have always been close, celebrating together the joys of our lives, supporting each other in our sorrows. Although children's lives have been taken from us in the past, nothing could have prepared us for the magnitude of this tragedy. But we were all there sharing in the grief, moving toward healing, hoping for recovery and health to come. I am so honored to be part of this family – to witness the strength and courage, and be wrapped in the blanket of familial support.

Now I need your help. The my dear cousin and her children will spend many months recovering in the Burn Center and will need super soft socks and hats. I think that wool is out – too fibery…but maybe bamboo? Does anyone have experience knitting for Burn patients? I need your help.

I know it’s a cliché – but hug your kids and live each day.

Saturday, August 02, 2008

My basket is full....

I obviously have a case of can't get anything finished....There are socks there I started last spring (one finished, one in my purse-but who has time to knit while working?); my Forest Canopy Shawl (it's so close); my bag (lots, lots more to do); and the childs sweater for REI Girl's Big Adventure.....Pumpkin does care that they aren't finished. I was doing the Saturday clean up thing this morning and chanced on my yarn stash - what was I thinking - that slowed my cleaning progress down considerably as I fondled and planned of what to do next. Come on - it's summer and I've got books to read and garden to tend.

But today the garden is tended (actually the entire endeavor is kind of a joke this year), I'm re-reading a book (still wonderful), College Girl is working (I'm not for a change) - so I really have no excuse but to knit. It's been a stressful busy week - so I know as soon as I sit down in my chair to knit - it will be lights out!!

College Girl finally found a car - after two weeks, driving probably 15 cars and choosing four cars to be inspected by my wonderful mechanic - we found a perfect classic. It's 12 years old, incredibly low miles (like 8000 a year!!!) and looks almost new. Someone really took care of this. Lucky us - we were at the right place (first in line) at the right time (it had JUST been traded in).
This weekend all of my father's side of the family is getting together in Portland....I assumed I would be working, and I knew that the kids couldn't go either (the big kids are camping - cousins only) and Marianne is working, plus it's just expensive for the drive - so I decided not to go....but lucky cousin come over to Central Oregon for a short visit and Marianne and I had dinner with them last night. What a very nice family. They live in Boston but come home to Oregon for an extended visit every summer - I always look forward to seeing them - they have three totally cute boys. I learned this time that Kate is a knitter too! (Kate: have you checked out Ravelry yet? I apologize in advance - it's totally addicting - I'm "JL2KNIT" )

OK - I'm off to knit - or should I get the oil changed in the car or shampoo the carpet first.....yea right!!
Knit Peace!

Saturday, July 26, 2008

Laid Back

REI Girl and I went for a drive (I know but we needed therapy!) down to Camp Sherman and the Metolius - the water is just so spectacular at Wizard Falls. The Wildflowers were blooming, the day was cool and lovely.

Later in the week - this young lady and her sister came to visit my yard.....I live in a neighborhood for heavens sake - it's the middle of summer - you should be up in the mountains!!
At least you didn't find these little gems! Pumpkin was guarding them from our morning coffee spot (I don't know why blogger thinks this is a link - it's not.) I've started a sweater for the Tanzania project - pictures to follow soon when there is something worth showing....

Sunday, July 20, 2008

I've been reading....

What little time I seem to have (worked 13 days straight) I've spent reading - see my book bar on the right. Summer seems to be my reading time, and winter is for knitting. Although I have been knitting on my bag and occasionally going to my knitting group.
I also have been working on my third Forest Canopy Shawl...I was hoping I could finish it to wear at my High School reunion (Roxie, are you coming?) but don't know if I'll make it...I'm not trying that hard. I'm really looking forward to the reunion - my best friend from High School who now lives in Southern California is coming up with her husband to stay with me. I'm excited to have them here and have a great visit.
Family life has been hectic as usual. College girl is wanting to by a new car (Since she is making good money at new catering job) so have been cruising the used car lots - one has this HUGE HUGE flag - the picture doesn't do it justice I'm afraid. She hasn't found the right car yet - the reality of how much they cost is setting in! But I have no doubt she'll find what she needs.
REI girl is gearing up for Tanzania - if anyone wants to knit children's sweaters - she is taking donations ...she plans on three extra bags on the flight over!! The Geek and REI girl are doing a couple of fun adventures this summer - camping with the cousins and a backpack trip into the Sawthooths in Idaho (College girl can't get the time off ): ).
My garden is suffering this year - I swear it's a month behind schedule. And the three new roses I planted last summer died - started to bloom and then just died. I am so disappointed! The very hot weather we've had isn't helping - although I've been diligent about watering...oh well there is always next year. Oh I did have a few raspberries last night - they seem to have thrived in this heat!!
Work is going well - I am so glad to be there - but this time of year is really hectic - we are into our selling season which today presents additional challenges considering the economic situation. We keep thinking we're not affected, our product is so high end - but the market is affecting everyone.
Well back to reading and staying cool. Best to all!!

