Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Tomorrow is the Day!!

I'll explain that later - but first what I've been up to....
M2 Daughter is moved and settled in Eugene. Occassionaly bored and lonley - but surviving on her own. Calls me at least twice a day just to say good morning and good night (at least I know where she is!). It will take some adjustment on her part - but she's doin good and I'm so glad for her and proud of her steps in the right direction.
M3 Daughter just got her senior pictures taken - what a deal we got. We spent about 2 hours one morning last week doing 'the shoot' and now I have a disk with over 200 shots. I can pick which ones I like (we've narrowed it down to 40 favorites) and print what we need. My Canon printer does a great job. I've paid less than half of what the other kids costs. Their pictures were great too, but limited choices. These are two of my favorites.

I've also been organizing - now that there is an empty room....really just rearranging things and spent some time looking at my small stash and wondering what am I going to knit. I never seem to have a problem there - there just isn't enough time to knit everything I want - as you all know. I bought a few new baskets to keep things sorted out - I actually just wanted to see my stash better - so now some of it is in a new basket behind my chair - very colorful and it keeps me motivated.
I got a smaller basket which is now beside my chair which holds my smaller WIP - I wish I could figure out how to have to color come out better in my photos. On the right is a scarf out of the left over Manos from my sisters sweater - I'm edging it with black - really is striking. On the left is my first wash cloth - Cotton Chenile - did while Marianne was having her pictures taken. I got 5 other colors. So the Christmas frenzy is on.
The trekking socks are laungishing (sp?) in my knitting bag - they're for waiting in line time - which I don't have much of. The Celtic cardigan is coming along - wish I could take a photo of the stitch pattern - it really is cool and I'm liking it. Doubt it will be wearable very soon.
Remember the Interlacements I bought at the
Black Sheep Gathering - well check out Wendy's Blog for the Fir Cone Wrap - delicious and I think I could do this. Of course Pat - I'm still working on your scarf - but it is slow going.
I really think the problem is I have too many things on the needles at once. So I'll not be starting anything new until I have two more finished pieces....right. But in my effort to get organized I'm sticking to it.
OK - tomorrow is the day - I'm starting Weight Watchers - can't go the meetings - I rather spend the time knitting and the money on yarn - but I do have the latest point book and am familar with the program - so am starting. I have no idea what my actual weight is - don't really care - but do care how I look. The above photographer took a few pictures of Marianne and I togther and I had to delete them I was so embarrassed. Not only over weight - but my gosh I looked like an old frump in need of a hair cut and make over. Where did those wrinkles come from? Anyone tried any of those anti wrinkle creams - Olay stuff? I've used regular Olay for always, but none of the more targeted applications. Marianne surprised me with a paid for appointment for a cut and color and I committed to work on the weight and frump clothes. You know who cares what you look like when you sit home and knit all the time!! LOL. I actually look much younger than I am - I'm told often - thanks for that Mom! - but this woke me right up - time to take care of myself for a change. So friends -wish me success. I'll keep you posted.


Roxie said...

I lost fourty pounds with weight watchers, but I was attending meetings. It helps you stay honest. I quit going, and started gaining again. but WW is one of the most successful programs in existence, and it is definitely do-able. Good for you! Go for it! Write down EVERYTHING you eat. If you bite it, write it, and just don't quit!!

Julia said...

Taking care of yourself is a great goal, whatever form that takes! I'm with you on fighting the frump. It's so easy to slide into sweatpants. Must fight the urge!

Pat K said...

I've been looking at that Fir Cone Wrap too. Possibilities keep wandering through my head for yarn that I could use for it. Good luck on your new endeavor, I know exactly what you mean about "fighting the frump".

Rhonda said...

Know what you mean ... I've faught off weight gain for years. WW is great, but must be following religiously. I loss then gain 5 yrs later.... so I'm back to it again.

My friend from Alabama told me about a Touch of Mink ... Mink Oil Concentree and I've been using it ever since. One bottle will last me a whole year, so it's worth the money. Especially if you get it on sale. Check my blog for a pic of me at age 57 [and after using the oil for 3 years]

Gosh I sound like an advertizement!

Here's their website:
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