Thursday, November 16, 2006

Home today – no work on Thur and Fri anymore – bummer. So I’m waiting for the tile installer, the electrician, firewood delivery etc. So it all works out I guess. But without work it’s hard to pay for all these new projects! Funny how that works.

I do plan to do some maintenance repair projects with my time. Paint a few rooms, clean out closets, get rid of junk and oh yes Knit! I’ve taken a pair of socks that I started last week out so many times the yarn is frayed…but am going well now. Pictures when I get one finished. It’s just production knitting now as gift time is approaching way to fast. Am of course now the girls are saying – I want a new pair of socks, I need a warm scarf. I’m going to need some good movies to watch in the next few weeks to get this all done! It’s comforting to know all my fellow knitters are doing the same thing each evening!

I hope to get all the kitchen remodel – new floors and appliances – completed before the holiday – don’t know what the rush is since we won’t be here anyway, but it will be nice to get it completed. I was going to put off the appliance part – way more expense than I anticipated – but I found the perfect, used but in perfect condition, stove and micro – at about 10% of the cost of new – belonged to my boss who is getting a new gas stove for Christmas. What a deal. Now to find the right refrigerator to match. The stove and micro are black, I switched the panels on the dishwasher to black – so can I do a stainless refrigerator or do I do black. I think that black is too stark – since it’s the first thing you see when you walk in my front door – it’s a very open house. So am thinking a cabinet depth stainless refrig – what do you think. I’m standing at the front door in this picture – looks pretty cluttered doesn’t it? Just imagine new tile floor – carmel colored – to complete the “NEW” look.

We had the big wind and rain event last night – wasn’t nearly as bad as predicted. Luckily! I was bracing for the big one – had the candles and camping lantern ready, wood split, etc. Lots of rain and now my burn pile is just too wet – today would have been perfect to get that chore out of the way.

I think I’m going to get a surprise in the mail next week – finally – since I’m the only person who hasn’t received the Traveling Stash yet. I’ve got things to put in that I’ve had set aside for months. I love surprises. I need good surprises these days.

Hope all is well with everyone and your Turkey day prep is underway – my family is all coming here and I haven’t even started the list yet!!

Knit on!


Pat K said...

Hope you do get that box soon! I'm wondering what's still in it after all this time.

Roxie said...

It might be nice to miss a few of those winter drives into the woods - sharing icy roads with ex-Californians who think 4-wheel drive gives them 4-wheel stopping power as well.

Hmm, black stove, black dishwasher - how about a wood-grain fridge-front to match the cabinets? More black would be SOO dark.

Rhonda said...

I 2nd the wood-grain cabinet front for the fridge. Would be an idea look since it's what you see from the front door. Don't know how much more that would cost tho.

You might have noticed I've been missing in action these days as well. The knitting is taking over with the Holidays looming so close. Good thing I've pick managable gifts like fingerless gloves. No fingers mean faster knitting, hehe. I'll think of all my knitty friends feverously knitting away while I'm doing the same.