Tuesday, February 28, 2006

How cool is that – a Gold Medal!!

The knitting front seems a little boring these days now that it’s over! Unfortunately I don’t have a big project in the works – just finishing the EX socks and moving forward with the Nordic Mittens……which has taught me I don’t want to do an entire multi color-pattern sweater with this gauge of yarn any time soon.

But I do want to choose a big project – a sweater. I really like this
from Oat Couture – have had the pattern for a long time. Now to find the perfect yarn. I looked at Black Abbey – but it’s pretty expensive for me. I want something a little softer and with better drape than Brown Sheep. I don’t want a really dark color – you lose so much of the stitch definition in a dark color – but I don’t want pastel either. Maybe grey or a medium periwinkle or a heather something. Gosh I don’t know…..someone just give me some yarn to try!!
I did check out all the Sweaters from Camp – I like lots of them.
I know how about a Mountain Colors cardigan – the yarn is great and the colors are great…OK I’ll explore that.

I do think I will be going back to more reading – I haven’t really been a good book club person the last few months (Holiday knitting etc) so now is a good time to get back into it. Am enjoying The Birth of Venus.

Didn’t knit much last night – got into a four hour marathon of CSI re-runs – buried alive!!! Not much on tonight so will knit and maybe go to bed early and read – we’ll see!
Ttfn – Knit On!

Sunday, February 26, 2006

Weekend Update

I started this:

Which should look like this:

But doesn't yet because it's so difficult - especially since the pattern isn't very specific about where to put the thumb gusset and how to adjust the stitch pattern to accomodate it....I spent a lot of time inputing the pattern to excel so I could place the gusset better in the pattern - but I just ended up winging it - I may rip and start over again but I have to rethink that - it was a lot of work to get this far. I'm also trying to figure out what is easier - one color in each hand or two in both - either way it's not very fast!! - so I'm taking a breather and continuing with the second sock of this....(Remember for the EX)

My washer finally came and obviously I did losts of wash - really does work better. Spins a lot better so shorter drying time!
I did abuse the old one before it left - I re-dyed a pair of faded black jeans - they are black and beautiful again!!

A quiet weekend - home made clam chowder on the burner and the last Olympic events tonight. Knit on and enjoy! Hope all out teams go for the Gold!!
(Isn't Apolo cute!!)

Friday, February 24, 2006

Turkish Skater

I don't get this at all - Tugba Tarakemir is the womens skater from Turkey. There are only two skating rinks in Turkey, so her family gives up thier comfortable life and moves to Canada so she can train and pursue her skating. The family has a difficult time with getting jobs primarily because of the language - but they stick it out. Father moves back to Turkey so he can work and support his family.
Tugba goes to the Olympics - what an accomplishment. Mom is still in Canada working - can't afford to go to Olympics to watch her daughter.
That's probably a senario for many families of Olympic contenders - but the part I don't get it is - "She had to work and couldn't watch her event on TV".....what? - what is the matter with her employeer. You'd think the community would rally and support this poor woman. I'm appalled and saddned by the sacrificies that families must make to support thier talented kids. I'm sorry that she has to work for someone who has no sense of family. What a way to treat people.
Go Turkey!!

Thursday, February 23, 2006

Book Club

I can't believe it - I didn't knit a stitch yesterday - had to rest after the hard race!! Got out to a few different venues though!!

Had Chocolate and Wine at book club - Oh yea and a great dinner!!
We are going to read The Birth of Venus - it looks interesting - and I PROMISE to read this time. Now that the Holiday Knitting and the Olympic training and sprint are over I can read.

A note to my Book Club Ladies - I just want you all to know how much I appreciate your friendships - I look forward to visiting, sharing stories of our college daughters and all the adventures in our lives. Thanks for being there to listen to my occasional rantings - I really do appreciate it!!

Daughter M2 is going to visit friends for a few days so am looking forward to a less stressful weekend. My washer is coming on Saturday...wish the light were - it really blew out last night - you can't turn it off at all. I was afraid it would catch fire so I took it outside - wish it had rained!!

Tonight will be watching Sasha skate and finishing a pair of socks I started earlier.

Hope all are getting closer to the gold - I wish you well!!

Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Yea - Finished!

My Olympic experience is complete :( - and I finished my sockapoolza socks! Two birds with one stone so to speak!!

I am sad to leave the village - but I need to finish other projects so I can start some new ones - I'm so fickle. This Olympic experience has been incredible - I still can't imagine that there are over 4000 of us knitting for our personal best ....these are the fastest socks I've ever finished - 8 evenings - remember I switched events and started these last Monday - not bad for me.

