Monday, October 02, 2006

It's over

Fall is here - after a glorious weekend. Pleasant days and cool nights. Yard work during the day and knit at night. What more could I ask for (lots).
This little friend joined me for the lawn clean up..... I think it's a female Ruby Crowned Kinglet. Was definitly not feeling well - not inclined to fly so swooshed her into a flowerbed where she could hide from Pumpkin the Terrible!

I picked the last of the Cosmos just to bring the last bit of summer inside. Plus I've got tomatos stashed all over the house rippening. Today is much cooler and cloudy...see ya next year!

On the knitting front - I did knit- but not much. I got two more Garterlac dishcloths finished - what fun they are - instant gratification as Joan says. My Christmas stash is growing. I also worked a little on my Chocolate sweater - gosh it's taking forever...but am almost done with the back. I have to concentrate on every row on the yoke - it is not mindless knitting. I think I'll do both fronts on the same needles at the same time - should go faster and for sure will match! Same with the sleeves.

Didn't join Socktoberfest - not sure I have any socks... (Yea right - I probably can't help myself) - hum I think I better go check it out.

Did you see the Grey's Anatomy KAL? What fun! I'm a huge fan so will be watching what they are up to.

Family is thriving - I am so blessed!


Roxie said...

Time to lay in a few knitting projects for the winter. Something for the occasional snow/ice days. The pictures are lovely. Tell us about Pumpkin the Terrible.

Rhonda said...

I wish I had thought to do both sleeves at once. I'm still working on a 2nd sleeve. But now I'm distracted by Christmas gifts, mittens & socks anyway. Happy knitting!