Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Road trip!!

The Nomad and I are going on a road trip. We will head north east on Friday and travel through John Day, Sumpter, LaGrande, Joseph (where I'm told there is a LYS) and Enterprise, back on Monday. The puppies first camping trip!

I am so looking forward to this. We were originally planning to go south along the Umpqua River area - but I think that it is too smokey from numerous big fires. We are expecting "abundant" lightening here tomorrow, so we may not be going anywhere!! Local authorities are really preparing for possible big fires - it is so very dry. There are 6 retardant planes sitting in wait on the tarmac at Redmond Airport, and all the local firefighters are on alert. Could be a busy time around here.

Twisted Stitchers tonight was fun as usual. We have a group of wonderful ladies. The County Fair starts tomorrow and some of our group has things entered. One knitter got a call from the Judge today - she wanted to know if her entry was machine knit!!! Can't you tell - you're a Judge! The knitters work is incredible - check out her blog and her online store - amazing Nordic patterns and beautiful work. I was going to enter a few things - but it is such a bother to get stuff over there etc. The Fiber Arts department sounds like they are really promoting things this year. If I weren't going camping I'd go over and knit with them on their exhibit day. Would be fun. Check out their Facebook page.

Here's to good weather ahead and adventuresome roads to explore! I'll report on the yarn shop when I return!!

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