Sunday, September 24, 2006

A Wonderful Weekend

I had a great weekend!

Friday morning got to work and discovered the power was out - had been out the day before so I had left early Thursday also. Camp Sherman is slightly remote and things like electricity are occasionally sacrificed! So instead of starting the drive to Eugene at 3:00 - I left at 9:00 am - cool

- more hours to enjoy my adventure. The drive over along the McKenzie is my favorite. I have a favorite stop - it's like a little fairly land. Had a great afternoon with Molly - her apartment is typical college student hip and of course not quite 'picked up'...but great. She like her Birthday presents - pillows and a throw for her new found couch. Went to lunch at a little Thai diner that was wonderful. Did a little shopping and hung out at her place and then we had a nice dinner out at a Greek-Indian resturarant - interesting combo - choices from both countries. Delicious both! Saturday morning went and walked the Farmer's Market/Craft fair - lot's of 'hippy' stuff and a few cool felted knit purses. Almost got some hemp yarn to do a 'market bag' for Molly - but didn't know how much I'd need.

Headed up the freeway towards Portland about noon. Beautiful warm fall day - the Willamette Valley was starting to turn fall colors - really pleasant.

I suddenly realized that this might be the weekend of the Oregon Flock and Fiber Show. Stopped at rest stop and called an 800 number I found for Clackamas County and what do you know - it was this weekend. Canby is just right off the freeway - an easy stop. I'd never actually been to Canby - what a cute little town - all the houses were so neat and tidy - big farming area - so lots of fresh produce stands, pumpkin patches etc. Charming.

The Show was great - here's Blue Moon - of course the very first booth in the door and packed. I steered was just too tempting. I also found this - Cashmere in a zillion colors - steered clear of this also.

I was really good - did no stash enhancement - I was really proud of myself. But then - I remembered that Pat Fly from Angora Valley Fibers sometimes comes to these shows. So after consulting the map - I went looking and I found her. We had never met in person, but I've used her Monarch sock yarn many times and just love the colors. She has a picture on her Web page of a scarf I did a few years ago. Naturally I had to buy something and found the perfect yarn to do socks for my boss for Christmas - Woodland - this picture doesn't do it justice - it's just right! Thanks so much Pat!!

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

WIP and WW

I have been knitting - really!!
I've got a few Works In Progress to show.
First is THE sweater - I hope you can see the detail on the back yoke - it really is pretty. I'm only working on this when I can really concentrate - I've ripped out a few times and that is a pain! I doubt this will be finished anytime soon - Christmas is approaching (OMG - there's decorations in all the stores - what are they thinking!)

Then there are the scarves. Pat's Littlelace is languishing - I just don't see progress very fast and I get tired of the repetition. No instant gratification - but gratification non the less.
Using up the Manos is also languishing - I'm afraid I'll run out - so it's not a priority.
But this.....I'm liking this a lot. I have tons of the plain purple - so will do a ribbed neck or something to make sure I have enough of the pink and blue to finish. I love this. But it's probably a gift.

I've been doing the "Cloth" thing too - face out of Cotton chenille and dish out of Peaches and Cream - it is so cheap!! I did the Garterlac (no Pic - it's wet!)- will do another hopefully neater this time. Once I got the hang of the pattern it sure went fast. I can crank these out for 'little gifts'.

I'm not going to get much knitting in for a few days. Am headed over the mountains on Friday to have a belated birthday dinner with Molly (today's her day!) and then on the Portland the next day to see my Dad before he heads south for the winter. I am not really looking forward to being in his house. My sister says it is trashed - my mom would be horrified - and I can't believe that my Dad is letting this happen. I really like his girl friend - but she is not a housekeeper - and my Dad had my mom picking up after him for too long to change now. How do I politely say "Clean up this mess" without offending? As soon as he leaves I'll have to go back and put the house to bed for the winter and guess who will be cleaning sister and I probably - mostly my sister because she's there and I'm not. I think we will remove some of the special family things just to protect them - what a pickle!

Fall is really here - cold, cloudy and fresh snow on the Mountains! Time to nest and knit!

Thursday, September 14, 2006

I love Tomatoes

Fortunately so does my sister - who grew this lovely beauty - mine are still mostly green!

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Need I say more?

Quiet times in Central Oregon these days. M3 is back in school and busy with all that Senior stuff, SAT, ACT, applications and football games. Oh yes - lots of homework. M2 has a birthday coming up, so am going to visit the end of next week for a bday dinner. She is doing very well! A friend told her that her apartment looked like it belonged in "Friends"!Then on to Portland to visit with my Dad before he goes South for the winter. I can't believe the summer went so fast. I've only seen him twice. So much for the thought of spending some quality time with him!
The Summer did go to fast - I never went camping or any adventure with all the kids...I hardly ever see M1 (how do you get boys to call thier mothers!!) - I miss the days when they were all home and together (sort of).

Have been knitting washcloths - will photograph when I have a bunch more complete - have a colorful batch of 4 so far. Also started another scarf for the Christmas pile. Didn't I pledge not to start any new projects until some others were complete? Oh - Gifts don't count!

The Fight the Frump campaign is progressing. Love my new cut and color! Since I haven't weighed myself - can't report any progress yet on that front. But am confident that it's working. It has been challenging making the points each day - I always seem to be way under - which I know isn't good. Just have to find the right combo!

Where is The Traveling Stash - I've been patiently waiting - I need that excitement!
Knit on!

Sunday, September 03, 2006

One project finished!

Trekking finished - can't remember the color - but my Trek with Me project is complete. Didn't Trek much - but did knit!! I think these will be a gift - so again - one more down for Christmas.

The scarf is coming along also - but wonder if I'll have enough - It may end up being a table runner!! I may do another wash cloth today - then I will have completed two things - joy!

I'm tackeling some major cleaning this weekend - you know behind the bed, the bottom of the drawers - that kind of thing. It will be nice to have an extra day to get some of it finished. Wish I had bought some paint for my front door - this would have been the perfect time....but my local paint store isn't open on Sunday and I need a particular color - oh well - not as though I can't do it later.

I did get a nice picture for Sandy last night - forest fires create wonderful sunsets so I've been keeping my eyes open!! The tankers are flying again today and Marion Forks was under pre-evac orders yesterday - dry lightening predicted for this afternoon - oh fun in Central Oregon!

Hope everyone enjoys the long weekend. School start here on Tuesday - the last year - how did that happen so fast!