Wednesday, September 25, 2013


What was I thinking? Actually I am thinking well. I just deleted about 60 patterns from my Ravelry queue - It was getting much too big - and truly there were (and I suppose are) many things on the list I would never knit. But you never know! Just time to clean up. Feels good. Don't feel as pressured to knit all the things I want!!

Winter is here for sure - sorry no photo but there is lots of snow on the Mountains!! Time to get the firewood in!! Then it's knitting by the fire!


Thursday, September 12, 2013

Road Trip!!

Ravelry has the greatest new feature called Road Trip - it's under the Yarn tab. If you enter your starting point and destination - it will tell you all the Local Yarn Shops along the way!!! This is totally cool. Many times I have planned a trip and spent time figuing out which Yarn Stores are nearby...just want to browse of course.

Finished the Stripes, Checks and Curlicues Vest - finally. The shoulders were way to wide - so cut them down and re did the border. All is perfect. Hand sewed the zipper in - worked great. The Wanderer loves it.

Started the Shalom vest yesterday - had to redo the numbers as I'm making this out of Colinette Cadenza - worsted instead of bulky. There is tons of posts on Ravelry - which are very helpful. Christmas knitting is in full swing. Of course I think I can get so much done - we'll have to see.

Getting the yard ready for winter - why I don't know - it's going to be 90 today! Actually the puppies have done a great job of trimming plants. What are you going to do!!

Knit Peace

Wednesday, September 04, 2013

I Steek.....

Yes I steek - but a little differently. Instead of making a one color stripe up the center steek stitch (you can't do that when your using variegated yarn) I put a purl stitch on either side of the center stitch. This makes and easy visual to follow when you machine sew the lines on either side and then a very easy visual to cut by! Works Great!

Pick up the stitches for the ribbing

 And then it gets blocked!!

Still have to do the zipper - but I'm going to use a blocking wire to hold the knitted fabric straight while I sew it in. Then I'm finished. Yippee!! This is for the Nomad. She picked the pattern and the yarn. Turned out great.

Now on to Christmas knitting - long ways to knit!

Look whats in my garden!!