Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Letter to "Talk of the Nation" National Public Radio

Saturday, President Bush wondered how to make treatment available to those who suffer from Mental Illness. Today (Monday) Talk of the Nation discussed ‘Forced Treatment” for the mentally ill. The tragedy at Virginia Tech has brought this issue to the forefront of many peoples concern. It has been my top concern for a long time.

My daughter has a mental illness and I say this with her full permission and encouragement.

The real issue is that Mental Illness is not recognized as a medical condition. Not by many doctors, certainly not by insurance companies or the general public. Most people account the symptoms of the mentally ill to just bad behavior.

My daughter is at times a threat to herself, but much of the time she functions just like you and I - Has a job where she is very valued, lives away from home and has supportive friends. She is on medication that helps smooth out the daily rough edges.

My daughter would be able to function better and avoid the extremely painful aspects of her illness if therapy were available – she has a wonderful therapist – but she cannot afford to go often enough to have a long term benefit. Her insurance only covers 20 visits in a 24 month period! That’s less than once a month. Consequently her therapist is only able to assist her during a crisis – not beforehand as preventative care.

This is not an illness that goes away after 20 treatments; this is a lifelong chronic issue. Can you imagine telling a cancer patient that only 20 doses of chemotherapy are available? Then you’re on your own? My daughter is fortunate that she is educated enough about her illness that she knows she has to work at it everyday, but the threat is always there. Her body is scared by the abuse she has inflicted on herself. She has been on suicide watch many times and has been hospitalized for her attempts. Yet she bounces back, learns new methods of prevention, and goes on with her life, always moving forward. She is a true survivor. I am incredibly proud of her. But no one should have to suffer and hurt like she has.

Until we wake up and acknowledge that mental illness is just that – an illness – just like cancer is an illness, there will always be those that don’t get help. There will always be those that go over the edge. And there will always be those that are discriminated against because they are brave enough to admit they have a mental illness and they need help.

Thank you NPR for your thought provoking broadcasts. Hopefully bringing this issue to light will help those that suffer from Mental Illnesses. The tragedy at Virginia Tech is horrific, and so are the lives that are lost to Mental Illness.

Monday, April 23, 2007

Hurray Hurray FO

I actually finished a long time project - my Wave scarf....I can't remember when I started this - but have enjoyed it a lot....Nature's Palette - dusky purple and two Kiogu that had been sitting around so long I've lost the ball bands. One down and two more to go - the most important being the Celtic Cardigan. I've got to finish that!! And of course there are socks in my bag.

This was prom weekend - this is the last one thank goodness! It seems it costs more each time. She had a great time and slept most of yesterday - party on!

I am having the worst time with my blogger template - I can't get my sockapalooza button to show up....It's driving me crazy. But I am participating and looking forward to meeting new friends. The pal I knit for last year doesn't have a blog - so it was hard to keep in touch. Abigail who knit great socks for me has just had a transformation - check it out - she is beeautiful!

After a raining and cold weekend - today is lovely and I actually found a few blossoms in my garden - but unfortunately the apples got frozen - so the won't be very pretty. Unfortunately I also found a few of these in the grass and will have to work at using the dreaded weed killer....

Hope everyone enjoys the week ahead. I'll be working on producing more FOs! Yea!

Knit Peace

edited: I wish blogger would show you what your post really looked like in the edit window - the pictures keep moving around...grrrrr

Thursday, April 19, 2007

And the winner is....

I drew a name - and the STR is in the mail!!
Thank you all for your hard work and beautiful efforts. The Preemie babies at St. Charles Hospital will be warm and cozy!! I'll be delivering 27 hats - and I think more to come. I've got yarn to do more - they are such fun very quick projects.
Thank you all again.

Monday, April 16, 2007

Waiting for one more delivery

I haven't forgotten to draw for Beanies for Preemies - I'm waiting for one more package to arrive - I think - Barb are you out there??
By the way - I did two more hats yesterday with the yarn that Mary sent me...thanks!

Friday, April 13, 2007

I am overwhelmed!!

