Monday, October 16, 2006


OK – the word is out – those pictures from the last post are Roxie and me – taken 30 very plus years ago when we were seniors at THE SAME High School! We have reconnected through our blogs. I figured out who she was by the review of her latest book that was in the Sisters Nugget. My goodness but what a small world these blogs make! I am so impressed that she is a Master Knitter – I would never remotely have thought that knitting would be an interest of hers back in high school. Oh how we change. Am hoping we can connect in person one of these days. This whole process is so astounding to me – the blogs and the community it has created. I am so honored to be a part of it.

On the knitterly front – have been working on gift socks – frogged them when I got to the toe, all the way back before the heel – just didn’t like the shape…so started again. I’ll post a picture soon – the yarn is yummy.

I joined the Lonesome Skein KAL – hope to get some good ideas for gifts from the stash. Speaking of – I never got The Traveling Stash – wonder where it died. The Soxy Lady had it last according to the blog – but she has just opened a new shop – hope it didn’t get buried in all the new stock for the store!! But once she finds it - that could potentially be really fun for the next recipient! (Me? Me? Me?)

Winter has definitely arrived on the High Desert. There was snow on Black Butte this morning and traffic snarls on Santiam Pass due to snow. Had big plans to get all the leaves picked up on Saturday – but had major equipment failure – so knit instead. Great trade – but now I have wet leaves all over! Spring will be here soon enough.

Hope everyone has a great week – am off on Friday to take M3 for the college visit then on to Portland for the rest of the weekend. But no yarn shopping for me!!! Will be helping my sister clean up the mess dad left in his house when he departed for sunny California this morning…..aren’t families fun!


Pat K said...

Your high school pictures amaze me! And I hope the stash box hasn't disappeared, either; I thought it would be all done by now. So winter has arrived, hey? It's just turned to fall down here.

Roxie said...

OK, I found Julie through Pat's blog. How did Pat and Julie meet?

Drive careful, Julie. there are idiots on that stretch between Sisters and the Camp Sherman cut-off.