Monday, April 09, 2007

Poor Dove

I've been painting the spare bedroom today - about half done - but am soon to run out of paint - Murphy's law.

While painting I had the window open to air out the room and listened to the many birds in my yard. I've got lots of English Sparrows that bother everyone else and thier song is obnoxious. Then there are the Chickadees that I love. Both are a little put out (pun intended) - I covered up thier access to my attic! Was tired of hearing the pitter patter of little feet before I was ready to get up in the morning. And of course the Robins are busy talking to each other. I've also got a covey of Quail (Dan and Marilyn's family) that Pumpkin tries in vain to capture. The calling sentinel (Dan I assume) is pretty viligent so Pumpkin doesn't stand a chance.

Then there is the Dove - poor thing - he doesn't have the melody down at all - he sounds like a barking dog! I've seen the girls visit him - but they leave as soon as they hear him. He needs some singing lessons!

I'm sure spring is just around the corner (It's snowing on the pass today) because in the evenings the frogs are making music. I had one on the back patio the other day that had the dog cowering in her kennel - what a dork.

In Camp Sherman I listen to the Canada Geese all day - they're searching for the best nesting sites now. There is an old tree house out my office window - all that's left is the platform. Everyday the geese check it out - it would be perfect but I think they'd have a hard time getting into it - it's pretty protected by big limbs.

My favorite bird to hear (and a great one to watch dance!) is the Sandhill Crane - I don't hear it here very often - but once in awhile. They nest east of here quite a ways - but I've seen and heard them while camping on high Cascade lakes and sometimes I catch a flock flying on thier way to nesting areas. (Did you see Planet Earth on the Discovery Channel last night - I've always wanted to go to the Artic when the snow geese arrive!)

I have been knitting - finished one sock! But have vowed to finish something else before I start a new project - there are just too many half complete projects.

1) Wave scarf -
2) Celtic Cardigan
3) Interlacements Shawl
4) Another Scarf....

But I have some new treasure - wonderful Blue Moon Seduction in a very pretty green - Footzey-Foo. I want a scarf - haven't picked a pattern yet. Have to work on other things first.
So I'm off to rest my weary body. (Oh yea - worked outside a lot yesterday - between rain showers) I'll be knitting and trying not to fall asleep in my chair. Hope everyone had a wonderful Easter!


Rhonda the Stitchingnut said...

Yup, had a wonderful Easter and making headway on the painting also. The ceiling paint smells the worse, but we have one more to go. The DH is painting the dining room walls today. He will especially be happy when we're done, but there's still the kitchen to go too. I'm making slow, and I mean SLOW, progress on the Spring cleaning. ;-) I think knitting keeps getting in the way!

Roxie said...

What lovely bird pictures and notes! Thanks so much. And the Blue Moon Yarn is just delicious!! Ooooo! Seduction indeed.

knitseashore said...

I hope your painting project worked out all right!

It's wonderful to see the birds come back again after the long winter. I used to feed them, but my neighbor lets her cats outside and it was too cruel. I love the goldfinches and their bright lemon vests.

Mary, Mary... said...

I'm going to the post office today.;)

Pat K said...

You've been so busy! I'm going to the post office today too, so be on the look out for a big envelope from little old me.