Oh my gosh - today the mailman brought all kinds of goodies.....
Beans for Preemies and special things for me - you all just don't know how much it meant to me - it's been a very difficult week and this is just what I needed.
Beanies for Preemies.....

These are from Teri Oh they are so cute! Look at that tiny blue one on the right!

These are from Kim - so very soft! I love the Debbie Bliss yarn!

These are from Pat - with extra treasures for me (How did you know I've been looking for a calendar for my desk at work and I LOVE National Parks?) Everyone can use more refrigerator magnets too - (I got two today!)

Ladies - I just don't know what to say - I wish I had some more STR to send to each of you - but will draw early next week in case there are any stragglers. I am so appreciative of your generosity!

Then the postman also brought me this from Mary. I sort of guessed the location of her vacation and she was going to send me a refrigerator magnet - instead I got the magnet and all these other goodies - to knit more Beanies - which I will!!! She bought the yarn in France and it is so very soft - just right for those tiny heads!!! I really need the note cards - so this was perfect! Thank you so very much!
It had been a particulary difficult week - M2 daughter is having a tough go of life and I went to spend a few days with her. Missed two days of work which I can't afford - there wasn't enough to keep me busy anyway - but still. Daughter is doing much better now - as they say 'sometimes life just comes at you hard!'
Then I get all these goodies in the mail today - I just can't thank you all enough for your kindness!
I'm off to finish the painting and maybe just sit and knit for awhile!
Knit Peace

Monday, April 09, 2007

Poor Dove

I've been painting the spare bedroom today - about half done - but am soon to run out of paint - Murphy's law.

While painting I had the window open to air out the room and listened to the many birds in my yard. I've got lots of English Sparrows that bother everyone else and thier song is obnoxious. Then there are the Chickadees that I love. Both are a little put out (pun intended) - I covered up thier access to my attic! Was tired of hearing the pitter patter of little feet before I was ready to get up in the morning. And of course the Robins are busy talking to each other. I've also got a covey of Quail (Dan and Marilyn's family) that Pumpkin tries in vain to capture. The calling sentinel (Dan I assume) is pretty viligent so Pumpkin doesn't stand a chance.

Then there is the Dove - poor thing - he doesn't have the melody down at all - he sounds like a barking dog! I've seen the girls visit him - but they leave as soon as they hear him. He needs some singing lessons!

I'm sure spring is just around the corner (It's snowing on the pass today) because in the evenings the frogs are making music. I had one on the back patio the other day that had the dog cowering in her kennel - what a dork.

In Camp Sherman I listen to the Canada Geese all day - they're searching for the best nesting sites now. There is an old tree house out my office window - all that's left is the platform. Everyday the geese check it out - it would be perfect but I think they'd have a hard time getting into it - it's pretty protected by big limbs.

My favorite bird to hear (and a great one to watch dance!) is the Sandhill Crane - I don't hear it here very often - but once in awhile. They nest east of here quite a ways - but I've seen and heard them while camping on high Cascade lakes and sometimes I catch a flock flying on thier way to nesting areas. (Did you see Planet Earth on the Discovery Channel last night - I've always wanted to go to the Artic when the snow geese arrive!)

I have been knitting - finished one sock! But have vowed to finish something else before I start a new project - there are just too many half complete projects.

1) Wave scarf -
2) Celtic Cardigan
3) Interlacements Shawl
4) Another Scarf....

But I have some new treasure - wonderful Blue Moon Seduction in a very pretty green - Footzey-Foo. I want a scarf - haven't picked a pattern yet. Have to work on other things first.
So I'm off to rest my weary body. (Oh yea - worked outside a lot yesterday - between rain showers) I'll be knitting and trying not to fall asleep in my chair. Hope everyone had a wonderful Easter!

Thursday, April 05, 2007

The STR Prize has arrived!

Socks That Rock - Fairgrounds.......for the Beanies for Preemies drawing! Above picture is really too dark. It knits up like below - I'm lovin it - especially for Easter weekend!
Enjoy the weekend - it's going to be beautiful here - I'll be in an office working so no knitting in the sunshine for me, but I'll still enjoy it!
Happy Easter to all - hope your eggs are all chocolate!!