Friday, April 18, 2008

No Work - Lots of Knitting

My chair side - all the essentials; coffee, knitting projects and the remote - what a way to spend the day! Opps - coffee is out of range!

Starting at the top - Plain Jane Pink socks and my wonderful Pirates Bag. These are my carry- with-me essentials. Next clockwise, is another Forest Canopy Shawl - Anne in the Mediterranean Sunset colorway - picture doesn't do it justice. Maybe this is better....This is just one of my favorite all time patterns. Wish I had more guts to branch out to other lace - but this just always fits the bill. I have to confess that I did do some stash enhancement awhile back (See below for "Why in the &$! did I do this) - but it was on sale at Little Knits - and it was just right. It will go into the future gift stash.

Next is the Hearty Strippy socks from a Ravelry free pattern. Gosh it was easy to get hooked on Ravelry!

The last project no longer exists....I was trying to do the Lace Ribbon Scarf with Knit Picks Andean Silk - but although I didn't cast on the full amount - I didn't like the way it was progressing. I really want to knit a gift scarf with this yarn - it is so soft - but just can't come up with the right combination! I do have plenty of sock weight stash to do this pattern so there is no problem there!

I have so much time because I am again temporarily out of work, that will change in a few weeks I think - but nothing is for sure of course. I wasn't very prepared this time and am really stretching the cash to get by day to day...why does this keep happening to me! (It's what I get for being in business for myself) It is always a matter of circumstances (including doing my job to well!) and beyond my control. There is lots of unavoidable drama going on at work due to budget cuts - but when it's all said and done I am confident I will be working my dream job full time and then some! Keep your fingers crossed. In the meantime I knit and while the weather transitions to Spring I get my garden ready for summer! Life is interesting and good!


Pat K said...

Oh, may so much good luck go your way for finding a good steady job! Your knits look so nice!

Melissa said...

Oh, bummer. I'm looking at the same scenario. My company was just purchased and they plan to close the Bend office. It has always worked out before, so I just have to believe it will again, for both of us. Meanwhile, more time to knit!

Roxie said...

Bless your heart! This may be a good time to do some cooking and freezing of meals to thaw and eat when you are putting in all that overtime in the future. And it always feels so good to have food put by for the future.

The knitting is kick-ass! You make that Forest Canopy shawl look SOOO appealing that I am tempted to try it.