Wednesday, May 06, 2015

It's my turn!!

Yeah - I've got all my gift knitting done (for awhile anyway)!
I've knit a baby sweater for a dear friend's daughter - due in June and the first grandchild for my friend.

Another baby sweater for my daughter's sister-in-law, also due in June.

A Wedding blanket for my daughter

Baby bird nests for the local Wildlife rehab organization

Dog sweater for a friend's daughter's dog
The first baby sweater was knit with Madelintosh - loved the spruce color. Perfect for this sweater. Very carefully hand washed it (it is Superwash so could have done it in the washing machine). It ran - really - the white is now dirty green white. So disappointed. I decided to contact Madelintosh and let them know that the yarn had run - well was i surprised when they offered to replace the three skeins I used for the sweater and another skein!! OMG. I picked different colors this time. Can't wait to see what I choose. The customer service was wonderful!!

The day after tomorrow The Nurse and her Captain are getting married. Tonight all the tornados hit Oklahoma City. The Nurse is camped out at the hospital - safe and trying to get some sleep so maybe she can go home tomorrow - then back to Oklahoma City for the wedding on Friday. What an adventure for sure. Fifty years from now they will laugh at the trials of the ceremony! Wish I could see the happiness on her face!

Saturday, April 18, 2015

OMG I'm going to be a Mother-in-law

The Nurse and her Captain are getting married! I am so very ecstatic for them! I've expected this for some time of course, but in all reality how I feel about it is a huge surprise. The Nurse lives far away and I haven't hugged her for over a year. I haven't met The Captain - only heard wonderful things. All I know is hearsay - I haven't seen the twinkle in her eyes or the loving body language. I totally approve because I believe explicitly in her best judgement - she has always done the right thing, just wish I could see them together and share the joy a little more. The Captain is being deployed (safe duty thank heavens) in June so this is the practical time. There will be no big wedding, fancy gown, bridal showers, rehearsal dinners or family around - but instead a special long weekend for just the two of them and the county Judge! So next year we will have a big party to celebrate The Captains safe homecoming and a happy wedding.

In the meantime - the family here will all gather on the Big Day and have our own celebration to honor the Bride and Groom! I'll be reflecting that my youngest child is beginning something new, something I totally wish for her, but makes me a little sad at the same time - an emotion I didn't expect! Of course you want your children to find a loving partner and have a family of their own if that is to be, but when it happens something changes in your own life as well. Wish I could talk to my own Mom right now. Did she feel this way?  Life is wonderful, but sometimes we are unprepared for what the joy of it brings you!

Thursday, April 02, 2015

What part of ONLY TWO don't you understand!

I made a resolution this year to only have two knitting projects going at once. This is how this works out so far.

I have socks for Tuesday night Twisted Stitchers.....

And Pendleton for home.....

Then I must have this completed ASAP....(Gracie thinks its for her)

And now a Anders for a new Grandchild for a dear friend .....

Obviously the socks and Pendleton are back in the basket. Bummer - this isn't working for me.

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Gracie thinks it's for her....

Of course it's not. She thought it was for National Puppy day. But that was yesterday. So this is not for her.

But these pictures are Gracie and Wally. Good puppies!!

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

You can only handle so much

When it rains it pours I guess. A mother's lament!

The Geek and his family have to move out of their house - been there 6 years. Up for sale but out of their price range. Trying to find something else in this market is almost impossible - there just aren't any rentals to be had - especially ones that have  the amenities they've had in the past...big house, great safe neighborhood, adjacent park, quiet cult de sac with playmates and good neighbors. The search is on and might require relocation. Silver lining is  relocation might be closer to me!!

Geek's family car was in an accident - will be borrowing The Nomad's for a well deserved vacation already planned and paid for. Timing is way off but what do you do!

The Nomad has been sick and seems it has developed into staph infection in a tender spot. Going in for mammogram just in case. That's stressful all by itself considering the family history. She doesn't handle stress well.