I wish the camera did a better job with the colors - they really are pretty - very springy - more Easter I think than Yellowstone - but just right any way.

I have had a terrible day at work - it just amazes me how incompetance is encouraged and tolerated. Bad management, inaccurancy and big companies who think they rule how thier little suppliers do business.......I could go on and on but this isn't the place!

Hopefully my new washer will come this weekend, my light will be replaced in sooner than the three weeks (come on - what happened to overnight shipping?), I'll find a new job soon - etc, etc....all this so I can concentrate on what's really important - what am I going to knit next.

Something for Pumpkin???.... The Man of our house!

Knit on Olympians - the finish line is in sight and we've all given it our hearts!!

Saturday, February 18, 2006

One sock down - one lap to go

High Desert Sunset on a very cold (10 degrees) evening. Beautiful but cold. More opportunity to Knit. I've got one sock finished and one to go - but won't be grabbing my board - just concentrate on the finish!!

Hope everyone is having a better weekend then me - it started it out with everything going wrong to disrupt my plans. The new washer is on backorder and won't be here til next weekend. The new light I got for my 'village' room? The switch started spitting smoke last night and the store is closed on Saturday! And to top it all off I made a bad mistake in my check book - my bank enjoyed notifiying me of that I'm sure. Of course if they hadn't taken the charge for the washer out until it was delivered this wouldn't have happened...so all my savings for buying at a 'big box' store have gone to overdraft charges - I hate it when that happens! I usually balance my check book every other day or so - I live to close to the edge to not do it that way - and it seems I transposed a number....what a drag - but it will all work out I suppose - it's just frustrating on top of everything else!

Plan on staying in my PJ's as long as possible tomorrow and knitting and doing as little as possible. Don't have Monday off so have to make the most of my time!!

Happy knitting everyone! Go Team USA

Friday, February 17, 2006

Weather update

Remember I worked in my garden last weekend - now it's 7 degrees and snowing.....winter....got to love it! Knitting opportunity!

Thursday, February 16, 2006

Here I am

Not very far I'm afraid - but will sprint this weekend. This is what I get for changing events!!
Just wish the colors were better for the pictures. It really needs more Orange to be "Yellowstone"

I wish I could figure out how to move my pictures on the page - in the place and order that I want them.......

See that little beaded string on my needles - this is the best tool - I made it - it is a stitch counter for circular needles and it works great every time!! You just keep it on the needles somewhere you want to start counting and then move it up a spot for each row you do. I put it at the end of the last needle - that way I know what to start next - works great and I couldn't knit without it!!

Monday, February 13, 2006

Change of Event

OK - so I blew it – I failed at my first Olympic event – I didn’t even complete the course – due to equipment failure! This is what happens if you don’t practice enough before the event. I did swatch before the opening ceremonies, but I just didn’t do enough repeats of the pattern. I cast on on Friday and realized that my yarn just wasn’t going to cut it – after doing 6 repeats (loops around the course) the result is too stiff. The yarn just has no drape – so out I go….

But – before the games I ordered some new sock yarn from this wonderful place – Angelika's - she carries tons of Lorna’s Laces. The color is Yellowstone (My favorite place) and it is perfect for my sockapalooza pal – just the colors she asked for. Plus when my order promptly came the next day, enclosed was the pattern for the “Breast Cancer” socks – with the bows on the side. So in honor of my Mom who passed away last April from Breast Cancer, I’m going to do these for my Olympic Event and my sockapalooza project. I hope the Olympic Committee will allow a substitute entry – I may not be Michele Kwan but they did set a precedence there….and Brode Miller switched equipment just before the downhill – but unfortunately it didn’t help him win!

So I am officially requesting a change – of course now I am more than qualified for Team DPN – since my socks will not be on circulars…..and there is a challenge here – I have less time and I’ll still have to carefully read the pattern to get the ‘bows’ correct. I will get to use my new magnetic lap board that I purchased on Saturday to hold my scarf pattern in place so I could read the rows. I bought a strip of magnetic tape and cut to the size of the board – then covered with cute paper (It came pre sticky) – and it works just great. Hold my pattern in place and I can mark the row I’m on with the magnetic strip.

