Saturday, November 25, 2006

Turkied Out

I am still stuffed - but we had a great time! Certain items might have been a little tastier if the cook had stayed in the kitchen and watched the pots - but I was having too much fun visiting with my siblings and family. Lucky for me it all made it to the table and the gravey survived!! No one even fell asleep in the mashed potatoes. We toasted mom and dad - saying we were right were they'd want us to be - together and having a good time. Dad wasn't here - in California for the winter and Molly had to work - but she made it home on Friday for the turkey sandwiches and left over pie! So we were all together part of the time. And as tradition rules - we watched The Grinch last night....the kids never grow up!
Now the house is quiet again - everyone went home today to avoid the tangled mess that will be the pass tomorrow - it's been snowing for days up there. I'm doing the mounds of laundry generated by 7 extra bodies in the house - plus of the course someone brought thier laundry home for mom to do - duh!
We drew names for Christmas and lucky me drew the new knitter in the family - oh this is going to be fun! Books and tools. I taught her how to knit in the round - I'm sure I've created a monster because she took right to it - socks are probably next!!
I have been working on my gift knits and of course thought of a few more things with everyone here - but don't know if I'll get to it all - luckily we only draw one name!
I'm going to do a little work today here at home to make up for not going in on Wednesday and then sit down and power knit for awhile - can't wait.
Hope everyone enjoyed Turkey Day as much as we did!


Rhonda said...

Sounds like you had a wonderful time. Nothing like having family around for the Holidays is it? And how convenient to draw the "new knitter's" name. Ha, that'll be fun. I know 'coz ....

I'm putting together beginner knitter's kits for Christmas & will attempt to teach 7 grandchildren & my daughter how to knit. I figure if I give them all the tools it will make it easier for them to make honest beginnings. My daughter will resist at first, but I'll still attempt to win her over to the knitty-side. I've already started out one 11 year old and she loves it.

Happy knitting!

Roxie said...

Sounds like a wonderful (if short) weekend. Stay warm!