Monday, February 15, 2010

The Agony of Defeat

This was not the thrill of victory - This sweater just was not meant to be. The pattern was full of errors, missing sections and the stitch count didn't work for the raglan decreases....I ripped out to before joining the sleeves and the body - reknit and made some adjustments and still couldn't get it to work. When I had it all apart I put the body piece around me - too big even though my gauge was right would have been too roomy for me. So into stash the yarn goes til I find something more suitable. What a waste of time - but actually I've learned a lot and it is the process! Just wish I had a finished project.

This skein was a very appreciated and totally unexpected Christmas gift from my co-worker. I'll wind it tomorrow and start a shawl. Maybe Adamas Shawl? Or Ene's Scarf. I'll have to pick soon because I have nothing else on the needles and I'd suffer from withdrawals!! Knitting deprevation!

How did you like the Opening Ceremonies? I loved it and marveled at the technology! Fun and entertaining.

I had Cedar Waxwings in my yard the other day...does that mean spring is coming? We haven't had much of a winter really - it was 58 today - I want cold and snow! It has snowed everywhere else, why not here where it's supposed to snow in winter! At least for a little while?


Roxie said...

Oh crap! Be careful what you wish for! I've seen it snow in July.

Bummer about the sweater. how frustrating! Best of luck with the new project.

Mette aka mettuska said...

I think we have got your snow, too :D Too much, I think. Waiting a lot for the summer...