Tuesday, September 19, 2006

WIP and WW

I have been knitting - really!!
I've got a few Works In Progress to show.
First is THE sweater - I hope you can see the detail on the back yoke - it really is pretty. I'm only working on this when I can really concentrate - I've ripped out a few times and that is a pain! I doubt this will be finished anytime soon - Christmas is approaching (OMG - there's decorations in all the stores - what are they thinking!)

Then there are the scarves. Pat's Littlelace is languishing - I just don't see progress very fast and I get tired of the repetition. No instant gratification - but gratification non the less.
Using up the Manos is also languishing - I'm afraid I'll run out - so it's not a priority.
But this.....I'm liking this a lot. I have tons of the plain purple - so will do a ribbed neck or something to make sure I have enough of the pink and blue to finish. I love this. But it's probably a gift.

I've been doing the "Cloth" thing too - face out of Cotton chenille and dish out of Peaches and Cream - it is so cheap!! I did the Garterlac (no Pic - it's wet!)- will do another hopefully neater this time. Once I got the hang of the pattern it sure went fast. I can crank these out for 'little gifts'.

I'm not going to get much knitting in for a few days. Am headed over the mountains on Friday to have a belated birthday dinner with Molly (today's her day!) and then on the Portland the next day to see my Dad before he heads south for the winter. I am not really looking forward to being in his house. My sister says it is trashed - my mom would be horrified - and I can't believe that my Dad is letting this happen. I really like his girl friend - but she is not a housekeeper - and my Dad had my mom picking up after him for too long to change now. How do I politely say "Clean up this mess" without offending? As soon as he leaves I'll have to go back and put the house to bed for the winter and guess who will be cleaning then....my sister and I probably - mostly my sister because she's there and I'm not. I think we will remove some of the special family things just to protect them - what a pickle!

Fall is really here - cold, cloudy and fresh snow on the Mountains! Time to nest and knit!


Pat K said...

Such pretty knits! Don't you just love warshrag knitting? Hope your weekend isn't too "pickled".

Rhonda said...

What brand cotton chenille did you use? Here's a pretty simple pattern that I'll be trying out http://pensandneedles.blogspot.com/2005/12/moms-bath-mitt-pattern.html
but I'll be using the pattern that Dispy gave me for texture.

You've been doing pretty good with keeping up with the knitting. I hate the pressure that Christmas puts on me. I also knit donated projects when I can and I can barely keep up. But I've got an idea of what I'll do for some of the older (6 of them) granddaughters this year ... I'll post about it soon. (clue: how old were you when you learned to knit?)