Friday, August 18, 2006

OK – I’ve been a bad blogger again – forgive me this once! Life has been very busy and stressful…what happened to having a fun summer? Oh it’s nothing terrible just a lot going on. M2Daughter is moving to go back to school (for the third time)….and there’s all the packing to do – where did she get so much stuff! Trying to figure out and plan for the change in finances – everything cost more than either of us anticipated, she will truly be a ‘starving college student’!! But it is time for her to go and I am so proud of her – this is a huge step – especially since she will be living alone! Of course I’m a bit nervous but also looking forward to having time to spend with my youngest daughter.

She is a senior this year and has tons going on. It seems I’ve hardly seen her this summer! Tonight the photographer is coming over to visit about her senior pictures – oh my gosh time has gone by so fast!! We had planned to have all the college apps completed and to begin the scholarship applications before school started – we haven’t even started. Luckily she knows exactly where she wants to go and what she wants to do….Linfield College nursing program. She has always wanted to be a Labor and Delivery nurse. Last week she job shadowed at our local hospital and got to be right there during a cesarean – that cinched the deal – she’s in!

I actually have been knitting a little every night…mostly the Celtic Cardigan. It takes a lot of concentration now that I’m on the yoke in the back. It’s definitely not mindless knitting – I’ve ripped my share of rows believe me. But am enjoying it and know that it will be beautiful when I am finished.

I’ve got to start on Christmas Presents – I think I’ll do a pair of washcloths for each of the girls – any suggestions about yarn? I’d like to do a couple pair of cotton socks too and of course I’ve stash for scarves since last year – unfortunately they aren’t quick and dirty ones either. The cardigan may be taking a back seat pretty soon!

We are still living under smoke filled skies – makes for great sunsets! The Lake George Fire is just a few miles from the last one I wrote about. It’s actually closer to where I am every day. They lit a big back fire yesterday – the column of smoke was huge – it’s own weather. But they say it did the trick! I hope it clears out pretty soon – I miss seeing the Cascades!

Hope everyone is knitting well and enjoying these last days of summer! School starts here in three weeks - where did the summer go!!


Julia said...

Hi Julie - there are two ways you can go for washcloths (well, more than that). Let me rephrase! You could go with a cotton chenille (I believe Crystal Palace makes a popular one) or you can go with something like the Euroflax Linen, which is not soft to knit with but softens up with washing (and I hear it is great for exfoliation!). Or, you could of course do a cotton yarn. Sounds like a busy but happy time for you!

Rhonda said...

Cotton chenille by Crystal Palace is what I used for wash cloths. Nice & soft for the face too. I just love mine. Julia suggested the linen also, which is good for the body. And the book One Skein uses a yarn made of a nettle plant fiber. Himalay Yarn Aloo, a worsted yarn to make a Knitted Puffy & a Crocheted Mitt [which a bar of soap fits into] [I can see this being great for the little pieces the bar turns into, LOL.] One skein for both projects. But the yarn looks great for this type of project, Altho I still really love using the cotton chenille. Feels like luxury on my face... like I'm pampering myself. And it's nice to be pampered!

Roxie said...

I saw a hemp facecloth in a trendy spa catalog the other day for $32. I think you can get hemp yarn a lot cheaper than that!