Friday, December 29, 2006

Let’s first establish that I do have my priorities straight! I arrived home, after a wonderful Christmas Holiday with my family, late afternoon on Wednesday. My neighbor who had taken care of the animals had kindly brought a big box into the house for me --- Yea the Traveling Stash had arrived!! I opened it as soon as the car was empty – before laundry, food, thank you notes, almost before heat…..what a stash. So many interesting things…I loved looking at all the patterns and took two sock patterns for upcoming projects.

I put in enough Lopi for a child sweater, a couple of Happy Trails, two Knit Picks Essential, a Lorna’s Laces, some Hot Sox, two Kid n Ewe, some really old green something that’s been sitting around way to long and a beaded row counter – this is my ‘must have’ tool – it is wonderful for circular knitting.

I took out the red Wildfoote, two green Some Assembly Required, the STR and an Anne.

I’m ready for next Christmas knitting! The box is full – actually stuffed – with lots of interesting stuff – enjoy!

Christmas was grand – I really enjoyed being with all the family. My favorite cousins and their families joined us for Christmas Eve, so there were 21 of us for dinner. A big crowd to all sit down – but what fun. We ranted and cried about our Dads (brothers) who weren’t present, laughed over memories of childhood Christmases together and toasted our Moms who did way more than we do!!! Christmas Day was spent with my sibling’s families – we had a great time – enjoying the children, playing National Park Monopoly, telling stories, watching movies and eating all day. Good Times! Because there are three teenage girls – we had to go shopping the next day. Wasn’t as hectic as I remember.

We came home on Wednesday – a long snowy drive with lots of traffic over Mt. Hood – lots of blowing snow – it was not fun. I’m off this week so have lots of chores to do. Time for taxes, the FAFSA for both girls (Oh yea – M3 got accepted to Linfield – go Wildcats!!), all the year end chores – like organize my knitting stuff.

I’m going to inventory my completed projects and really work on those WIP that are sitting around. Of course I had to start a new pair of socks since I received my new Celtic Swan DP’s just before Christmas – had to take a project with me!! Duh!! I love them!! I did get a gift card for the LYS but am going to wait a while before I cash it in. The Traveling Stash has filled my need for more at the moment!

Hope everyone enjoys the New Year's Celebrations!


Anonymous said...

Oh what a wonderful Christmas you had. It's so nice to enjoy it all with family, young & old. And what a treat to come home to MORE YARN! Have a Happy New Year also!!

Pat K said...

Woohoo!! You finally got the box. And it looks like you got some great stuff. Have a happy New Year!

Abigail 1870 pearl said...

Great box!

I knit up some Wildfoote a few weeks back and found it to be very splittly and it lost the stitch definition after the first gentle wash in the sink:(

Perhaps it was just a bad skien. Let me know how you fare with it.

Happy New year!

Ann said...

Yay! You've gotten it! Have fun -- good additions to the box too.

Roxie said...

What a wonderful holiday for you! And it's so nice to have you back. Your knitting line-up looks wicked good!