It was a glorious weekend here – warm enough to work in the garden for a little while and take a short hike. Had a “girl friend” Saturday with a nice dinner out. Even went to the LYS (She knew NOTHING about the Knitting Olympics - can you believe it!) - I purchased "Sweaters from Camp" Hope to do one as my big project for the year - but want to turn one of the patterns into a cardigan - will have to do some figuring. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

Relaxed and watched the Olympics and Knitted – what more could I ask for? Now I’ll have to sprint to catch up!

Knit on and go for the Gold!

Saturday, February 11, 2006

The Village

The Village - with the new dual light - one for me and one for my roomie! It works great - I can see!

I was right about my pattern not being TV friendly - I only got about 1 1/2 repeats done out of 22 - but I'll be fine.

Am going to take some time out today to buy a new washing machine - boring - but necessary - have to keep these Olympic duds looking spify - how did you like the Italians coats last night - a little much!

So Knitters - enjoy and knit on - GO Team DPN

Friday, February 10, 2006

I'm Honored

I just read Stephanie's most recent notes about The Olympics - I am so honored to be a part of this. Imagine 4000 of us working together. Really amazing - but woudn't it be fun to be in Tacoma this weekend at the Madrona Fiber Arts Retreat - how cool would that be?

I did work on my swatch again last night - I have my doubts - this is not a very good watch TV and knit project - it takes far too much concentration. We watched Just Like Heaven - cute movie.

Well knitters I have to get back to work so I can start knitting as soon as I get home - it will be way ofter 2:00 PM my time so I'm already handicapped. Have to rip and start over (I only got about 20 rows of the swatch done anyway)!
Knit on and Enjoy!

Wednesday, February 08, 2006

My Sky

View to the west - Sunset over North and Middle Sister

View to the East - Smith Rocks and the Crooked River


New finds....

It’s 9:30 AM and already work is hectic for moments and then totally boring – I hate this job!!! I’m so fortunate to have a steady full time job (even though I hate it) and a really fun part-time job that I just love!! Why can’t it be the other way around? I expect that someday the part time position will work into full time – but that may be years away….there just isn’t the need yet. Check out Ranch at the Canyons web site and you will see why I love it so much – the scenery is only half of the good stuff!! Or you can go directly to the Living Gallery - much better. Sorry the site is so lame as far as how it operates - it is being redone after my complaining for years that it doesn't have to be this way...

I worked on my swatch for the Olympics last night – I’m not sure I can do this. I’ve done charts for simple stuff like short patterns on socks – but this is much more difficult and has no real repeats – well they are over like 30 rows or something. Not exactly something that I can memorize or write out easily. Plus I keep getting mixed up about right side and wrong side – it isn’t obvious when you start out of course……I’m sure it will be as I get more rows.

But of course for the Olympics I’m going to start over – after all this is just training and it doesn’t count for the actual event….I promise I’ll start over – not to difficult since I only have about 6 rows of 20 stitches done…pathetic for someone who has been knitting for years.

Color charts are so much easier – there is a pattern across the row – I can get those no problem, but this is way more difficult. I’m also concerned that I’ll have to really concentrate – I can’t watch skating and concentrate at the same time….so knitting my have to come while there is nothing on TV! There just isn’t time for all this – just get in there and knit!!

I still haven’t figured out what sweater to do next – the only thing in the queue for the future is my Sockapoloooza socks – that won’t take very long. I really want to knit a fair isle something. I do have problems picking patterns because 1) I love to knit in the round and don’t mind steeks – so am willing to modify patterns for that and 2) I’m not a size that most patterns accommodate – just a little over XL in most patterns (Yea I know – get out there and lose some weight – but I am what I am). So between the larger size and adapting to circular knitting I have to make changes to sweater patterns for me – so I have to choose carefully. I actually like this one a lot and I wouldn’t have to make any adjustments – We’ll just have to see.

I should be getting a tax refund soon – and after I purchase a new clothes washer (Yuck) some of it will go to Yarn Therapy – so maybe the above will be added to the queue. I’ve done a Philosophers wool fair isle that I loved – but really want something a little finer gauged…more work I know – but more fun!

Oh my gosh – while looking up the Philosophers wool URL I found this – Mari’s Sweaters - right in my back yard – over the mountains anyway. These are great looking patterns. I’ll have to check them out. I’d forgotten about Bryson Knits – I’ve used their yarn in the past and did a great sweater with it…..hum – more to ponder. There’s actually a lot of neat stuff on the Bryson Home Page – links to all kinds of patterns from various designers – but alas no Fair Isles!

OK enough for today – I really do have work to do!!
Knit on!!

