Tuesday, December 07, 2010

Snow Walking

The Nomad, Kennedy and I took a snow walk today along the Deschutes! It's nice not working all the time so I can enjoy adventures. Also have obviously been knitting - but you'll have to look at my Ravelry page to see the results. Unfortunately I keep thinking of things I could knit for gifts - so the final push is on. I think I've got it under control. Some year I'll start this process much earlier...yea right!

We are enjoying a real winter with snow on the ground. Am loving it! Ruby Suby has proved to be a perfect addition - we can go any where!!

Christmas will arrive this weekend - decorate the tree, get all the old fun stuff out and up. Book Club is at my house next week so have to be all finished. Not having Christmas here so don't know why I bother, but it's fun.

Hope all is well with all and that you are enjoying the season!

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Roxie said...

Wonderful pictures! There are a few compensations for having free time in the middle of the day.

Happy decorating! You may not be doing the big thing in your house, but it is Christmas all month long and you may as well enjoy!