Wednesday, May 06, 2015

It's my turn!!

Yeah - I've got all my gift knitting done (for awhile anyway)!
I've knit a baby sweater for a dear friend's daughter - due in June and the first grandchild for my friend.

Another baby sweater for my daughter's sister-in-law, also due in June.

A Wedding blanket for my daughter

Baby bird nests for the local Wildlife rehab organization

Dog sweater for a friend's daughter's dog
The first baby sweater was knit with Madelintosh - loved the spruce color. Perfect for this sweater. Very carefully hand washed it (it is Superwash so could have done it in the washing machine). It ran - really - the white is now dirty green white. So disappointed. I decided to contact Madelintosh and let them know that the yarn had run - well was i surprised when they offered to replace the three skeins I used for the sweater and another skein!! OMG. I picked different colors this time. Can't wait to see what I choose. The customer service was wonderful!!

The day after tomorrow The Nurse and her Captain are getting married. Tonight all the tornados hit Oklahoma City. The Nurse is camped out at the hospital - safe and trying to get some sleep so maybe she can go home tomorrow - then back to Oklahoma City for the wedding on Friday. What an adventure for sure. Fifty years from now they will laugh at the trials of the ceremony! Wish I could see the happiness on her face!