Thursday, August 30, 2007


This all happened this afternoon - after Roxie left - she probably had a prettier view of the beginning of the storm - the thunder was just starting when she left this afternoon! The first picture is after the first cell went through - on my way home from a very short 1/2 hour of work. The next few are my drowned patio - that is actually under cover!! And the last is out the front door. I was afraid that the patio would get so deep it would come in the house - but it passed just in time. We had to move all the boxes stored in the carport - including a mattress that is now resting on top of my car! A little excitement to make your day! My poor vegtable garden looks like elephants walked through it!
Roxie and I had a great time looking at our old yearbooks - I was feeling pretty old. I'm glad we've gotten together. Although we were not best friends in High School - with only 26 girls in our class we have a lot of shared memories and it was really fun to revisit them! We're going to meet up in September at Oregon Flock and Fiber - should be fun. Can you believe she finished the Baby Surprise jacket so fast - she'd hardly started when she was here on Monday!
The storm is now east of me and still lighting up the sky - but I think it will be quieter so it's off to reading and bed.

Can you believe it - two posts in a week!
It has been an exciting time around this house.

Roxie came to visit! I don't know if you remember - But Roxie and I are high school classmates who rediscovered each other through our Blogs! What a small world. I now live in her old home town and she lives in mine! She is here visiting her family and came over to my house to use the 'internet cafe'. I haven't seen here since graduation - almost 40 years ago! She hasn't changed a bit! It was fun to visit and knit with an old friend. Wish I had taken a picture!

I have been reading tons this summer...ALL the Harry Potter books, about 4 other good ones, but am now reading my favorite. If you are interested in Natural History type things this is wonderful - Margene are you listening - Hawk's Rest - A Season in the Remote Heart of Yellowstone. A hike from Red Lodge Montana to Yellowstones Thorofare - which although on 28 miles from a highway is considered the most remote spot in the lower 48. The book is wonderful. A quote from one of the hikers..."Out in mature you've got 4.6 billion years of sucess-the best of everything, the finest the world has come up with, all around you, night and day. Go for a stroll in the woods and you walk amoung champions." That says it all!

Today on the "Today" show they are highlighting the most beautiful places in American - Tom Brokow presented Yellowstone....I just happened to have it on to check the latest weather and got to watch...made me cry.

Central Oregon got a bit of lightening last night - of course centered over Redmond - so it was quite loud here and sparkely! Smells smoky this morning and we are under a Red Flag for the rest of today. Kinda scary because it is so very dry this summer. I'm sure the tankers will be flying this afternoon.

I have been plugging away on my Forest Canopy Shawl - turns out my Sockapalooza pal is working on one too - again a small world. Again I really like the pattern - it's easy to remember and looks great.

Hope everyone enjoys the last summer long weekend. College daughter is coming home - 3 days why not! It will be good to have a full house for a while!

Knit Peace

Monday, August 27, 2007

Remember me?

I actually am still here – just been very busy. So in chronological order….

1. Went to Portland to see Body Worlds 3. It was fascinating and beautiful and weird. Had a short visit with a high school buddy (didn’t have time to meet up with Roxie- but more on that later). Had the big “What if” talk with my father. Had a great visit with the family – fun to watch two of the cousins compare what they think will happen in the coming weeks as they go off to college!

2. I did not go yarn shopping while in Portland – can you believe it!

3. Started the Forest Canopy Shawl in Blue Moon Seduction color Footzey Foo… I know lots more repeats. I have two skeins so can make it plenty big. I’m liking it! I also am loving my addi Turbo Lace needles. I got some for socks and am now hooked on them.
4. Still working on socks mentioned in previous post – like them too! I finally figured out that although I had picked the stitch pattern out of Barbara Walker’s A Treasury of Knitting Patterns – it’s basically the same as the popular Monkey Socks! Who would have thunk!

5. Got youngest daughter settled in school Oh my gosh it took two car loads to get it all there. (My sister and I have been laughing about this – when we went away to college we had two suitcases and a plane ticket! – Her daughter is off the Southern California and she too is driving her down.) Marianne is on the third floor of her dorm (a HUGE room – how did she luck out) so there was lots of stair climbing – but the college planned ahead – buff fraternity boys unloaded both cars way too quickly! She is now settled in and I know all about “How to be a good college parent” Parents are sent home early and students have a few more days of orientation before classes start on Wednesday. Of course today I’m going to the Post office to mail off a few important items that she must have!

6. I did discover a Yarn Store in McMinnville – I already knew that Woodland Woolworks was nearby – but am saving that till I come over for Family Weekend in October. Very nice store and I will be back.

7. Yesterday I splurged big time….I have never had a coordinated bed – it was always the on sale stuff, try to get it to match, hand me downs – you know.

Well a few weeks ago I bought a new bed (not just new to me but a new bed – this is a big deal) and needed new linens for it-so found the perfect combination. I had been searching on the net for just the right duvet cover and hadn’t found anything….but at the local Bed Bath & Beyond I found it. With great silk down pillows from Ross (OMG they were so inexpensive but look so great) – I now have a comfy, inviting cocoon. Deep chocolate duvet that has a terracotta stitch pattern in it with taupe pillows and a terracotta pillow to match the walls. It’s wonderful and slept great last night.

8. Today while trying to get caught up on my blog reading – I discovered that Roxie is here visiting her mom – so called a likely suspect listing in the phone book – first try I got her!! We are getting together! Since I have WiFi she may come over to my house so she can post her latest!

9. Tomorrow I’m attending my first Weight Watchers meeting. Molly and I are going to lose some very extra pounds. By Christmas I’m going to be another size smaller. Was making steady progress last spring – but summer has not been good to my figure – so am at it again.
10. This week I’m also starting the job hunt again – Oh I hate this. But will not settle for second best this time – but only a fun stable position!

So I’ve been busy and will be keeping busy, although without Marianne here it will be different for sure. Just gives me more time to knit doesn’t it?
Knit Peace

Wednesday, August 08, 2007

The Coolest Heel

Check this out - this is the coolest heel - my sockapalooza pal did these - Oriel from Sensational Knitted Socks...I've got to check it out!

Monday, August 06, 2007

Sockapalooza WOW

Look what I found in the mail today - Beautiful socks and a Pirate Bag! This is the best!!

Thanks Sheryl - I love them and they are so me!

Sunday, August 05, 2007

Before - After - Macros

Fun with pictures....Before After

Oh yea - Knitting! Yes I still do that - but have been very busy reading all of Harry Potter - I'm on the second to last book and totally into it - not getting any sleep and not knitting much...unfortunately I can't just read all day - have been working full days and it's good! An income! Short lived - 6 more full days but better than nothing!
Weather has been enjoyable too - so spending the evening outside reading and enjoying the flowers. Just thought I'd share!
Hope everyone enjoyed the weekend - too short - I've got reading to do!