Tuesday, February 07, 2006

What a Beautiful Day

Sorry this picture isn't better - especially the power lines - This is the Three Sisters and what I look at everyday. Central Oregon's signature.

I was cruising knitting blogs last night - (nothing good on TV to knit with) and was struck by how productive everyone seems to be.....they must have way more time on their hands. I stay up late as it is just to knit a few more rows.

I was also stuck by all the 20 something knitters - this is so neat to see! Knit on ladies. Wish I could get my daughters to knit more - although M2 has knitted a little - see previous posts - it is such good therapy!

I'll be back - have to reboot....

Sunday, February 05, 2006


OK - I'm not sure how this tag thing works - but Pat says that she has tagged everyone who hasn't been tagged - so here goes...

Four Jobs You Have Had:Vet assistant, Technology Specialist for a non profit, Mom, Naturalist

Four Movies You Could Watch Over and Over: Steel Magnolias, Legends of the Fall, Dances with Wolves, Sweet Home Alabama

Four Places You've Lived: Portland, Boston, Corvallis, Bend

Four TV Shows You Love To Watch: Grey's Anatomy, ER, CSI, Olympics

Four Places You've Been on Vacation: Hawaii, Yellowstone, Jackson Hole, The Bahamas

Four Websites You Visit Daily: The Weather Channel, Blogs I read, MSN

Four Favorite Foods: Ice Cream, Ice Cream, Curry, Leg of Lamb dinner

Four Places You'd Rather Be Right now: Hawaii, Yellowstone, anywhere in Montana, anywhere warm!

I see that most everyone else has been tagged so I won't tag again - how does this work anyway? Fun to do.

Got outside and walked along the Deschutes this morning - cold, clear and beautiful. Should do it more often - but where is the time.

Spent a little time (way to late at night) practicing for the Olympics - I really don't know how to read charts very well - but think I got it figured out so I will be ready to start next friday - can't wait. I'm going to do the leaves scarf from Scarf Style - it will be a challenge for me to follow the chart - am so afraid I will get lost.....will take book to work tomorrow to make multiple copies of chart so I can keep track of where I am - even enlarge it so I don't go blind!
Good luck to everyone! I'm looking forward to checking how everyone is doing! I did print the TV schedule so I can not miss a moment! Yea right - a full time job and kids make that impossible - but I can try!
Hope everyone has a great week!!!

Saturday, February 04, 2006

Visiting Day

Today is blog visit day - but since I went to work this morning and we were busy with pictures - I thought I'd post one.....this is where I work...this is the Tuscan Stables with Smith Rocks in the background.

My plan is to visit all my blog links and say hi to everyone - especially those doing the Olympics - to cheer us on....

So Happy Knitting!

Thursday, February 02, 2006

M2's First Hat

Yea again - M2's first Hat - we are now all into Yarn Therapy!

Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Finished and ready to send away! Hurray!

I'm so excited about sockapoolza - the map is really cool. Now to figure out what to do.......be creative and have fun!

Since Olympics are only a week away I don't want to get really into anything - so have begun promised custom sized socks for Ex - can't believe I'm doing this. So while I've been waiting in offices and fretting the last week, I've got most of one sock finished.

I got all my yarn cards from Knit Picks that I ordered, plus the pattern for the sampler vest - I'll have to make some size additions - wish I were a 43"....but alas that's not the case. Haven't picked out the yarn yet either.

I am already for the Olympics - Scarf Style project in a pale pink - a little girly for me - but I need something a little dressier. I can't wait to start ---- it's just another excuse to sit in front of the TV!! I Love the Olympics anyway - wish they were more often than every 4 years.

Knitting has only been in Doctors offices the last week. As I've said before - M2 Daughter is bipolar and this has been the bottom of the curve - she has spent the last two nights in the hospital - asked to be taken there because she was afraid she would hurt herself. Home now with a solid plan for coping and adjustments in her meds and her schedule. I'm afraid school is going to be the loser this term - but that's OK as long as she is the winner! I don't mean to sound as though we're not taking this serious - we are - this is the third episode like this in the last three years - always January-February. It is very very scary and I think each time we've just escaped. As usual we are all full of promise now for healthy results. Since M2 is over 21 she has to be more responsible for her own health - there is only so much I can do. I think sometimes that my encouragement comes out like nagging and that can be a trigger for her. I am so fortunate that she is a really good person and that I do believe she has always been very honest with my and her health resources. The real key this time will be conscientious follow through.

So here's to more relaxed knitting!