Thursday, May 21, 2009

Road Trip

REI Girl and I took a long one-tank road trip on Sunday. Drove north to Maupin and had yummy cinnamon roles at an old haunt from my younger years - The Oasis Cafe - was the place to go after rafting the Deschutes...the best milkshakes in town - which isn't saying much because Maupin isn't much. A pretty place in a deep canyon, not much more than a wide spot in the road. But really hot in the summer - so milkshakes were very appreciated. The town mostly survives on the fly fishing and rafting trade, so it's pretty quiet most of the year.

Then we headed to the Columbia Gorge and Hood River. The Gorge is one of my favorite spots in Oregon - it's just so majestic with the huge cliffs and the Mighty Columbia! Lunch and a little shopping in Hood River (Knot another Hat) and then we headed over the back side of Mt. Hood. The Mountain looks so big from there! (Which it is!)I was hoping the apple blossoms would still be around, but I think we were too late. Back to the high desert and we were home. A nice relaxing drive, good companionship..what else could I ask for!

First go round with the Physical Therapist was good, but was sore for a few days. She thinks she can really help me, so am going back tomorrow. We're going to try a Cold Laser Knife....whatever that means! I'll let you know.I started this sweater for Marianne - she actually picked out something for me to knit for her! Finally! Ultra Alpaca in a soft grey. I think she might actually wear it!

Spring or more likely summer is actually here again. Hopefully will get the garden planted this weekend. I'm hoping the hard frost we had on Monday is the last one! I'm going to assign REI Girl the Veggie Project - she has time and she's bored. Pulling weeds is good for everyone! Can't wait!

Hope everyone enjoys the weekend!

Wednesday, May 13, 2009


Spring came and went - but they say summer will be here this weekend! Last Saturday the girls showered me with flowers for my garden - which we planted - some of which froze last night - so goes the weather in Central Oregon! You just never know what to expect. The Geek was on a big hiking adventure - so not here - but he also sent flowers - what a nice boy. All in all Mother's day was about flowers and enjoying the company of my family! The next day my sister was here on her way home from picking up one of her college girls in California - it snowed over the pass when they left here!

I have been knitting (it's not warm enough to really get into my usual summer reading program yet - but I am stocked up in anticipation). This great yarn was gifted me by Roxie - and I made up the pattern as I went them!
Weekend before last was Mom's Weekend at Linfield - I went over to see College Girl. (Once again the weather did not cooperate - imagine rain, wind, cold - watching a powder puff football game between the Sororities) We still had a lot of fun - went to the LYS and picked out a sweater for me to knit for her. Next year is her big year - starts Nursing School - she is super excited. The campus is at Good Samaritan Hospital - located in the hipest neighborhood in Portland - The Pearl. She will have a blast - but will be working very hard - it's a tough program.

REI Girl and I are going on a road trip this Sunday - haven't figured out where yet - Weatherman says it will be in the 80's....we might need a water site! Am looking forward to getting away for the day. The past weeks at work have been like a bumper car - I don't know what's going to happen from one minute to the next. So far I'm employeed until the end of May - after that - who knows! I'm optimistic as usual.

Recovery is of course progressing but not as I'd like. Reached for something without thinking today - ouch! So decided to get with a Physical Therapist next week to see if I can progress faster. Weight Watchers isn't progressing fast enough either - slow but steady will get me there I guess. Need to walk more (it's a weather thing).

Here's to the possibility of Spring coming, soon?