Written later - funny how things turn out. The Geek has more time than I thought. Can make a better move. Car will be repaired in time for vacation!

Nomad has cysts - not the big scare at all. Issue in our family - Me, my Sister and my Mom - so we have to be diligent. I don't care what the doc says - get a mammogram every year!

New challenge for the day - beautiful weather! So did some yard clean up and was going to finish by picking up all the remaining leaves with the riding lawnmower - not! Seems a belt is broken. Oh well I enjoyed the day outside so not all is lost.

Now I can knit....I'm working on a blanket! Didn't I say earlier that I was going to have only two projects going at the same time and one had to be mindless for Knit Night? Well that's not going to happen.

Wednesday, March 04, 2015

I finished Edin! It was a fast knit for me - usually I get bored with sweaters, but this went fast and I love it. I made it a little longer in length, added a few short rows along the back so it hangs better, but it turns out that the sleeves are a little too long - looks sloppy. So I'm going to take them out, tighten them up, made the ribbing a little longer and shorten the overall length. I think it's destined to become my favorite for warmth!!

I've had a fun week - a long time friend is here to visit. We've had a wonderful time reminiscing about old times and new adventures. It's good to keep those memories and gather new ones! The weather has been picture perfect - so friend and her traveling buddy have enjoyed great skiing and hiking. Lucky them - I'm working! (Actually lucky me.)

The weather has been glorious here in Central Oregon - 60s no less. We need the snow so bad but doesn't look like we're going to get any. Wish Boston could share some with us. The Nurse is struggling to commute over icy roads at zero dark thirty in the morning - I worry about her. Even though she grew up driving in dicy conditions, because of a bad accident a few years ago she is very uncomfortable in snow and ice. At least at 5:00 am there isn't much traffic!

Her Boy has just been promoted to Captain, so I'm going to call him "The Captain" from now on. Unfortunately I haven't met him yet - but this seems to be a pretty solid and serious relationship. He is being deployed soon (not in harms way) so it doesn't look like they will come for a visit together soon. They spent Christmas with his family - I'm a little jealous! But she is living the dream and I'm very proud of them both!

The Nomad has recently made a proposal at her work that has garnered great possibilities! It will result in expanded student services on campus and seems to have great potential for success.  The "higher ups" think her proposal is the perfect solution to a long time issue. It is a great idea!

I've got new projects on the needles and too many in the queue! Pictures later.

Life is good! - Gracie and Wally think so too!

Saturday, February 21, 2015

Memory Lane

There seems to be a time in everyone's life when all the pieces fall into place. Today I was reminded of that time. I had brunch with a group of incredible women with whom I worked at The High Desert Museum. There was a special magic at the Museum then - we were all there because we believed in the mission. The Museum was growing to become a showcase of the Great Basin culture and natural history. It truly was an honor to be part of that team.

Our lives were mostly in a good place then. My children were young (The Nurse was born while I worked there) and life was hectic, fun, full of new things. My co-workers were an incredible group - professional, dedicated, fun - a very supportive family of friends. I miss them and that time in my life. The Founder of the Museum recently passed away and we will all gather soon to remember his legacy. I will again see lots of old friends and remember with great fondness a wonderful time.

Today we celebrated a wedding and a birthday! We always found excuses to celebrate, today was special. One is enjoying another trip around the sun and another is embarking on a totally new life - good for her! The brunch was hosted by a woman who I will never be able to explain what a wonderful influence she had on my life - and she brought me back to knitting almost 30 years ago!! Her humor, grace, compassion, honesty and love for us all was an honor to be part of.

I had a great time today!

Sunday, February 01, 2015

Redo, Recycle, Reuse

I started Woodbine in December 2013. Ripped it out once because it was way too big, went down a size and it was still too big. Put it away for other projects including the marathon Christmas knitting. Picked it up again and got to the sleeves and finally decided it wasn't going to work for me. Bummer.

Out comes my favorite and most appreciated knitting tool - my swift and ball winder. Wound onto the swift directly from the uncompleted sweater.

