Monday, June 28, 2010

Yes - I do knit and blog

This has been my carry with me project - bad idea. The Ene shawl has taken me for a loop - I've ripped it out way too many times. But now am moving forward and almost finished with the last repeat of the major pattern! Yea. It will be awhile before I take another shawl on. But this is proof that I still knit.

This weekend we finally had decent weather - summer is really here. So in celebration of my staying at home for a change - I read two books and didn't knit a stitch. The Highest Tide was great and True North was sad but engaging. I'm afraid I'm into my reading stage!

Life has been so busy recently. With the passing of my Dad I've been in Portland most weekends since March. First looking after him along with my sister and brother and then getting his house ready for sale and dealing with all the estate matters. My brother and sister did most of the work - it's incredible what a pack rat my Dad turned out to be. He was a computer nerd - so there were 10,000 pounds of computer parts and manuals - no kidding - we weighed it at the dump!! We found lots of fun stuff too - old movies that were taken in the 20's - we still had the projector to show them on. Lots of family documents and boxes of photographs. Wish we had known at that stuff was there - we could have asked lots of questions.

His Celebration of Life event was great. I was so honored by some of the people that came - including one of my high school teachers!! She was one of my favorites so it really was special to see her. It was fun to see many of my parents good friends - but so sad because many weren't there. We are losing them now. I always loved my parents friends - it was like having lots of moms and dads!

On my Birthday weekend I stayed home and the girls gave me a day of gardening. We got the pots planted, the weeds pulled and the lawn fertilized. Decided not to plant a veggie garden - but have a few things in pots on the patio. The big garden is just too much work. The next day we did this....It was a great day!

The best part of the past few months is the return of The Man...turns out he never left. Just trying to do the right thing. Very complicated - but wonderful!! He was a great friend over the years to my Dad and he was there for me during the past few weeks. I'm very appreciative. Hurry - we have lots of adventures!

One last question - does anyone know how to make the post editing window in Blogger bigger? It's so difficult to maneuver pictures!

Monday, June 14, 2010

Great Birthday Cards

Just had to share - the big 6 oooooh!!!