Sunday, June 29, 2008

No Photos - Just Hello!

Oh my gosh - after complaining for weeks about the terrible weather - summer is here and it is way too hot - be careful what you wish for! We've had a Red Flag fire alert because of lightening expected this afternoon - it's thundering now! It will be a good exciting evening to stay in an air conditioned house - it's just too hot outside - 97 now I think!
Have not been knitting much - but some on my bag. It is to come.
My sister and family were here this weekend and we hung out at the lake trying to stay cool. I'd run out of books so dashed to the local (small box) book store and picked up the Friday Night Knitting Group.....finished this afternoon. Cute story and so true about how friendships knit us together....I am going to knitting group this week!
College Girl has a new job - working for the busiest caterer in town - loving it! (Yea!!) Making good money (Double Yea) and they seem to be thrilled with her too. This is the job that will get her through college - she can work occasional weekends when they have big jobs, work during Christmas break and have a job next summer etc. We are all thrilled.
REI Girl is busy getting stuff ready for Africa - only four more months. She will be more than ready for a break. She is having a frustrating time at work dealing with too much work and unhappy customers because there isn't enough staff. But she's doing a good job of sticking it out. REI staff has been wonderful to her - donating items to take to the Orphanage, supporting all her efforts. It's a great place to work - but they need more staff!
The Geek is looking into buying a motorcycle - I've just added another item to worry about. I know he'll be extra careful - it's the other driver I worry about.
Me - working lots and still happy as a clam - if I can just stay cool!
I promise pictures of my bag soon.
Knit Peace

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Dead Heading

Around mid-summer I always say - nope, ever again. No more flowers that I have to constantly dead head....but alas they get me every year. The lovely bright colors of the petunias, the huge overflowing baskets. I'm a sucker. Luckily my kids know this...and now I'm graced with beautiful hanging baskets...There aren't too many petunias in the second basket - so I think I might be safe! And the first one - all white and pink and Victorian looking doesn't have a single one! But all the other pots of flowers on the patio are only own fault.
Last night while driving home from Book Club (we're going to read "Big Russ and Me") I was treated to a beautiful sight - on my left was Tumalo (Small farming community) in it's finest hour - acres of green pastures and hay fields with the incredible Cascade mountains looking down - the mountains were black but just rimmed with the highlight of the setting sun. They stand out like sentinels. The light was magic. It was spectacular. And then - at the same time - on my right was a HUGE pumpkin moon rising. I was surrounded by what makes Central Oregon the BEST! I am so fortunate to live here!

Saturday, June 14, 2008

WW Knit in Public

What a great way to spend a birthday! Sitting in the park knitting with friends! I can't believe we actually have sunshine that Central Oregon is known was gorgeous! Drake Park is Bend's signature park - on all the visitor brochures you see. It really is lovely. Today filled with people out enjoying the lovely day. We got a big kick out of the man who asked us who was the best knitter....we figured it had something to do with the biggest needles....We decided next time to all point to each other! I've really enjoyed getting to know these ladies, I've been so busy these past years getting to know my kids - now it's my time and I'm thrilled to be part of this group!

Since the knitting group has been doing an Entralec together there were a lot of those being worked on - some even finished. They are beautiful. Mine is coming along slowly (I've been reading a lot recently). I'm hoping I have enough yarn to make it the size I want - I got 11 skeins...we'll just have to see.

Well I'm off to work in the garden - hurray! Happy Birthday to the Yarn Harlot - it's her day too!!

Wednesday, June 04, 2008

A mess

Well College Girl is home and settled in – oh my gosh what a mess one extra person can make!! How on earth did she get all this stuff into her dorm room? And where are we going to put it here…there is already half empty boxes belonging to REI Girl still stacked in the garage and extra bedroom. And she is moving too – from her own little apartment into a house with other girls that already have couches and dishes and stuff. What we moms put up with!!

On the knitting front I’ve got a mess too. My knitting group is doing an Entrelac bag knit–a-long – This is their progress...but naturally I choose a different pattern (wanted my bag much bigger) and since I don’t go to the meetings often (too much gas these days) I started on my own. After fiddling with the math and the pattern to ensure a bigger bag – off I went. So far so good – except it seems when I go around and pick up the stitches down the side of the first triangles – there aren’t enough unless I force a new stitch into the last stitch of the previous square – and they aren’t square – more rectangular. I’m counting on the fact that felting will forgive all my sins, and that maybe the next round of squares will bring everything into line. We’ll see. This is my progress.

Tomorrow marks the last round of graduations – the last of the cousins. Two great girls – two different locations across the state! Along with the family parties for each (different sides of the family too). So there will be lots of driving while the kids (Oh I guess they’re not that anymore) sleep both ways!

