Sunday, September 03, 2006

One project finished!

Trekking finished - can't remember the color - but my Trek with Me project is complete. Didn't Trek much - but did knit!! I think these will be a gift - so again - one more down for Christmas.

The scarf is coming along also - but wonder if I'll have enough - It may end up being a table runner!! I may do another wash cloth today - then I will have completed two things - joy!

I'm tackeling some major cleaning this weekend - you know behind the bed, the bottom of the drawers - that kind of thing. It will be nice to have an extra day to get some of it finished. Wish I had bought some paint for my front door - this would have been the perfect time....but my local paint store isn't open on Sunday and I need a particular color - oh well - not as though I can't do it later.

I did get a nice picture for Sandy last night - forest fires create wonderful sunsets so I've been keeping my eyes open!! The tankers are flying again today and Marion Forks was under pre-evac orders yesterday - dry lightening predicted for this afternoon - oh fun in Central Oregon!

Hope everyone enjoys the long weekend. School start here on Tuesday - the last year - how did that happen so fast!


Abigail 1870 pearl said...

Wow! Yet another amazing pic! That gal has talent:D

The trekking socks are so fun. Truly they will put a happy smile on your face in the cold of winter.

Rhonda said...

Ah nothing like a pair of warm handknit socks for a gift. Frankly, I've only had time to knit socks for myself & only one grandson so far. But I decided to buy for the kids this year & only knit for the youngest since she's still a baby. I'm talking grandchildren BTW. Haven't got a clue on what I'll get for the others this year. Good for you for starting early!

LeAnne said...

Hey Julie, I am really glad you sent your friend the link. One thing I learned from my accident is that People Are Good and that I really needed the help of many of them. I got it! Help came in so very many forms and I really leaned on that and I hope that I can help your friend and many others through a trial from my experience.