Thursday, October 09, 2008

First Snow

This was Monday - first snow on the Cascades. Usually it is a wonderful sight - but this is a little early....way to a month early!!! They say it could snow here tonight!

Am headed over these mountains tomorrow for the last of the family funerals. We had to wait until Ruthie was home and tomorrow is the day. It seems like everyone was moving forward and now tomorrow will bring it all back again. It's just so incredibly sad.

To top off all the slams the world has thrown at this family (Did I mention that my Dad has Alzheimer's? and was in the hospital for a few days because he couldn't walk) - my sister had a fire in her house last night - not too bad, but everything is full of soot and we can't stay there....the entire family will be in town and we all get to stay in a nice motel courtesy of the Insurance company. But OMG this just isn't right (Although Lisa's family had to go buy new clothes since all of theirs is full of smoke).

I made a new knitting friend tonight - Hi Beverley! Can't have too many knitting friends.

My postings will be even more sporadic than usual...REI Girl is moving home and getting ready for the big must finish her sweater, only 24 more days she informed me tonight!! Mother's anxiety is beginning to set in!

Hope all is well


Kukka-75 said...

Life can be sometimes so hard. Wish all the best for your family. *Hugs*

Pat K said...

Many good thoughts heading your way. Hang in there.

Rhonda the Stitchingnut said...

I'll be thinking of you.

It's been a bad year for me also ... still is.