The usual spring garden activities have ground to a total halt…’s more like fall around here. Even fresh snow on the mountains this morning – I think summer forgot us this year. This is crazy. But they always say – “if you don’t like the weather in Central Oregon – wait 5 minutes!!

Knit Peace

Sunday, May 25, 2008

Bad Blogger - again!

Sorry it's been so long....but I've been super busy. You know, the usual stuff of life. Work has been good but exhausting and I've come home to nap every evening it seems. I'm still having a blast and loving every minute of it! Yahoo!
Consequently I haven't been knitting much - just slowly working on the Forest Canopy Shawl. Only a few more repeats and into the gift stash it will go. Since I haven't been to knitting group in a few weeks (Gas is just to expensive) I haven't worked on the plain jane pink socks either. But am planning on going this week.
The gas budget is shot this week anyway. (I made two weeks on a tank of gas!) I've got to drive over to the Valley to haul home the possessions of the College Girl. It's finals week coming up and then she's done - hurray! One year down. She got her financial aid package for next year - 100%. I am soooo thankful! She is home this weekend for her birthday, a doctors appointment and to start work on her summer job. So it's hectic around here. The next weekend is the high school graduations of two of my nieces - different families - different sides of Oregon - luckily different days. So there will be more driving - very early in the morning to get there in time. But these are the last ones - so we'll have a break for a few years! Oh my - they grew up too fast!
Last weekend we had record breaking high temps - it was in the 90's - so got lots of gardening done. Planted a few veggies - good thing I didn't do more because now winter is back. It's rained and been cold since last Monday. Short summer we had! The weather has been so weird everywhere.
I've started my summer reading blitz - finished The Namesake and if you lived here. Both wonderful - good book club reads! Tonight I've got nothing to read - so I think it might be a movie and knitting! Sounds good to tomorrow I cook the Birthday feast for the family! It's the Ex's birthday too and he's coming with his lady friend - so have to put out the best. Truly I'm not trying to impress her -but it's College Girls big day!
Enjoy the long weekend with your families and remember those loved ones who aren't with us!

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

The End

Actually - Finishing!! I've decided that I'm not going to the Black Sheep Gathering or the Oregon Flock and Fiber - I'm going to The Knitting Guild of American Fall show instead and I'm taking a "Finishing" class from Nancy Wiseman!!! I am so excited to do this - finishing is the thing I need to do better - really better - and this will be the perfect class for me. The show will be fun because all the usual vendors will be there (but I don't see Blue Moon listed yet). So instead of saving my fiber dollars for stash enhancement - it's going to technique enhancement - a good investment I figure. Since each of these Fiber extravaganzas is a $75 drive - only one is reasonable!!

I actually have 'finished' something - the hat to this set. Into the gift stash it goes - actually I'm planning on giving to my niece who will be going to college in Minnesota next fall. Her birthday is the first day of classes - so this is perfect!!

Mother's Day with kids was wonderful (of course!), job is great, weather is improving (90 this weekend), garden will be planted! Life is good.

Friday, May 09, 2008

This is the famous climbing area Smith Rocks - featuring Monkey Face. My office is right across the river and the climbers provide lots of interesting watching opportunities.
I've been too busy this week to be very entertained...hardly any knitting even.

But I did have a wonderful evening last night. My Mom's longest friend - they met in Kindergarden and remained close always; actually there were 9 friends (The Snotty Nine they called themselves) - Ann came through Central Oregon on her way from Northern California to Montana and stopped to have dinner with us. She is amazing - OMG she's 83 and incredible: just returned from a 34 day trip to South America - by herself!! She had a blast! Now she's driving by herself to a family event in Montana. Sharp as can be - if I didn't know how old she was I would have guessed 20 years younger! I should be so lucky. We had a great visit and laughed a lot and shared stories about my mom - sort of fitting considering Mother's Day is this weekend. I am so honored that she called and stopped for a visit.

I really didn't do much knitting this week. Only working on a hat to match the mitts, trying to use up the rest of the yarn and have a matched gift set for an cold weather bound college student. Her birthday is in August - the day school it's a perfect bday present.

College girl is home (again!) this weekend so it will be enjoyable. The weatherman says a "warm-up is on the way" - so guess that means I can work in the garden. Sounds good to me!!

Monday, April 28, 2008

The View

Work-Job is great - especially since I get to look at this most of the day - whoo hoo!!

Finished these this weekend - I think I've got enough left to do a semi matching hat.

Bird update: The little visitor (Think it's a Swallow) left when The Geek told him he only had peanuts for food....good choice!

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Put back together.

I actually finished last night - Doesn't it look cozy! i just love the color. I've just realized that my house is full of various shades of red-orange-terra cotta....luckily they all seem to fit!!
First day back on the job was great - over and over I heard how appreciated I was - oh that feels so good!!

