Friday, December 01, 2006

I Promised

OK - Here they are...Christmas and Birthday socks - off in the mail today. Stayed up to late last night finishing the Birthday pair. The blue pair is the Austermann sock yarn with the Aleo Vera and Jojoba Oil - for pampered feet! I'd like to try a pair of these for me - my feet need pampering - heck I need pampering!

Only have a few knitting projects now to finish. But haven't even started the real Christmas shopping yet - but that will be started on-line today. I think I've got everyone figured out - it's just doing it!!The tree might even magically appear tomorrow - we'll see!

Hope everyone is getting into the spirit - I Love Christmas - I've got the carols blarring right now!


Rhonda said...

There's going to be some very HAPPY feet at Christmas!

Christmas tones ... that's what I need right now ... some Christmas carols.

Pat K said...

My thing is to watch old Christmas videos, that my kids think stink. One of my favorite seasonal movies is Prancer, that and It's a Wonderful Life.

Roxie said...

wesome socks Try ManheimSteamrolr's Christmas music. It ROCKS!!