Tried to feel for the joins - missed one huge one so ended up with 3 regular skeins and one huge one!!

Soaked well in warm water and hung to dry with a weight to pull out the kinks.

Worked great!! Now I have beautiful yarn already again for the next project - Edin. After a few stupid errors in getting the back neck piece correct - I'm on a roll.

Still need to figure out where to put some extra length in the back using short rows. My sweaters all seem to ride up in the back. One tutorial said to put them before the end of the yoke - starting just before the front raglan - more investigation is needed. 

Happy Super Bowl Sunday - Go Hawks! 

Monday, January 26, 2015

Christmas recap

I started my Christmas Knitting in August last year - decided I was going to do something for all the lady (at least) family and friends. 27 completed objects - all done on time! Wow I won’t try that again. 

6 Cowl/scarf/Shawl
3 Fingerless mitts
1 Toy
6 Spa Cloths
5 Felted Bowls
1 Socks
3 Hats
2 Ornaments.

Just a few examples:

Next year - lots more ornaments - they were really fun and a great way to use up leftovers. All the girls will get one. These will be great fill-in instant gratification projects for all year long. Plus if I start earlier the stress will be less! 

Thursday, January 22, 2015

Backward steps

Well today didn’t turn out as planned - I’m waiting for the plumber! He was here on Tuesday and thought he fixed the drain. Not! So a plumbing step backward. Missing work is also a back step - double back actually, less income due to plumbing expense.

So of course I am knitting. I finished this last night. Downtown in Malabrigo Arroyo. Fast, easy and I like it. If I were to do it again - I’d cast on twice as much to make it longer. But it’s working for me now. 

I started the Woodbine sweater over a year ago. Its one of those projects I put down for quick knits or this year for Christmas knitting. So now its time to pick it up again. Luckily I wrote down the needle size I was using when I borrowed it for some Christmas project. Progressing along nicely now. But I know I won’t finish it next - I’m waiting for new needles to restart the Pendleton Cowl. I started it with #2s (it calls for #3s) but have decided 1#s are best for me. So I asked Knitting friends what they liked - since my favorites (KnitPicks interchangables) don't come in #1s and researched online for the best price. In-Stock, good price and free shipping - score! Then the disappointing e-mail - backordered. Bummer. 

So today there are a few backward steps - but still moving forward one step at a time! Of course Gracie always moves forward - when she's not resting!

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

It's a New Year and I WANT to write more!

As you can see - I haven’t written for a very long time! But have been thinking I’d like to start writing again. As usual I will probably concentrate on my knitting world, but with occasional musing about my awesome family and what I think is my well-lived life. 

Since family is always first I’ll start with that. An update on the other three “M’s” (I’m Mom). Today is the Geek’s birthday! Makes me feel really old! He and his “soon to be Mrs. (she is another “M” so fits in great) are planning their marriage - sometime in the near future! I’ll be an instant Grandmother as she has children. The Geek is really enjoying his role as Step Dad to be. They are making a great life for themselves and I approve unconditionally! Whew - I’m going to be a Mother-in-Law! More knitting opportunities!

The Nomad is settled here at home with me - yea! I like the company and companionship. She is managing the local branch of the college bookstore. Stressfully busy at times and stressfully boring at others and gets constant kudos for her excellent customer service! It’s a great job for her, part-time with lots of interaction with students and staff. 

The Nurse is living her dream - still in Oklahoma. She is a Traveling Nurse now, taking 13 week contracts delivering babies in hospitals in Kansas and Oklahoma. Loving every minute. Serious boyfriend - looks like this is THE one. I hope I can visit this spring.

Then of course there are the dogs - Wally and Gracie. A handful for sure, but always entertaining. They are both 2 now - so am hoping they settle down a bit, but not too much! Gracie is a great knitting helper!

I had a busy knitting season, completed 27 projects for Christmas presents - whew!! Now doing a few things for myself. Will comment on them later.

Life is good, busy, fulfilling and peaceful. What more could I ask for. Hoping it is the same for you!