Tuesday, November 02, 2010

The Homeless at Sunrise

Poor Little Pumpkins!! They'll now go to cattle feed - that's a sight to see.

We have thousands of Robins at the Ranch right now - getting drunk on these beautiful Juniper Berries - hope they leave some for my Christmas decorations!!!

Beautiful fall days, incredible sunrises, fresh snow on the mountains. Fall in Central Oregon!


Roxie said...

The cattle really love those pumpkins, too. Sweet!

Drunk robins? I've been around one that was a mean drunk - wanted to fight with the horses. Wonder if some of them get maudlin? "I really love you, man!"

And happy drunks. "Play FreeBird!"

Mette (Mettuska) said...

I make sometimes tea from the Juniper berries, it´s good when you have a flu and a cough :) Beautiful pics!