Not much time for knitting now - College girl is coming home tomorrow and I've got to plan meals, go to the grocery store, do laundry, etc., etc.....Oh - act like a mom for a change? But I will have time for knitting tonight - Grey's Anatomy is back on tonight - bliss!

Wednesday, April 23, 2008


I got up early this morning and decided to paint my office - which means moving all this....

I didn't even get dressed first - painting in my PJs! I couldn't finish because I have to move my heavy L-shaped desk away from the because I couldn't find the right color combo or weight out of this mess....
I decided to go into town for my knitting group a little early to break the rules. "Do not knit wrist warmers if you have to buy yarn." I did manage to start these the night before without breaking the rules.....
But then I got the call! THE JOB IS MINE!!!! The job I've patiently waited for for 5 years, the job I worked at earlier this winter while the previous person was on all worked out - she retired! I cannot tell you how excited I am - this will be my last job - I will work here til I can't work anymore...I'm SOOOOO looking forward to peace of mind, work that I enjoy, work that makes a difference, work that is appreciated (and pays pretty good too), work that I've waited a long time for. WHOO HOO!! I start tomorrow.

So before knitting group I did go stash enhancing - just a few colors of Lambs Pride for mitten and hat gifts. I totally deserve it and didn't feel guilty one little bit. OMG I can go the Black Sheep Gathering now!!! Amazing how your whole attitude changes when you have an income that you can count on!

Knitting group was fun as always - there is such an impressive array of knitting going on. It is fun to have a new knitter share her first finished pair of socks and enthusiastically start another. We had a little refreshment and sustenance too of course.
And showed off socks too - I'm in the middle with my Sockapalooza socks - everyone admired the totally cool heel.

Now I'm waiting for the paint to dry to I can do the final coat (A neighbor graciously moved the desk for me) I've got to get this finished because there won't be time this weekend - College Girl is coming home and it will be too busy around here to paint etc.

Knit Peace!!

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Is this some kind of joke?

It's April! You've got to be kidding! No gardening for me today - darn I'll have to knit!

Sunday, April 20, 2008


Well that was an interesting adventure....Somehow when I was trying to add the new link for the Fiber Arts Ring to my sidebar - I erased my entire blog template - down to the insertion point. Away went all my favorite places, buttons, the works - all gone from my custom blog template. This required that I recreate - using the latest Blogger updates etc....supposed to be easier to customize now. We will see. It has some advantages - but if I really want it like the old one I still have to tweak the html code and I'm not sure I remember how to do all that.

I'm sure I'm missing some important links on my "Inspiration" list - I'll keep adding as I remember where I've been (I tried looking in my history but it I think I emptied it last week - of course)!

I had planned to finish these today - sitting in front of the TV with a good fire going as it was snowing's April! I am tired of this for sure. I did get them finished and they will go into the future gift stash.

Please bare (or is it Bear) with Me

I was updating my blog - inserting new control for the Fiber Arts Ring - and lost it all.....all my links, buttons, lists, am spending my Sunday trying to recreate - this sucks!!!

Friday, April 18, 2008

No Work - Lots of Knitting

My chair side - all the essentials; coffee, knitting projects and the remote - what a way to spend the day! Opps - coffee is out of range!

Starting at the top - Plain Jane Pink socks and my wonderful Pirates Bag. These are my carry- with-me essentials. Next clockwise, is another Forest Canopy Shawl - Anne in the Mediterranean Sunset colorway - picture doesn't do it justice. Maybe this is better....This is just one of my favorite all time patterns. Wish I had more guts to branch out to other lace - but this just always fits the bill. I have to confess that I did do some stash enhancement awhile back (See below for "Why in the &$! did I do this) - but it was on sale at Little Knits - and it was just right. It will go into the future gift stash.

Next is the Hearty Strippy socks from a Ravelry free pattern. Gosh it was easy to get hooked on Ravelry!

The last project no longer exists....I was trying to do the Lace Ribbon Scarf with Knit Picks Andean Silk - but although I didn't cast on the full amount - I didn't like the way it was progressing. I really want to knit a gift scarf with this yarn - it is so soft - but just can't come up with the right combination! I do have plenty of sock weight stash to do this pattern so there is no problem there!

I have so much time because I am again temporarily out of work, that will change in a few weeks I think - but nothing is for sure of course. I wasn't very prepared this time and am really stretching the cash to get by day to day...why does this keep happening to me! (It's what I get for being in business for myself) It is always a matter of circumstances (including doing my job to well!) and beyond my control. There is lots of unavoidable drama going on at work due to budget cuts - but when it's all said and done I am confident I will be working my dream job full time and then some! Keep your fingers crossed. In the meantime I knit and while the weather transitions to Spring I get my garden ready for summer! Life is interesting and good!